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  1. You could check example scenes inside content browser, I thik there´re a few cars. Check topology, mesh density, edge flow etc...
  2. Just apply material is not enough. You must add redshift tag on that object (object tag or similar, I´m not at my pc now) and there enable displacement. You´ll find it.
  3. If you want to align them by bounding box, Lazaros´ s Magic Sweep plugin is the simpliest solution for that (especially if you want to align hundred of objects )
  4. You can also use different animation units, for example seconds or SMPTE (min:sec:frame mode) and together with HUD options Frame and Frame Time you ca have absolute control over actual frame/time state...
  5. If it´s inverted normals or not you could to find out if you select all polygons on object. If in polygon mode all polygons are yellow, all is fine, but if few polygons are blue colored, they have inverted normals (like in this example) To solve this issue you can try command "Align Normals" U~A shortcut (while selected all polygons or none). Or just select "blue" polygons only and use command "Reverse Normals" U~R shortcut...
  6. maybe inverted normals, breaked phong shading or disconnected polygons...
  7. btw, it´s simple to make cylinder from ribbon (and then use all UVPeeler benefits)... First select all polygons (for later use) and in edge mode select border edge loops and use stitch and sew command to make "tube". After adjusting uv´s simply remove polygons created with stitch and sew command (here will be used previous all selected polygons)
  8. 4 wire example - use sweep object with rectangle spline, convert to polygons, select all edges from start to end, convert them to splines and these use for wires. This way you get even distance between wires ( when you imagine rectangle corners are "midpoints" of wires)
  9. ...need to more tweeking all parameters since there are differencies in PBR workflow and c4d materials
  10. Here are prices from my local distributor (google translator used to translate czech/english). Something similar you can expect across Europe I think... (VAT in my case is 20 percent) https://translate.google.sk/translate?hl=sk&tab=wT&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fobchod.digitalmedia.cz%2Feshop%2Fkatalog.aspx%3Fkat%3Dmxc4d My MSA is also at the end of life btw...
  11. If you make money with this card ( customers/job will pay it), it´s doesn´t matter of price. Other question is if you´re hobby user...
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