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  1. Cloth Wrinkles

    If you were not getting any wrinkles my first thought would be, how finely are you deviding the cloth plane? I have just drapped a 400x400cm plane over a defult sized cylinder , with the plane divided to 50x50 Polygons I got some quite good folds and wrinkles. If it was me, I think I'd be inclided to use displacements for some of the wrinkles. Best of luck Bishka
  2. Metaball Lower surface

    I'm not sure I have understood exactly what you want but, I hope this scene file helps. Regards Bishka Metaball Divide.zip
  3. My Main Computer has just died(Blown cap's on MB) BOOHoo

  4. Copying 6 hard drives over to my new NAS

  5. I'm sure once the builders are done it will be woth the hasle, and it won't take long, believe me I'm an (ex)Batheroom and Kitchen Planner. Regards Bishka