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  1. ...maybe too much tiny polygons (0,070 high) for SP baker. In result (UV´s versus texture resolution) it´s few pixels only...
  2. bezo

    Live spline offset control

    If you´re on MSA (or was in the past), there is a plugin CV_Splines (currently in version 3) which contain also outline generator (negative/positive) https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/cv-splines_to_objects_interactively_offset_and_chamfer_objects
  3. Did you tried test scene file with native c4d renderer? Try temporarily remove Octane from plugins folder (or all plugins) to check if issues are caused by plugins or not. In most cases crashing/freezing is caused by plugins...
  4. Can you post scene file with mesh?
  5. ...nice updates Daniel, plugin became more powerful with these improvements
  6. Yes, Lazaros´s plugin NitroCycle is like Polycircle on steroids :) (I gave Lazaros couple of ideas and there was updated to plugin within few hours. It´s simply crazy how simple programming of plugins looks to be! ;-D)
  7. Small example :) Sometimes could looks textures projected strange way. Everythings is ok, normals aligned, UV perfect, but simply part of texture is "reversed". When object has "multi-polyisland" UV´s, some of polyislands could be "rotated" and since they are not colored differently like normal polygons, you can not recognize it. Here at first picture you could see simple landscape with applied checkeboard texture. Selected polygons inside are disconnected and in fact they are 2 UV polyislands. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ni122jwe7l203fg/UVpolyisland_normal.png?dl=0 If you change scale ( multiple by -1), UV polyisland will rotate abot 180 degrees, but visually you don´t see any change on UV map. What you see is changed texture projected on object https://www.dropbox.com/s/72sveqwkab8ycod/UVpolyisland_reversed.png?dl=0
  8. Did you check normals of polyobject? If are correct, check UV polygon islands if not are reversed (front/back)
  9. It´s because you have applied just single one material to both polyobjects. Create in material manager new one material, apply on blade only and reexport.
  10. My driver is 417.01 (GTX1080). It´s not up to date... Glow itself is post effect. Don´t know if there is some solution for that. Maybe multipass, playing with object buffer etc.
  11. bezo

    Selling C4D Visualize R19 + Keyshot7 Pro

    You could try Foundry Marketplace, it´s more known and wider then here, https://community.foundry.com/discuss/forum/42/marketplace btw, how did you found combo C4D and Keyshot? Or did you used them separately in different workflows?
  12. Currently nowhere. Because plugin creator (Hashimoto) decide to make it commercial instead of free. Now it´s one of few tools in plugin pack named "ToolsPack" for a small price 5000 JPY. All plugins was ported to R20, but I think there is a backward compatibility (or ask directly plugin creator) http://coffeestock.boo.jp/Blog/?page_id=2620
  13. Maybe graphic card driver problem. For me your scene works fine without issues... What is your card? Nvidia, AMD, Intel?
  14. Can you post scene file for testing?
  15. bezo

    David McGavran Interview

    Interview with David McGavran (MAXON's CEO) on C4DZone.com https://www.c4dzone.com/en/blog/news-3/david-mcgavran-interview-578.htm