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  1. Hi all! I just got an educational license for C4D, however whenever I open C4D, it opens on C4D lite (as I downloaded it before getting the educational license) and I can't seem to open the normal C4D... I did remove C4D lite from my active licenses on my MAXON account but that doesn't change anything, it still opens any files on C4D lite. Any idea on how I could fix that?? Thank you
  2. Sorry! I was unsure about the category. Won't make the mistake twice Here is the link to show you the issue: I also attached the scene file. Please ignore the poor modelling skills and all the triangles, it's actually the first proper model that I created haha^^ Thanks again for the help! Character 3D Model C4D.c4d
  3. Hi guys, So I'm new to c4d and I have been following an online classes that dates back to 2014. At some point, the instructor extrudes polygons from a polygon object that went through connect + delete. However, when I am doing it on the s22 version, the polygons have a hard time to be extruded and when I somehow manage to find a way to extrude them they do so but by getting completely deformed through the process and with a limited length. Any ideas on why this could be happening? Also it seems like I cannot really scale the polygon object. Whenever I try t
  4. Hi guys! I've just started some online classes for c4d as I am very eager to create some 3d models! I have until now only worked with the Adobe Creative Cloud so c4d is huge upgrade and a complete new world for me to discover! If you have any advices on online courses(free) to do that would help me have a solid foundation in c4d please sent them my way, I would really appreciate it! Also is the s22 version the best one to use? Cheers!! :D
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