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  1. Thank you so much for sending me some help. 1. I do middle click to go to the 4 view window then single click to get back to the first. BUT, this window in window pops up any time I click in the window. Meaning I can't make a selection. Every time I click I get this smaller window. I can make a selection in the smaller window sometimes but it's hard do see anything in there. I just want one window! 2. When I click Frame Default it takes me to the super close up view of the bottom left corner of the cube! 3. Why is the live selection tool so far away from my
  2. Hello Everyone! Excuse me if I'm doing something wrong for the location of this question as I'm new here. I just began using Cinema 4D and have run into a few weird problems. 1. Everything was working fine at first. I must have pressed a weird button. Now when I click my main screen to make a selection a window pops up in the screen of the same shot. I can make my selection in that smaller screen but it's really annoying. Heres what it looks like https://ibb.co/C0J7V2D 2. When I open a new project and add a cube for some reason I'm really close t
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