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  1. hm, yes ...simply hide points you want to exclude from soft selection influence
  2. Your cloner is set to "Grid Array" mode. Change mode to "Object" and put surface object into input field... There some changes happend?
  3. Do you mean like this? Untitled 2.zip The key to make it works is enabled option "Use Deformed Points" in xpresso point node... (for splines render used hair, just to mentioned...)
  4. When you bevel edges, use "Uniform" mitering in Topology tab instead of "Default"
  5. Did you tried cross-eyed? :DDD
  6. awesome job everfresh, well done...
  7. ...nice work vector , imo little bigger eye pupils will be look better maybe...
  8. Check this link. Since not xpresso but python only, can produce nice effects. Don´t know if you want to create some animations or stills... https://github.com/CreativeTools/ct-ocean-waves
  9. From layer icon color we can see he used just single layer... Maybe accidentally soloed objects. First deselect object in object manager (nothing selected in OM) and try solo off option...
  10. Simply select front side in texture projection tag...
  11. Since we have material override option in rendering, it can be easy to override just single character in render with few clicks. Before this option I was used Andre Ignier plugin from ArtonBit (Real curvature, Surface curvature shader creator) named Overlay. Works great for hierarchies, selections etc... (still use it) Or Yakuza´s (german c4d user) Neutralize plugin... Another way can be lttle xpresso for changing materials for objects...
  12. Create layers and attach markers to layers...And layers can have color as you wish. Newer releases has option for color changing directly
  13. Do you mean like this? You can create little script, create some nice icon (or use default) and add to layout. Check attached file. Open preferences folder/library/scripts and paste unziped 2 files into it.( *.py and *.tif) Icon created in PS from R13 icons file. Script itself is only copy text from Script log (single line into new script in Script Manager) Protection.zip
  14. Jay was meant content browser... switch to content browser tab and into search field enter "dvd"...and...open :)
  15. Hard to say what we can expect from R19. Also bought upgrade week ago (as MSA user), but don´t know what can expect for 600euro. In case of main feature for R19 would be Prorender (btw. some interesting info on cgtalk "directly from kitchen" :), it will not be big deal (for me) http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=47&t=1449143 (especially last pages, where is told about "not near future of full implementation" of Prorender into c4d if I understood correctly). In my work I was found installed R10 demoversion on old computer (installed years ago). When start to play with, I had to say "this is the same as I use today in R18" (same interface, almost all deformers as today, cloth, mograph, BodyPaint the same (or only minor changes)... Is not that strange? How many years are between R10 and R18... 10 or more... edit, 10 exactly, just found on wiki