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  1. Just came from work and what I see! So AMAZING news... Thanks so much to you Igor ( and to C4DCafe crew too), simply don´t know what to say. I had a pretty tough day today, but this made me really happy.
  2. My question was generated from his website where wasn´t any screenshot from win version (or other "win" similar comment)
  3. If you mentioned MD, what is external application, but this option has build-in Insydium products (Xparticles,Cycles4D) what is really great when you switch from version to version. Don´t know about some 4rd party product...
  4. Please post scene file with texture. Hard to say without to see a scene...
  5. If images are ok, check render setings/options all depth parameters. Try increase them to higher value...
  6. There´s also plugin for unfolding objects in different ways, maybe you know about it... https://code.vonc.fr/depliage
  7. If you have not attached any moterial on your object, add some, select texture tag and object and use command for generating UV. (if you just need to add/generate UVW tag to object)
  8. If you´re in BodyPaint UV layout and you have selected some edge, options can be greyed since you´re not in UV point/polygon mode. Select from standard polygons to UV polygons (on top part of viewport in layout). Don´t saw your scene ´cos I´m not currently at home, but afternoon I´ll check it if nobody respond...
  9. bezo


    ...yes, with polyselections as presets I was meant "stored" parts of mesh for later use in selection sets tags.
  10. Can you post small part of scene for checking?
  11. Sorry for OT, just info how it ended. Looks like 4K monitor I ´ll try later. My old onitor work after repair for more then 4 weeks without any issues. Just for 3 euro for small 7pin chip (voltage regulator) and one cap (filter). ...and week of waiting for spare parts ...
  12. maybe not related to this behaviour... But what I remember (week or two ago, maybe more) when I was logged into my account, I got some message about "your profile is completed etc..." and was opened my profile window. I was simply close it and continue in work, but I´m not sure if this notification about new device login start at that time or not...
  13. I think since those teasers of movies...
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