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  1. @Cerbera@Cairyn I just retook the test. Looks like indeed B, C, E, and F are the correct choices. Thanks so much!
  2. @Cerbera Thanks so much. Well, I tried with my guesses (of C, E, and F), but I got the question wrong again. I may try @Cairyn's suggestion too. Thanks both!
  3. Hi everyone, I took the Cinema 4D Elementary Knowledge Test but I got this question wrong (see below). I plan on retaking but first I'm wondering if anyone familiar with Node Materials can help. Currently, I think the answer is C, E, and F but I'm not sure. Any ideas? (Thanks in advance.) P. S. I also posted this question in C4DCafe's Nodal Materials forum. I hope this duplicate is okay to post here. Question 38: Select all statements which are true… A. Diffusion and diffuse are the same in the traditional material system B. The value of a parameter in a mater
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