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  1. You need Larger Sunglasses!

  2. mau_dpufpr

    The Crown Hotel 2

    just great man
  3. mau_dpufpr

    1st Place - pookwis

    :roflmao: among many good entries you really deserve the 1st place! awesome!
  4. mau_dpufpr

    2nd Place - aletof

    this is so much cool! great job!
  5. mau_dpufpr

    3rd Equal Place - checkoslav

    one of my favourites! great work! cheers mau
  6. mau_dpufpr

    1st Place - Rolandoc

    you really deserve it! no ofense to any other entry, but this one is the best one so far! Cheers Mau
  7. mau_dpufpr

    2nd - Curare

    Love the idea behind it! great work and concept! cheers
  8. mau_dpufpr

    3rd Place - Vilandra

    my favourite!
  9. mau_dpufpr

    2nd - epadeam

    I totally agree! :D inspiration! good work!