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  1. I use Illustrator CC 2017... and have it tricked out with all my favorite plugins, which allow me to tweak shapes with more precision; I also, for whatever reason, like to envision my splines in a flat 2D atmosphere before sending them to C4D.
  2. I was totally unaware of Cineversity ArtSmart 'til now. I am going to give it a try.
  3. Hey guys, Have any of you encountered this? If you choose to draw a vector shape in Adobe Illustrator for later merging into C4D as a spline, you have to Save your Illustrator project in Illustrator 8 edition format. Otherwise, your spline, merged in, simply will not appear in C4D at all. Thus, any shape saved in Illustrator CC format (or anything after 8, in fact ) will not be recognized by C4D. Illustrator 8 was a long, long time ago by now, no? I'm just curious as to why this anomaly should be so. Any theories? Thanks, ras
  4. Yes. Attached here is a picture of what the splines look like, prior to extrusion. Also attached here is my C4D project file. I had merged flat the whole thing first in Adobe Illustrator. happy birthday extrusion.c4d
  5. Hey guys, I'm sure you will immediately recognize this familiar problem: When you try to extrude some text (that has been converted to splines), some splines will be recognized for extrusion, while others won't. In this particular set of text splines, some of the "eyes" of the letters will not be recognized. Like the inner "eyes" of my "B", "P", "Y", "D" and "O". Needless to say, this situation makes for an unusable model. I realize that this loopy, cursive font is not the best candidate for extrusion.... blocky/squarish fonts do much better. St
  6. Yes: Volumetric sculpting like in 3DCoat. Where your sculpting does not warp and misshape your UV's.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is an Art Deco repeatable design, recreated directly in Adobe Illustrator from an authentic French textile design of the 1920's. Included in the ZIP archive is one single seamless iteration of the pattern, in high-res PNG format, whose UV tiling repeat may be dialed large or small to get the look you desire. Suitable for interior room wallpaper, upholstery or any kind of cloth or textile, like curtains or bedspreads. Simply load this PNG bitmap into your material's Color channel. Cubic UV repeat is probably the best option.
  8. Here's one you should watch also: https://study.com/academy/lesson/what-are-the-principles-of-art-definition-examples.html
  9. It sounds like you just need to jump in to making imagery with 3D... Hopefully MAXON Cinema4D. We like to say that artistic ability is an inborn gift, but that's not altogether true: there are many, many artistic ideas that you can grasp just from reading and studying about them. So I say: go dive in to studying both art theory while you learn the technical aspects of doing 3D... They go hand-in-hand. There's that saying by L'ao-Tsu: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." I suggest that, every day, you make a 3D render, however simple and
  10. Whoa-- amazing! It was only when camera dollied back that I perceived what you had achieved. Amazing and very tricky to do. Is that a phi (golden ratio) spiral?
  11. rasputin


    So very beautiful... and so very strange...
  12. rasputin

    Rasputin's Gallery III

    Collection of my newer images, all modeled in Cinema 4D and mostly rendered with Corona Renderer. Enjoy.


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