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  1. Does that mean that he is using effectors to only display 1 set of numbers on the polygon's surface since when using Object mode there is not a counter to increase clones?
  2. Ahhh okay. Thank you. I'll do some research on the Polygon center cloning mode. Thanks for your help again!
  3. Ahh okay. Well then. How did he center those letters and numbers on the polygon surface? I was starting to use cloner's but thought. Those letters look very centered to be a cloner.
  4. How do you think he aligned the numbers to the plains without using a cloner ?
  5. Hello all. I recently watched Gavin's breakdown of his work on the MAXON show 2020. On one section he has all the polygons labeled with colors and letters. It sort of looks like what you see in the UV editor "That's why I posted here :D" . My questions is. How did he do it? There appears to be a sweep and an extrude group used. I'm a little too fresh to understand it just yet. Appreciate the help!!
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