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  1. hi there i'm guilherme, i work as an advertiser in a design office in vitória / brazil (a great city to live, by the way, and just one hour flight from rio or são paulo). i'm also an academic, specializing in social advertising, semiotics and sociology of youth. i'm a huge fan of björk and others alternative/experimental singers and band. i have basic knowledge of cinema 4d and i use it to apply to the jobs in the office i work in (in case you wanna see it, check on instagram @balaiodesign). and i hope to be able to contribute to the group, as we
  2. Hi there https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dj-PkEMFAhj_AP-QcYT8vTI9Ri3re7uQ/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hi there!

I’m rendering simple scenes using either Physical or Standard engines in Cinema 4D. I turned on Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion settings. I’m using Team Render as well with 4 identical iMacs.

But whenever I render these images, the shadows look strange. A lot of squares appear, as it follows in the image and video below:

 Do you guys know what the problem is?

 Thanks for the help 

Best regards,

 Guilherme Paulino
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