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  1. Did you applied shader Xparticle Gaseous material on xpExplosiaFX object?
  2. bezo

    Cinema4D R20 Visualize + Forester $ 1950

    ...about Forester... Not sure, but I think Forester licence is locked to hardware (mac address of PC), so not sure if posible to sell it
  3. ...use build-in meshchecker for bad polygons or bad parts of mesh
  4. bezo

    Respected Community Member

    TDMSC? TD stands for technical directing or technical development. MSC is Master section Class
  5. Have you some source of light in your scene? //sky, some light, physical renderer or something for reflection? Since material is based on reflexion channels (GGX and BSDF), source of relexion is needed imo. Try to put car into big cube with white material in luminance (invert normals)
  6. Have you installed Quicktime? Maybe texture file format isn´t support directly by cinema itself. Another problem could be graphic drivers maybe. Nvidia or AMD?
  7. bezo

    Spline length

    If you only want to know spline length, another option is use AM. In AM select Mode/Project Info and in Structure tab you could see length of selected spline... https://www.dropbox.com/s/c1bu2kschj72r7k/spline_length.png?dl=0
  8. bezo

    Spline length

    When used different setings (for defaults), could be create "quantized" angle etc...
  9. bezo

    Spline length

    Could be used mospline as one of solutions ;-) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ltrjk6350x3o35d/mospline_exact_spline.png?dl=0 (example is for architects for creating wall profiles/splines)
  10. bezo

    1800 Free Architectural Profiles for C4D

    Thank you very much Wolfgang
  11. bezo

    Bend Deformer does not Bend

    Have you enough segmentation for cylinder in Y direction?
  12. Your dreams come true... :) (César Vonc made this helper few years ago and still very,very useful...Thanks César) https://code.vonc.fr/?a=46 Install into plugins folder. When using plugin, need to select what operation picker do. There are few options. First option is for searching hiearchies also with included generators (bit slower) Second one maybe most useful is material selection (in AM will be opened material used under picker) Third one will select texture tag applied on selection under picker ...and last one will select object under picker (native strings are in french, but options are simple to understand. Could be edited/translated by editing internal strings btw.)
  13. bezo


    Yes, Takes are really powerful with this kind if workflow.
  14. Had the same idea, but creating example take some time :) and Hrvoje post solution faster. While playing with file (used formula field in step effector for creating nice sin wave) I found some interesting issue. When switching to different mode of instances clones result is much different...
  15. bezo

    own pie menus..

    You could not create new one. Only posible to edit default "piemenu". But you could use plugin for creating own. Has a lot of advantages then default. (and looks more beauty also :) Check Daniel´s Dials plugin, must say very very useful. https://toolspixels.be/dials/