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  1. What do I need to do to be able to get results from a content browser search? In tree view, I select the preset, click the magnify glass to reveal search field, type Vehicle or Vehicles and there are no search results. Yet there is clearly a Vehicles folder in the visualize folder. What is the deal? Doug
  2. So I ended up switching to the classic 36 mm lens and moved the camera back. That seemed to solve it. very weird though. I wasn't using instances for that object but I am for the other chairs in the scene. Thanks I'll try that.
  3. I have a chair object in a cloner, cloned randomly in a room. It renders in the view port, but w/ physical render it won't render the bottom of one of the chairs in the cloner. The rest are fine. I have near clipping turned of on the camera object, but can't get this part to render in picture viewer.
  4. It seems Unity and Vu is the popular framework for AR. I have been playing with the Augmented Reality plugin for c4d. I got it to work once, but that was it. I realized the latest plugin was for R18 so I grabbed it and messed in R18 with some adequate results, but nothing too exceptional. I used a simple mess, texture and bone structure as recommended, but they failed. I see the is another ARmedia plug for c4d, but it is pretty convoluted. That said, I'm wondering if anyone is actually using C4D to prep augmented reality objects? Is there an easier way or do I wait to see what R20 brings? Doug
  5. dbassett

    R12 Dynamics

    Nigel, When I drag the my truck body into object B, my connector jumps up about 100 units or so. I moved the truck axis point thinking it may be based on the truck, but I can't get past this point. It's fine for driving straight but obviously turning is a problem. BTW I have R14 Studio, but it won't update in my profile Thanks, Doug
  6. you can have my swamp of a yard.

  7. really? I find the r13 ui frustrating even though it seems grouped better

  8. I have no status.



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