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  1. Woah fabulous. Qtile pro please. Thanks. As long as it works with Physical render. A quick look doesn't mention Physical on their website.
  2. You guys are definitely doing things right. This is the most helpful and friendliest forum I have ever been a member of. Well done to all of you guys. Welcome back Tomalexu.
  3. Yeah I could try that, Just thought it might be easier in cinema and get better results and maybe I was doing something wrong. I have changed blurry reflection colour on a floor plane with just an object buffer but it was a dark grey floor so my coloured reflections were affected but the greys were not. This time I have a bright yellow floor so everything except the white highlights from my lights are changing in a Photoshop adjustment layer. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hi Cerbera, I tried it and my reflections were perfect. I need the reflections to be blurry. He he, we are talking late again. I have used it before but just to catch some light reflections on a glossy surface.
  5. I feel like I am clawing my way there slowly. So I took down the scale to 34% , bumped up the reflection strength 85%. Specular strength is 50%, Roughness 88% Antistropy at 50%, Primary scale 25% and fresnel at 58%. What do you guys think?
  6. Is it possible to catch blurry reflections and light with the Reflection catcher setting of the Shadow Catcher and nothing else in my scene? I want to render my image without reflections and then add them on top in Photoshop in order to control reflection colour with Hue Saturation adjuistments. I would like to be able to catch reflections on an image with transparency to use as an overlay in Photoshop. The reflections are being caught on a plane I am using as the floor in my scene.
  7. Thanks Cerbera, I was not looking to add the same colour as the reference just the general look. I will make the Scale a lot smaller and see what I get. Thanks again.
  8. I have a Cylindrical column in my scene. I am trying to get the type of thing material on the columns in the image. Obviously my scene is a lot different but this is what I have been using as a reference of sorts. My material looks a bit muddy to me. I have been staring at this for a while so I'm having a hard time being subjective. Can any wise member take a look and advise on Reflectance layer settings? Thanks in advance guys. Scenefile included. CinemaFoyer_0007.c4d
  9. Thank you very much BEZO. .Perfect. I placed the two nulls under another null by mistake. I can't remember doing that. I can't believe I didn't spot it but I would not have known to change the clones to Random. Thanks again man.
  10. I have some pyramids in a cloner. I am trying to make them different colours. The colour seems to mix together when I render. Am I using the cloner wrong? The shape is made of two parts so I dropped them under a null. Scenefile included. R19. I am trying to get close to this: Thanks in advance guys. CinemaFoyer_0002.c4d
  11. Ok so, the way the guy looks in the image is more or less the way the client wants the finished product. Havealot, I was referring to the C4d's primitive man. I checked a couple of chairs from the visualise content browser. They are approx 41cm from floor to seat(not back). So they seem to be modelled to the correct scale. What do you think my friend.
  12. Thanks guys So I could more or less use the primitive figure to set up scale? He is 180cm in height.
  13. Thanks for that cerbera. Here's the thing. The image is how the client wants the final render to look, so the closer I can get to that the better. Whether its real world or not. If it looks as it does in the image then he will be happy. In the image there is a ceiling as its not a tv studio it's a cinema foyer so this is what I have to work on.
  14. Ok, nice. Thanks Cerbera. If the guy is say 5'9 - 6 foot, how high do you think the ceiling would be? In your opinion.


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