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  1. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    Black Friday on cmiVFX https://cmivfx.com/products?utf8=✓&category[id]=12 discount code is: blackfriday70 The code lasts 2 days only
  2. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    a lot of great deals/resume inside attached links http://www.cgchannel.com/2017/11/black-friday-and-cyber-monday-2017-deals-for-cg-artists/ https://cgriver.com/blog/2017/11/17/black-friday-2017/ contain all kind cg software, plugins, models etc...
  3. Hard to say without scene. Did you try another image (or without image)? Or try Stick texture tag to avoid deformations of texture...
  4. Not sure where´s the problem, reloading my scene from here works fine... Here is the screenshot from the file if help
  5. Hi and welcome, Simply use xpscale modifier. In my example is used spline mode to set smooth transition at the end of life particles... xparticles_scale_endoflife.zip
  6. Optimize spline

    Spline itself has now a lot of points, if you need to "retopo" current spline, use tracer object with setings as needed. This way can have spline much less points, but curves will be kept...
  7. Optimize spline

    Select spline, set intermediate points to Uniform, number set to zero. Then apply command Current state to object. Delete old one. Your spline has 10 segments btw, so select single point, press U~W (select connected), move spline segment to other place and remove all small spline segments. Your spline is still linear in result, if needed smoothed spline set intermediate points to cubic for instance...
  8. Optimize spline

    Can you post spline in c4d file? (Don´t know how it looks like currently)
  9. Hidden Tags - Tutorial

    The same way as using correction deformer is creating copy of source object, convert to polygons, create selection tags , copy them to parametric object, apply materials and delete polygonal copy of object...
  10. UV Selection Colours

    Changing colors inside attribute manager under some kind of selection mode (colors tab) is kind of trap :) Not good idea to play with it. Go to preferences/Scheme Colors/Editor Colors and at the bottom are UV Mesh color options. Select UV Active Points, copy color (or paste into swatches), open UV Mesh Active Polygons and paste color...(or set your own) ...and yes, it´s known feature ;)
  11. Looks like bug in there, because options from top to bottom (none,dot,point,circle etc...) are indexed and started from zero. In this case zero index started with "dot" which not correspond with options order... (expected 0 for none, 1 for dot etc.) So, if you enter values 0 and 3 in condition node inputs, result will switch between dot and rectangle, not none and circle as expected... Bug because order start with index 14 and continue with 0 to 13 as last option in option list...
  12. press Activate button... button.zip
  13. LOD render vs viewport

    Excuse me, I overlooked your current version of c4d, I was meant you´re on R19. Example scene is from R19, this is the reason for "missing plugins". R19 has new tool named LOD for "faster viewport"...
  14. You need to say where is the problem. From screenshot looks like plugin create pieces as expected. Can you post scene?
  15. Desktop Customization

    Fastest way can be add all plugin buttons in single palette, save it as palette preset file, load and paste in new layout and save layout... (little bit faster than adding commands maually into every layout separately)