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  1. Thanks Deck, for the critique of my work. You have really had a good look at it. That's some great advice. I agree it's not perfect, these little wrinkles can be worked out for a final version.The lines in the window are reflections of the skirting it has a band with luminance running around it. The compositing tag was prob switched to not seen in render when i did this render. I may have gone a bit over the top with them. I was just loving the reflection channel. I see what you mean by my blending mode. The Governor didn't like the lights on the boxes so i just turned them off i
  2. Thank you for your interest and efforts these last couple of days MIKEA. I'm fighting for a job here and you have helped me very much. I'm sure we will talk again soon, Bye.
  3. Deck, I thought you might like to see the work on the Photoshop file I would be handing over. I haven't linked the layers to a master slider. There are two types of boxes. The reflections and colour are controllable as well as a TV on or off. and reflections in the boxes on or off. Still some work to do. What do you think? I have been working hard on all this as its all new to me. RoomWithFloorReflection.psd This is a low resolution version.
  4. So i model a much wider set, with more objects of interest in the background- then he gets that panoramic look. I know I'm getting there. Is it bad practice to make the subject(video) smaller or is this done often?
  5. Hi Deck, thanks man. So you don't think I am doing much wrong here? The gaffer wants to see those panels. He wants to be able to see into the distance. Here he is in my my original with the camera square on more or less bang in the middle of the scene.. and the subject reduced a little in size. Hey, if he wants to see the whole set he will have to compromise, i think. Yes?
  6. Thanks deck there is a lot to this. And this will certainly help if the photographer shoots in the same way again. What the boss wants is all purpose sets that he can just drop footage on top of. Like the virtual studios we see online where the images are all set up in photoshop and footage can be just dropped over the top. Desks dropped in front of the subject. Stuff like that. I have had a lot of success over the last few days making the swappable Photoshop files with object buffers, shadow catchers and stuff. He is impressed with the control i have given him over colour of ob
  7. hi guys I redressed the set for another piece of footage. I will be getting the green screen image sent over shortly as i picked up this on the way out of work and not the the original against the green background. This is what the subject looks like when dropped straight in. I will send over the greeen screen image in a few mins. I don't think it looks too bad, not good enough though . Could be better. The render is straight out of C4d so no curves adjustment or anything. My camera is obviously set up wrong. As you can see the pho
  8. Thanks , a really great response and time and effort from you guys. I am going to get to work on what you guys are advising me. There is a lot to take on board. With the help you have given me I should be able to explain myself and sound like I actually know what I am talking about. MIKEA it may be tomorrow before I post a scene file back with my work because I have redressed the scene/set for another shoot that was taken from the waist up of the subject and so we are having no problems getting nice results. For this reason I won't be posting a scene file straight b
  9. So from the distance the photographer shot and the slight angle looking down, I'm never going to see off to the horizon and so i will lose the set details in the background. Also the size of the set must be as close to scale as possible to get better results. A wider lens in cinema 4d will allow more of the studio to be seen without changing the perspective. I do this by changing Field of view (horizontal) setting. I always thought that I was moving my camera backwards in the scene but now i see it doesn't. So do I increase the field of view and bring the camera in closer to the
  10. Hi Deck I'm not sure what you mean by widen the lens to take in more set. Could you elaborate on that?
  11. Deck, he showed me how he shot it and the camera was pointing down but only very slightly. He says the camera is at eye level. When I calibrate the camera pitch is much more pronounced.
  12. Thanks for the great advice, Deck, Mikea. Deck, your example is about the same as i got with my second render above. The 'man' is under the impression that all the details from the first render would be seen. I told him it doesn't work like that, the camera is pointing down and so the further away the rest of the set gets the less of the back wall will be seen by the camera. The second render gives pretty natural results. The wide shot works fine on closeups where the camera IS perpendicular to the subject. When I calibrated the camera i used the table to draw lines o
  13. I have this image of green screen footage. I need to place these guys into my scene. When I calibrate my camera using the table in the green screen footage I lose a lot of the set. it just doesn't look right as I move it off into the distance. Am I calibrating the camera incorrectly? or am I right and my boss is asking for the impossible from the footage he has shot. Also my camera seems to point down a lot more than the camera that was used to film the scene. Edit: I calibra
  14. Finally, after hours, I cracked it. Now I can control the colour of the boxes and their reflections all in Photoshop. Floor gets duplicated one has my Reflection material and an Object Buffer with Seen by camera checked to On. Floor 2 gets a Compositing Tag with Same Object Buffer Group-Seen by camera is Off. and a Shadow Catcher shader set to Catch reflections. The raised floor has a Object buffer-same group. Drop it all into Photoshop and change with Hue & Saturation. That did my head in big time! Thanks for the
  15. Alright Guys I'm getting there. I added an object buffer to the box and removed any reflection in my materials. Split my geometry off from the front of the box and rendered with the reflection catcher and a black reflective material. I took the three renders into Photoshop added hue and saturation adjustment layer and overlaid my reflection with a 'light' blend mode. I can now adjust the colour of my boxes whilst keeping the reflection. Great. So far so good. Now for the floor reflection.
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