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  1. rasputin

    The Invincible has landed - Energobots

    Magnificent lighting. Wonderfully correct brightness and coloration. The glare/hotspots are absolutely perfect. Right on the money. Just amazing. Beautiful suggestion of haze/atmosphere/dust. Wish I knew how to achieve naturalistic solar lighting like this. You have a super-keen eye.
  2. rasputin

    sun room

    Thanks so much, VH!
  3. rasputin

    Gathered fabric

    What Cerbera said. This is a job for Marvelous Designer. Not only because of the restraining cords, but because the fabric in your picture buckles in a very attractive, natural way, that I'm not sure C4D Cloth can simulate.
  4. rasputin

    What's an "isoparm" ?

    Thanks, guys!
  5. rasputin

    What's an "isoparm" ?

    Hi gang, Would you believe, I've been doing C4D since 2003, and I still don't know what an "isoparm" is? I have created a spline-sweep object today, and one of the parameters is, of course, Isoparm Subdivision. Increasing or lowering that number seems to have no visible effect (that I can see, anyway) on my object's appearance. So what is the importance of Isoparm Subdivision? In what 3D situation would this parameter be of great importance? Thanks, ras
  6. rasputin

    Rasputin Gallery II

    More of my more recent C4D renders.
  7. rasputin


    Love that PBR floor! Beautiful.
  8. rasputin


    Wow, so beautiful! Love the subtle, expressive, classic colors.
  9. It already looks incredibly like her. Good job.
  10. Thanks, srek, very helpful. I am preparing to render a very complex scene, filled with many objects... I'm trying to pull out every trick in the book for making the render go faster.
  11. waitaminnit--- am i fundamentally misunderstanding the nature of LOD? Does it only apply to your model's polycount... not affecting the textures in any way?
  12. I'm curious: Am I right in thinking that C4D uses a kind of built-in LOD (Level of Detail) for objects rendered, depending on how close they are to the camera? For example, in an ultra close-up of an object, the C4D renderer will work hard to capture (and Antialias) every single nuance of your texture... Whereas, if that same object is far away, the renderer will not "work as hard"--- and go more quickly--- because it knows that the tiny details won't be perceptible anyway? Is it a good strategy for speeding up rendertime to assign different objects different LOD's? Like, if I don't want the renderer to "work too hard" on some objects in a scene? As it stands, I have a textured stucco wall in my scene (including some Normal and Displacement)... and the renderer is spending an eternity on it, capturing every tiny little nuance of the stucco... when it's the foreground objects I'm primarily interested in, not the wall. Thoughts? Hints? Ideas? Thanks, ras
  13. I'm wondering: Can R20 still do that old rendering method that used to be called "Camera Render"? This is where you lock the position of your scene's Camera, do a scene render, then, in subsequent renders it can simply apply an identical bitmapped "image" to some of your scene objects, sparing your computer's resources for really complex scenes? I used to use that approach sometimes, but it was a long time ago, with earlier C4D releases... Like, R8 or R10. To tell you the truth, I don't even remember how I used to set up that kind of render. Am I losing my mind, or did this feature once exist? Is this technique still do-able in R20? If not, when was this feature discontinued? Thanks, ras
  14. Hey gang, I'm trying to create a crumpled candy wrapper, as for the waxed-paper on unwrapped bubblegum. I want to get a realistic crumpled paper effect as seen in my attached (real-life) photograph here. How would YOU go about it? Thanks, ras