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  1. Thank you both! Yep, that was what I was looking for. There is so much to learn about how C4D works. Making the transition is not easy as I've been using LW since V5.6 but C4D has so much more to offer. Especially with the various render engines available to it. I used Maxwell with LW since it's inception but when Next Limit dropped their support of LW I started looking around at other platforms. Max was just too weird, Maya was a close runner up but C4D seemed comfortable. I've gotten a couple tuts and will go through those to better get my feet on solid ground with it. T
  2. Is it possible to create a selection from the textures on an object? This can easily be done in LW. The reason for this is that I imported an FBX model with many parts and assorted textures that I want to re-texture in C4D. I found that I cannot change the texture settings of the imported model in C4D. The model has to be ungrouped to select parts. Also found selecting individual components of the model in C4D is difficult and super time consuming. Thanks much for any help.
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