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  1. Well, "ambient occlusion" and "Scetch and Toon" also doesn`'t seem very german to me. :-) Sometimes it helps to delete (or better rename !) the cinem4d.prf file in the preferences/prefs folder; this sets back all changes since installing. Maybe you can try that. Do you have any plugins installed? Viele Grüße Arturo
  2. Hi madmellow, I just switched to german language to check it and now I have a "cartoon renderer" in standard render settings. Maybe that's the one? Otherwise I think, you should contact MAXON about that. Viele Grüße Arturo
  3. Hi madmellow, try to switch from physical to standard renderer; maybe that helps. Tried it in the english version, but it also should work in the german version Viele Grüße Arturo
  4. Arturo

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    SpeedMud 1.1
  5. fusionThing 1.0
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