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  1. Thank you for you help. I've find out what it was, it was missed texures in lightkitpro2
  2. Hello Everyone. I have an issue with brightness when i am rendering my scene. In viewport everything looks fine, but when i am rendering the scene the brighness i getting much lower. Could somebody help me with this.
  3. Now i've stucked with other 2 issues. First my splines is not lying perfectly on the grid ( may be becouse of some rotation manipulations ) from side views and second is when i apply bevel i've got horrible artifacts. And apparently i find out that there is a whole on the other side of the shape that i don't know how to close.
  4. may be yes, but i not really good at drawing in illustrator or cinema 4D. Right now i need to find the way to clone this splines across X access
  5. I am folowing with the modeling process you showed and when i get to symmetry horizontaly it appears on the very different side. How to make it mirror horizontaly?
  6. can't figure out how to model it without it beeing the part of lower one. Just need separate object with this kind of 7 grid linenes. If i take a cube and make more segments to make this grid lines i am stucking with different angle of polygons to make it the way i need.
  7. Thank you for your reply. But i actually tried to find videos on youtube about how to make this kind of shape. I mean red shape on image
  8. Hi! I cant figure out how to make this kind of shape? Preserving fillet edges ?
  9. Hi everyone! Could somebody help me to model this zig zag shape with some thickness in one side and narrowing down in the other ?
  10. Hi! Please help me to understand how to distribute clones in this manner ?
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