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  1. If you want correctly working selections (and apply materials on them), you need to turn off option "Create single object" in boole object parameters. If this option is turned on, boole object behaves like single object, this is the reason why materials are not "attached" to polyselection of "A" object but main boole object...
  2. Offline help and installation instructions in Updates for Cinema 4D R21... https://www.MAXON.net/en-us/support/downloads/
  3. On other side, I must correct my post since in this your specific case itś posible...Because is met condition whole projected spline visible by camera. If you look to your tower in top view, you could see whole surface of tower and also projected spline... ...create helix with needed parameters, convert to real spline, adjust scale in Y axis (since projection will be spherical, spline can "overshoot" top of the cone ...project spline to surface with Spline/Move/Project with spherical projection ... projected spline result ...switch to top view, select cone object, activate knife line mode (K~K) and with CTRL select cut. ...knife just edges of polygons and this way are not created new "single" polygons, but n-gons only ... to solve that use command"remove n-gons" ...and result Maybe there are needed some adjustment of the mesh (slide some edges etc.), but sometimes can be usefull...
  4. You could project spline along tower, simply use Project command from Spline/Move tab and use spherical mode. Maybe it´s not super-exact positioned (since spherical means bit stretched, but almost unvisible. Be sure you project standard spline (converted to real spline not parametric helix for example) and adjust intermediate points as needed... But if you want make a cut along this spline, I think not posible now. It´s posible to make "projection spline cut", but only perpendicular in viewport (on flat surface)
  5. Have you disable tiling for each texture tag?
  6. Hello and Welcome here on C4DCafe, hope you´ll enjoy time spended with c4dcafe community.
  7. When you carefully check f-curves, you could see first and last point of animation curves for rotations are not matched. Values for 0 frame and 55 frame are different. Since it´s baked animation, there is keyframe in each frame what can be hard to fix. You could play with that manually. (Leave just 5-6 main keys, everything other remove and adjust f-curves again with resaving new values for keys) It´s for longer time, but it could be fun... Or use your prebaked animation, convert to motion clip, set repetitions as needed, blending to spline and play with spline settings until you find satisfied result...
  8. At the beginning of the year there was a thread about vibrating strings. Try if it help you... https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/108769-vibrating-string/
  9. I saw somewhere on deutch (or french?) c4d forum script where spline object wos "source"/mirrored for spline profile in parameters. What is wrong, I don ´t remeber where...
  10. Few days ago there was a thread about something similar. If you don´t know about C-Motion, this video will help you with simple animation. But C-Motion offers a lot of more posibilities...
  11. Now I see there´s a new update of plugin. With this update you can create thumbnails of every single material in your library, so materials can be searched "visually" instead of reading/searching names... https://www.thegreatsummit.com/product/tgs-texture-manager/
  12. I´m under Eset, for me working without any issues, no reports, no warnings...
  13. Render Region command from Render menu and render only selected region/part of viewport. It´s full render (by render settings), but only for selected region in viewport IRR is interactive, refresh selected render region everytime something change in the scene. Mainly used for light setups/setings ... You could adjust IRR for whole viewport (or newly created view) and use it for real preview of the scene.
  14. If you want, send me in pm link to sample file, I´ll resave it in R19 and you´ll check if it works for you...
  15. Check MAXON Labs... https://labs.MAXON.net/?p=3258
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