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  1. I'm trying to follow a tutorial for character animation. It's supposed to show both my character run cycles in the timeline dope sheet. Run1 & Run2; but for some it's only showing Run 1. Can someone possibly help me to be able to see both my run cycle layes in the dope sheet. I attached my project file. Untitled 15 copy.c4d.zip
  2. How do I edit the number spline points? & how do I make the pyramids visible on the points as well?
  3. I'm so sorry. This is the second time I've done this so Ill make sure not to again. I keep setting the cloner mode from linear to object. It works but I don't see my pyramids visible. I see white dots along the spline where the pyramids should be. It's very in depth I never expected to get this far in the tutorial to be honest.
  4. Can someone help me make the pyramids visible on the specular line. I'm following the tutorial and its supposed to look like this But I end up getting this Could someone please help the cloned pyramids become visible on the spline for me? SPACE.c4d
  5. I'm following this tutorial where you need to make an animation with a camera going down honeycombs and I've half it half right. It seems this animation is for experts but I want to complete it. I got the camera okay for the most part except that when all the cloners are visible I get a wall of metal from another object could anyone possibly help?tunnel.c4d
  6. Now im at a point where I can't line the grid along the helix line. I'm supposed to set a camera on it and let it go forward but it wont let me group it into a cloner to do so. It snaps back to the floor everytime. Any suggestions to get this working? tunnel.c4d
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    Is there a way to make all the triangles sides touch eachother. (Not leaving any open spaces on the plane) kind of like honeycomb effect except with triangles? My cloner is set to plane.
  8. Does anyone know how I can be el my edges to be similar to this. I’m trying to figure out how this guy in this tutorial beveled without using the bevel tool. It looks like he used a fillet so I chose fillet and this was my result. How can I bevel a tube?
  9. For some reason on following this tutorial I dont have specular texture channel in my selections. I don't know if he made a custom one or it's something that is already in cinema 4d. But I dont have specular. I got stuck on this tutorial when trrying to find the specular channel. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  10. omg haha the images would be. I honestly don't know what I'm doing, I was following a tutorial I saw online. I just want to be able to render all the image frames of the 30 seconds.
  11. Hello I'm trying to follow a tutorial I saw online for a crystal cluster. I'm using Cinema 4d r18, I'm pretty sure I have enough light in my scenes, and the camera angles are fine as well. I don't know why each image comes out black. Could someone take a look at this and maybe tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've attached my finished project for anyone that'd want to take a look. zacproject.zip


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