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  1. Could you just key-frame the whole animation every X number of frames, then delete /disable the expressions... Effectively converting your expressions to key-frames, and then copy and past the key-frames. Provided you star and end key-frames are the same they will loop seamlessly. Hope this helps. Regards Bishka.
  2. I have always used QuikQuak's RaySpace to approximate the Reverb for 3D spaces but it has been discontinued and was never released as a 64bidt VST . So I was wondering what other people use. I wondered if a Convolution Reverb was the way to go but is there away of creating IR's from 3D models? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks Bishka
  3. Ah, that is good to know. Thank for the info. Bishka
  4. I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. but if you need to use two alpha then the easiest way would be to put them both in a layer, that way you can control the amount of each alpha and use different mix modes to control how they interact. You might have to uncheck "Image Alpha" in the alpha channel. Hope this helps. Regards Bishka 2Alphas.zip
  5. I haven't tried cloth in R18 yet, but in earlier versions you would have been better off revering the normals if the cloth was inside the collider.... might be worth a try? Regards Bishka
  6. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Here is an Xpersso Random Material Changer. It was made with R11.5 in the hope that most folks here will be able to use it if they want to. I have not given it a proper test but it seem to be working OK. The probability Spline was an after thought that I added at the last minute, so, I am not sure how useful it will be. Most of the controls are self explanatory but I have included a few notes. The coloured materials (1 to10) can be deleted and/or replaced with your own. But do not delete DESTINATION MATERIAL from t
  7. I think you will find that it only merges. However there is also ... http://www.thegreatsummit.com/product/meshboolean/ which is a lot more capable but this one is not free. Regards Bishka
  8. You could also try staggering some cubic mapped textures (see example)... Hope this helps. Regards Bishka Staggerd_Cubic_Mapping.zip
  9. If it was me, I'd use Xpresso to switch between textures. I am using R18 so any example I make will not work in R15. But if you are not in a hurry I'll see if I can re-install R11 and make an example for you. Regards Bishka
  10. Has your image got jagged edges? If so you could try ant-aliasing it. Failing that; a separate image for the alpha and completely fill the colour channel image. Or....... Up load your png and I will see what I can do with it. Regards Bishka. PS. Don't forget to go into 'Render Setting '> 'Options' and bump-up the 'Ray Depth' and 'Shadow Depth'.
  11. I have had a go at getting better creases in the cloth and have saved it as a scene file. Though, I wasn't able to upload the scene file here as it's a little over the size limit. But you can down load it from the link below. I've added notes but it is all fairly self explanatory. Regards Bishka http://bishka.co.uk/bottle_and_cloth.php
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. I normally extrude the flashing out of the chimney (whatever), not quite so much fun when there are lots of objects that need flashing. Which is why I was hopping (ha,ha,ha) that maybe there was something I had not thought of, or even a plugin that could be (miss)used to do the job. regards Bishka
  13. Thanks for comment.......It keeps me off the streets at night !!
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