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  1. Hey Flima! Have you tried the IK rig? Let me know if you need more time.
  2. No problem at all, please take your time. I'm honestly just surprised how helpful this community is turning out to be so far!
  3. Thanks a lot, I learned a couple things from your rig already. Couple misunderstandings though, the hierarchy was actually correct but I didn't make it clear, sorry about that! Now in your rig I see and tried the rotation controllers however them being independent they don't rotate the arm as well, only the joint itself rotates. Furthermore I do actually need to move the goal in all axis, which those rotational joint should allow but as you've mentioned there's some wonkiness when moving sideways in this type of IK rig.
  4. Awesome, thank you! I'm guessing then it's not really possible to do IK with only one controller for the mounting plate?
  5. Hey! I've been troubled by this likely small road block for a whole day now so I decided to ask for some help. Most tutorials on mechanical IK rigs I've seen only show how to create an arm with a 'ball bearing' type of hinge however I need one where the rotation is constrained to one axis on some of the inner hinges and another axis on the other hinges. I think it's best explained by the .c4d project file itself but I'm including a screenshot of a tree as well. Hope that makes it clear! mech_arm_ik.c4d
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