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  1. It's a problem of "random_selection" assets,fixed it with two methodes(i don't know reason, just experience); 041_fix(clamp).c4d 041_fix(outer_scope).c4d
  2. The double sphere caused by "PushApart",It's been fixed yesterday; I found scene nodes can import matrix array from c4d's matrix object, I won't need "inbox/pushapart..." anymore;
  3. Redownload and reimport the database,There should be a "PushApart(M)" assets. If still doesn't work,I can't help it
  4. should be fixed,thank you;
  5. Add a project in tzlib (fake_softbody_form.c4d) Array have a lot of tricks that hard to explain. check my projects to learn; Multidimensional arrays and loops are very heavy in neutron and should be used as little as possible(current version);
  6. Thank you for you commects;I use C4D only,most of assets recreated form my early xpresso/python projects (github);
  7. Here are some of my projects,for people who wants to learn scene nodes.


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