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  1. OMG that is EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks so much - this plugin is genius!! Svenja x
  2. Yes I don't think there is either... Hoping for a cheeky workaround. Thanks for your reply! S
  3. Hi all, I am working on projection mapping a physical model of a cliff for a show Contents will be created with C4D and AE. As we are projecting onto roughly 200 degrees of geometry we can't use a perspective mapping and are working on the UVs. However I would like the option to have a flat polygonal surface that has the same shape as the UVs and do some 3D extrusion magic on it. Basically I want my cliff model to become a polygonal plane that looks exactly like the UVs. Is there a way to do that? Someone has spent quite a lot of time working on the UVs so it's not as simple as 'flattening' the cliff. Thanks a lot, Svenja
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