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I am a 55-year-old man living in Central Texas.      Digital Art is  my chief creative pleasure.     I'm a longtime C4D user.    I've always loved this software,   even though I have experimented with others,   like 3DS MAX,   BRYCE,   VUE and MAYA.

C4D,   for ease of use and attractiveness and logic of layout,  simply cannot be beat.       Each new release has brought some genuine improvements;    I've seen the quality of my renders improve accordingly.   The realism increases with every new C4D Release.

Tastewise,   I love graphic art,   advertisements and architecture from the so-called "Midcentury Moderne" period...     the period in the USA from about 1945--1965.

I'm always looking for more techniques and tricks for improving my C4D work.

Regards from Texas!



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