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  1. Imported Model Asset Error

    I´m not sure if texture manager support also external render engines. If you want render in corona and have only vray materials, check folder with source vray scene (hope all textures are there) and create new corona materials using those textures. Since all renderers has different channels where are textures placed, there´s no way to use it directly. (because one renderer not support materials from other renderer) So, create new corona materials, use/grab textures from source vray materials and apply on objects. Ofcourse, native vray shaders etc. cann´t be converted (if used), need to be recreated in other renderer (if needed)
  2. Interesting in case displacement in material disabled. Can you post example scene together with substance material? ...btw, update your c4d to latest version, a lot of bugs were solved in there
  3. If you look better on both "better" results, only difference between them are vertex normals alignment. While "highest" quality has aligned vertex normals correctly, "high" version doesn´t... https://www.dropbox.com/s/kfcqc3az29v09f7/vertex_normals.png?dl=0
  4. Can you post also source file? (fbx,obj)
  5. Wheel of Tools

    QuickSelectTool? :) Nice idea, looks like some kind of "more beauty UI" of default general/modeling popup (V key)... ...adding some nice disc (customizable color) backgrounds
  6. Or simple selection object (one for profiles, one for paths) and can be called lately as one object...
  7. Deform along a spline

    In most cases it´s priority issue
  8. Adaptive UV mesh

    For simple object like in your example could be used different projection mode (box,flat) which behaves like you need. Ofcourse, for exact kind of objects only, not for characters or other objects where´s UV mapping needed...
  9. Press Shift+V and in View tab check Axis Scale parameter (default is 100) (or is hidden, solution in previous post)
  10. It is Tachyon renderer, but currently with new name, look very promising...
  11. Simple question about support cuts...

    It´s not needed to always use SDS...C4D has a lot of other posibilities to model/create something. Depending on complexity of the scene SDS could "eat" memory very fast ;-)
  12. Have you enabled "Enhanced OpenGL" and "Transparency" options in "Option" tab in viewport? (check in Preference/OpenGL tab if your hardware is enough for enhanced openGl "Show OpenGl Capabilities")
  13. MAXON Quick Tip #200

    Small quick tip, but very amazing experience... Simply must love it :)
  14. Selection Questions

    If you have multiple selection tags and want to add select few of them, simply select first one with doubleclick in Object manager, then click on next selection and with holding Shift press "Select Polygons" option in Attribute Manager for this selected selection tag. This is way to add one by one... Or multiple selection at once... In Object manager with Shift select all needed selection tags and in Attribute manager press "Select Polygons"...