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  1. How to rotate an UVW Map?

    Put my file to folder where is your file or relink texture for color...
  2. How to rotate an UVW Map?

    You can adjust texture directly inside c4d using transform effect (as in my example), but I think source texture is "relative" small. Tiling in U direction don´t help, because of texture. (Or it´s fine and don´t need "realistic" snake :) ) GoldenSnake_0001.zip btw, does exist golden snake? :D
  3. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    If I understood correctly, whole scene is like "embeeded" into pdf? (without link to .c4d scene) Did you tried it with massive scene? It could be very strong tool for creating presentations (only single model of building or complete city scene or whatever)
  4. Camera moving too fast!

    You can use shorter spline... Or... - Spline interpolation change from Adaptive to Uniform (with 50 units for instance) - Shift - F3 open timeline, switch to f-curves, select last point (on 1200F) and change it´s value to 100 percent. (if you manipulate with f-curve, animation has higher priority than parameter animation). - last one can be selecting all points of f-curve and set to linear interpolation (animation without acceleration, other words same speed for whole animation)
  5. How can I model a Mobius strip?

    I´m not in the dust... I´m ... far behind the dust :)
  6. ...breathtaking... ...super amazing work Dan, hope I´ll find it with little review on MAXON webpage.
  7. Need help with Bend tool

    check it... Prop Bordure_0001.zip Object axis are placed really strange. Maybe you need it´s position /rotation, but always is good align axis to "placement" place of object (bottom center, bottom right, bottom left, center of object etc...)
  8. Not sure, but I think not possible yet. You can change GUI font (on other side it affect almost all text elements in software) to "more read-able". Enlarge to maximum icon size, set HUD background to very dark color, make groups far packing HUD elements (as groups better readable), set text color to max white (or color you want)...
  9. Bake color surface... In attached scene is setup. Lights cloned around object "remove" shadow in previous baked maps. Use intesity as needed (could be low) and then multiply with white color for increasing intesity of colors... Pyramid_VariationShaderTest_02.zip
  10. Need help with Bend tool

    check attached file and compare axis orientation of bend deformer... bend.zip or for symetric bend... bend_0001.zip - but axis orientation of bend deformer is the same for both examples
  11. How can I model a Mobius strip?

    or simple sweep... mobius_strip.zip
  12. startup you can change it in top right corner...
  13. Curved corners not beveled edges

    Have you selected all polygons? Normal scale tool work with polygons, you need to be in polygon mode...
  14. Curved corners not beveled edges

    clicking on little wheel will display option "Preserve groups" normal scale tool used for scaling polygons bevel tool applied on all points
  15. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    Kent make great efforts to create this pack of tools, looking on it since anouncing somewhere in the past . (Times, when was 4d publish separated in two plugins). For me (as hobbiest) was interesting painter plugin...