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  1. Thank you for your effort, not that familiar with expresso, but will figure it out! Much appreciated!
  2. I want to create a matrix of blocks( Mograph) and make some of the boxes emit light randomly. All of which is triggered by a Sound Effector. I have made the setup and the blocks move to the music, but I cannot figure out how to make some blocks randomly glow... Currently using C4D 21. Something similar to this: (but the light cubes must jump to random positions)
  3. I 'm trying out this document, but so far I can't get any of those formulas to work? I want to create that egg stand they have on page 5 & 7. When I input this: (spline formula) (200–140*exp(-((0.2*t)^2)))*sin(t*pi) 20*t (200–140*exp(-((0.2*t)^2)))*cos(t*pi) I get nothing. Please help... anyone?!
  4. Thanks to all for the input... although some of that sounds Greek, and I don't speak it.... :) I am reworking it, seeing that there is time. But don't expect miracles....
  5. Well just tell me quickly, how do you avoid n-gons and triangles. By doing Solid polygon modeling, by everything extruded and pulled from one object....? Because then I fail miserably... mine is more parametric with instances, Boole objects, extruded splines and mograph so you can change something quickly. PS. Do I have to enable 'edges' when doing the Cell Render?
  6. I think this is as far as I can take it, for now, I will do better in the next one. 2 Questions: How do I do the wire Frame, and where do I upload the final?
  7. Love to take part, but I'm grappling with the concepts of the challenge, so I'm sure I fail at most, but I will try anyway. Most of the modeling is in primitives manipulated...
  8. Hey whats up? Nice to here from you! Just email me... :-)

  9. Hi Zak,

    tried to PM but it said you couldn't recieve any.

  10. Hey thanks for the message... sort of looking forward to receiving those:-) Also learning Vray now... totally a different way of doing things, and the photography thing helps a bit. But have to get use to the different names they use for the different objects. Show me some of your stuff...

  11. Hey Bud, hope you doing ok. What interesting things are you working on? Apart from your body...lol (looks like you work out?!)

  12. Hey I hope I did not scare you off... me being liberal and all??

  13. Thanks for adding me as a friend... don't have many here at the Cafe, very closed community! So what do you do for a living?

  14. Thanks for the comment mate!!! It means a lot for me. :) I have seen Your work and I must say I "envy" the way You make the models and texture them. I hope in time I could match Your skills.

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