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  1. Hello greetings . thanks for your time in reading my topic and concern ... I need help, to connect two objects with different amount of polygons. and then, that both objects, become one, but with the same amount and distribution of polygons ... I leave a photo below, which is what I need to do. any help is always welcome. thanks and blessings -
  2. Hello greetings and blessings .... I have this problem and I would like your opinion. right at the junction of the UV, whatever you do, I can't fix this. I already subdivided, even with hypernurbs and nothing, moved the polygons and nothing Any ideas to solve ..... and why is there a change in the texture of the UV joint? I leave the photo below ... Any help, ideas, or comments are welcome. Blessings. . PS: one photo shows the object in 3D with the union of the UV, and the second photo shows the UV. - - -
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