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  1. Hi ya... How do I 'detach' a cube's edges from the other edge... so that when I rotate a plane, it does not drag with it the edge of the plane next to it please?... Thank you
  2. Hi ya... I'd like to create a spline... then distribute along it... spheres.... Im sure it's something to do with the Cloner tool but I cant seem to 'insert' the sphere layer + the spline layer to make it distribute along it... Thanks for your help in advance.
  3. Thank you so much this is a very helpful response!
  4. How would I convert the shape to not feature Booles please?... I need the booles to cut out the circular shape in the roof + the hole for a chimney. Thanks and I'll add a thickness to the roof and see if this helps with the shadow? Looking forward to your reply.
  5. Hi ya... I have an annoying shadow that looks glitchy under the roof 'hood'... please would someone advise why this is not looking correct please?... Attached TEMP-weird_shadow.c4d
  6. Yes, that 'sort of thing'... But I don't think the white line is true to how the shape would look if the 3D shape would be flat. Ideally I'd like to know how it is achieved rather than just receiving a file... Is there a way to calculate the surface area at all?... The reason is so I can get a quote off a canvas company... Thanks
  7. Cool... thanks for your response. Yes I mean the 'unwrap' of the shape... Please see attached. Thanks again Canopy_for_net.c4d
  8. I have a shape that I'd like to easily be able to export the NET shape of it. The shape is originally from a solid shape that started as a cone... but now I'd like to be able to split some of the edges and then fold it out so it lays flat and I can get my calculations. Any help appreciated. Thank you


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