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  1. CINEMA 4D Flash Sale!

    I also don´t understand this business moves... As loyal customer with MSA I was paid more for upgrade from R18 to R19 then current "upgraders". (only benefit installation on 2 PC without using them concurrently) Also MSA increased price was discounted for a little time, but when I ask my reseler, they told me it´s not for me, because my MSA expire 5 months later (?) I was think same offer will get all MSA users in time of upgrades their MSA licencies. Business is business...
  2. For me it looks like missing Phong tag on object (or very low value)
  3. You can use random effector in object mode for offseting objects (placed as clones on polygon center mode) https://www.dropbox.com/s/krzlhmhtu5pyc90/randomizeclones.zip?dl=0
  4. Lego Technic Motorcycle

    very nice modeling Nigel, I remember lego as only simple bricks (2,4,6,8 in the row or 2x2 or 2x4 or 2x6), but lego of these days looks very "restricted" in creativity. If you buy model of motorcycle, you can build just motorcycle, nothing more... I was played with Merkur in my childhood and it was very flexible/open for creativity...These days are gone btw, if you compare modeling between applications, is some of them "faster" in workflow (for instance if you want to build some kind of bike in both applications, is some "faster/smarter")
  5. Extrude problem

    ...veeery simply :) - select one/few points of spline - press U~W (select connected) - press U~I (invert selection) // in case you see selection also over previous selected points, it means spline is doubled/overlapped - press Del key ...one spline segment solved, few next remain (ofcourse, at first created backup copy of source spline)
  6. Extrude problem

    btw, all splines are "doubled"(they overlay each other). Not sure, but I think it was problem with importing splines from illustrator. I was read info abot it somewhere on german forum and don´t know if last service update solve that...
  7. Base80 was always good source of good ideas...
  8. Extrude problem

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/pe560p1i9vgm7yy/Circular Shape Test _scene.zip?dl=0 here is file with what I thought
  9. Extrude problem

    here is vectorizer version from your screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/bszqiluqm5i8a44/scene.zip?dl=0
  10. Extrude problem

    Looks pretty complex spline "inferno" :) Are your splines closed? Did you tried export separated into two or three separated splines? Can you post *,ai file?
  11. Did you export from max also materials? I was tried inside c4d export some file with textures/materials and import works just fine in fbx format. (file is relative bigger (360MB scene file + another 300MB in textures in *.fbm folder)
  12. Attaching an Object to a Point

    ...or simple xpresso https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8nl92mq20ph0ja/stickOBJ2spline.zip?dl=0
  13. If you want to transfer object/scene together with textures to other PC, simply use command "Save Project With Assets..." from File menu. Will be created folder with scene file and TEX folder inside with all used textures in project. Textures inside materials will be automatically linked to TEX folder...
  14. L hotkey (as newly named "Axis modification") is more powerful as it looks at first sight...We couldn´t say it´s object axis only since it can be used together with adjusting components (as temporary axis, because in component mode object itself will keep object axis without change), also for texture setings or objects axis themselves...
  15. In this case will help you Scale tool and temporary modeling axis tool ( L hotkey). https://www.dropbox.com/s/vkvpt9754z3wj3x/align to most right point.mp4?dl=0