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  1. ...code snippets are always welcome, so thanks for that. Could you post also simplified scene file example?
  2. You need to rearange UV´s. When you look on your UV´s, the biggest part of model has the smallest area in UV space... If UV´s will be equalized, result on whole model will be the same.
  3. For me it looks like some kind of reflexion/specular issue. As manual say: "When Diffuse is enabled, the color properties of an object are ignored by the light source, only specular surfacing is produced by the light. "
  4. Loft is parametric object, so for removing "cap" you need disable cap options in Cap tab of loft object. Splines are calculated from first to last in loft object hierarchy https://www.dropbox.com/s/0btx03w4ym6e20q/Loft.png?dl=0 Splines are only "frame" for creating "surface". For best results are important few things, poincount and alligning splines. With alligning splines is meant spline points "direction". (spline point 0 of first spline will be connected to spline point 0 of second spline etc. and in case your splines has opposite points direction, surface result will not be correct.) Mesh subdv in both directions could set/improve mesh result to your needs (rough/smooth etc).
  5. Thank you very much for the script, I´m sure a lot of Octane users will appreciate it.
  6. Alex (aka Newstream) on cgtalk shared his workflow thru sculpting way year ago (or more). ...c4d file attached in the last post. And it´s SUPER FANTASTIC!!! https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/new-free-crash-course-video-for-sculpting/1884937/26
  7. Don´t know what to say, but I think world is changing. It´s not about just single company, everything is in the move... ...and all is spinning around money (BIG money if it´s possible)
  8. Good job, but hard to say it could be more effective UI for all. Since we are all different, using different workflows and different techniques for modeling, animation, effects etc. and due high posibilities of customization UI, longtime users use their owns UI´s and new users find their owns... Looking on your screenshots, you could maybe more optimalize UI and adjust to your own needs. For example, personally don´t understand why somebody needs table of primitive objects in layout...(or whole list of mograph objects or effectors etc, etc...)
  9. As we talk about Autodesk, did you read this on cgtalk? https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/autodesk-perpetual-licenses-suddenly-not-perpetual-anymore/2052430 (This is the case when perpetual not means perpetual :) )
  10. Stick texture tag isn´t needed/important btw. The key is disable option "Optimize and Close Holes" option of Voronoi Fracture object
  11. Do you mean something like this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/5abrevq1hzkmgas/crate.png?dl=0 scene https://www.dropbox.com/s/8kcohprav7rba20/cratetest_0001.zip?dl=0
  12. Compose Reply option allow adding attachments...
  13. Didn´t tried myself, by on the bottom of the page are options for replying which open reply window... Don´t know if it´s subscription related since I´m on MSA.
  14. Using Pen tool with holding Ctrl you can see immediatelly on spline "cut" symbol, so you can cut spline at place as you need. What is more interesting is using right click menu on this point. Now you could delete, disconnect or adjust kind of tangents. For you, option disconnect is what you want. This way you could cut spline at place of point (spline will be cutted "physically" into sepataed spline segments and what is the great benefit, tangents of newly created points will be kept.) The you only need select just one point of spline segment what you want to delete, then press U~W (select connected) and press Del...
  15. ...simply put third spline/rail into sweep object hierarchy



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