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  1. @3D-Pangel Thank you so much for the info! Really means something to me! And I'm glad to hear you really enjoyed the Netherlands, haha Im gonna give the book a shot and i'll definitely visit CGsociety. Already considered doing so, funnily enough. Also funny is that I already kind-of had assumptions that, working in the (blockbuster) film industry is NOT as fancy as it seems. When it's cool to look at, doesn't always mean it's cool to work on. At least that's what I kind of figured out at school. And after all, I want to devote most of my time within the softw
  2. Hello C4Dcafe! My name is Len, I am a 21 years old Art & Technology student from The Netherlands. I aspire to become a creatively independent artist someday! I love the storytelling aspect in motion design. Currently I'm striving to harden my skill in creative software, in order to get more control of my imagination. And to make things that are just pretty, I guess.. Besides learning about the software, I am also very curious about the creative industry as a whole. What is in it for me? As a student without any frame-of-reference, I can merely guess what it me
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