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  1. In point mode was selected all points (Ctrl+A) and applied command Optimize. If remember correctly, there was some issues... Goood rule can be from ti,e to time optimize object... Since bevel deformer is restricted to selection, before optimalization was different point count and different point indexes. Edge selection was created after optimize command and point indexes stored in selection tag are different, this is the reason why only copying bevel deformer create "mess" on your object.
  2. Bevel deformer works fine for your needs. Also selection "boundary" edges is really fast with Phong Break Selection command...Try it! No need to create everything with SDS, in this case is bevel more than enough (imo). You can save this way a lot of memory...Try to convert to polygons both examples, Jay´s and mine...
  3. Check HUD components on screen if are in default color (rightclick on item etc... V - 80percent) Did you change/update graphics drivers or something or you use your custom color?
  4. polygonal way with deformers used as helpers to achieve final result... workflow in OM from up to down, started with cylinder. (bevels can be edited, converted to polygons and used in array later or can be bevels applied later on whole object...)
  5. did you tried bend deformer with 0 values in 2 dimensions?
  6. Did you check Axis scale value? Shift+V / View / Axis scale...(100%)
  7. from your screenshot it looks like you are in animation mode instead of modeling mode...
  8. Try to use polymodeling from start, not conversion loft/splines where you have only small influence on converted result... ...or retopo created mesh
  9. looks like backlight bleeding. or maybe you accidentally press the screen on sides.
  10. just select object and use copy/paste...
  11. It' s about Cezar Vonc plugin Material Pipette...
  12. If you bought box version from your distributor, inside with usb-key is attached little guide for instalation process. But as I remeber, there isn´t way to enter only first eleven digits and first 4 characters...You need to enter whole serial number (which is also attached in box) or you can manage your c4d licencies in your MAXON licence account. (eportfolio)
  13. For me it looks like just blended render of triangles with some AO and image in PS...Just illusion of 3D
  14. Copy and paste whole scene to new scene and then save didn´t help? Check in Preferences/Files option "Save Polygons for Melange" if it is off. (enabled option create huge files) If didn´t help, try to send your R17 scene file to support with small info for developers...
  15. simple example with sphere can be done by edge to spline command and then animation separated spline objects...