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  1. We are currently looking for an experienced 3D artist / animator to work with us in our Cork Studio. Job Requirements. Proficiency with Cinema 4D, Photoshop and After Effects. Experience with any of the following is a plus but not a requirement. Solidworks, Redshift, Realflow HDR Light Studio, dynamics. Must be able to create photorealistic images and animations. The ideal candidate should be able to work on a project on their own or as part of a team. Good communication & problem solving skills. You must be eligible to work in the Republic of Ireland Please note, we are not looking for remote workers. Please send your CV and portfolio to jobs[at]cmgdesigns[dot]ie Cian.
  2. Vehicle

    Cool. Nice work.
  3. Cian's Gallery

  4. The break down

    Really nice work. Well done.
  5. 4c.jpg

    Nice job. Well done. Cian.
  6. Dragunov SVD

    Nice work. Cian.
  7. Old-Man-with-Pipe.jpg

    Very nice work. Well done. Cian.
  8. Kitchen Interior

    Thanks guys. @Blak. I'm a bit too busy at the moment with my new business and all that. Sorry. Cian.
  9. Also trying to figure out how Unity works

  10. 1st Place - rebilak

    Great piece. Well done. Cian.
  11. 1st Place - thuur

    Very nice work. Well done. Cian.
  12. Version


    As I have put my architectural tutorial on hold for now I wanted to upload this scene file for anyone that wanted to see how I set up the lighting & render settings. I modeled everything so feel free to use the table & chairs in your own scenes. Render time was 32 minutes on a mac pro 2 x 3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon Hope you like. Cian.