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  1. Hello all, I am trying to figure out how to scale cloned objects up from 0 to 1 with field effectors. Im trying to make them appear as i animate a field object through the clones. This is what i tried. * Scaled the clones down to "0" in the clones "transform" tab * Made a plain effector to scale up to "1" and added a Linear Field to the fall off tab of the effector This doesnt work. Im guessing because of the value "0" in the transform tab needs to be at leaste "0.01". But if I set it to something other than zero, the clones show up in the render
  2. Its funny how a programmer can see the benefits of color coding in the object manager, yet doesnt carry that logic over to the viewport. Maybe i'll submit a feature request. Thanks for your time CERBERA
  3. Maybe i should clarify for others: In regards to how the FIELDS UI widget appears in the viewport. Is there a way to changes its color from the default pink on a per object bases? I know i can change it globally in preferences but i want to change it per FIELDS object. Screenshot attached for clarity.
  4. Thanks U, I'll just change it globally. Though when each project has a different color palette, midtone pink isn't always going to work. Another reason why i think it would be a good idea to have it as a per object option is for organization. But i guess that's a quality of life feature. I would have thought the "Field Object > Basic > Display Color" would have taken care of it.
  5. Hi everyone, Is there a way to colorize the UI Field control in the viewport without changing it globally in the preferences? I want to change the color of the Field UI control on a per Field bases. I've tried selecting the Field Object > Basic > Display Color but that doesnt work.
  6. Hey guys and gals, It's good to officially be onboard here at C4D Cafe. I plan on being here a lot asking questions that i just cant find the answers to in the help or on youtub etc. I'll also try to give back, i love to help. I'm basically a photoshop aficionado with decades of experience in color correction, compositing, illustration, retouching, and production. Just over the last two years i've been doing visualizations in c4D and a bit of motion graphics as well. I'm working on a reel and when it's done i'll post a link to share and critique with all of you.
  7. I actually search your categories and didnt find anything under animation that was general. Your animation categories are very specific so i posted under general. I'll try to keep my posts in order but maybe you can shed some light on where you think it should have been posted.
  8. I think i got it figured out. Jeeze i think it would be more intuitive if the naming was a little different. I know have the following selected: 1. Show animated 2. Link TL/OM Selection (i use this just because its easier to track where i am. If i select the object in the object manager it highlights it in the timeline) 3. Automatic Mode (this automatically displays all keyframes) I swear i tried this over and over and it didnt display everything. Anyway im good now.
  9. Hello fello c4d artists, can someone point me to where i can find a clear and simple description of how to set the timeline view settings? Please note that i already understand the "automatic mode" with "show animated" on but it doesnt show EVERY parameter that is animated. I have to click on the object in the object panel and only then will i see the parameter thats animated. Thats not very automatic. How can i see every single animated object in the timeline? The reason this would help is because it allows me to see everything thats going on at once and i


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