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  1. 035.jpg


    Абсолютно красивый во всех отношениях, Евгений.  Изысканные, маслянистые цвета и освещение.   Масло-желтый на стульях и нежный зеленый цвет пианино-бархата являются изысканными. Вы даже пропитали стулья нежной парчой. Браво.

  2. Excellent work,  Dan!   You did the right thing of making her sclera  (eye whites) not too white.   That is the #1 thing that 3D portraitists get wrong.   And you didn't go overboard with the SSS... quite correct.

  3. Haha... and yes,  a fairytale story was exactly my purpose.    How tacky--   deplorably mundane--   would it look if a fairytale character ambled through a highly realistic peach orchard scene?    :ohmy::wackywink:

  4. coca_cola.jpg


    Green glass needs to be thicker (the liquid more recessed inward). Your specularity is too broad and shiny... maybe dial the Spec width a good bit thinner? Otherwise a very interesting image.

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