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  1. here is updated scene https://www.dropbox.com/s/b0q8yfepq1fep8p/cobwebs_0001.zip?dl=0
  2. Cann´t say what happends to your clones, hard to say without scene file, if you can, post scene file please... Maybe object axis problems, "wrong" effector setings, wrong hierarchy, setup etc...
  3. bezo

    Store > Member Products - empty?

    This is a place for products created by c4dcafe users. Currently is empty since @C4DS (Daniel Stercks) temporary stop selling his great plugins until update/redesign for latest version of c4d. But you can check his blog here or/and send him PM if you want to buy one/more of his amazing tools... Or you can start sell your ones products...
  4. bezo

    Node based materials repository

    Hope there will be some huge "in-depth" training on Cineversity about nodes itself. Resource editor with all kinds of input "classes" need to be explained really deep...
  5. bezo

    Edit multiple nodes / Access all SDS

    Simple xp way could be using ObjectList node... See attached example, just few nodes... https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8nqjwbmkvwyw36/xp_SDS_onoff.zip?dl=0 All SDS objects dragged into onject list node, xp iterate thru all of them and simple bool enable or disable them...
  6. bezo

    Edit multiple nodes / Access all SDS

    Since you´re on R17, you can still use coffee plugins/scripts. Another one is from Fabian Rosenkranz Globall On/Off http://www.studio-fabian.de/downloads/
  7. bezo

    Edit multiple nodes / Access all SDS

    Did you tried Yann Koeth (aka xs_yann) plugin? http://www.xsyann.com/plugins/xshnswitch/
  8. You could create instance of source body mesh/object and apply deformer on instance. This way you can see immediately on wrapped instanced mesh result of rigging on source mesh...
  9. bezo

    zigzag spline

    You could rearange hierarchy and for this case can be used parallel movement on sweep... https://www.dropbox.com/s/iqafqv524719hfi/triangle corridor_0001.zip?dl=0
  10. bezo

    Better Outwards Cloning with Cloner?

    You could use 3 cloners. One define inner circle, second most outer circle and finally third blend between them... https://www.dropbox.com/s/idezdoul6qlhfn7/cloner_blend.zip?dl=0
  11. bezo

    Rendering in grey

    You´ve enabled material override option. This "replace" all your applied materials with just single default material: (if not set some other material) Simply turn off Material override option and render...
  12. Another maybe useful choice could be using selection filter. If there is some "mess" with selection of multiple kind of objects etc. in selection filter could be "disabled" for selecting some types of objects. For example if you enable only Nulls, only null object could be selectable in viewport...
  13. bezo

    Volume Menu is gone

    Could you post some screehshots?
  14. bezo

    project search path pop up R20

    It´s known issue.
  15. on top right corner of Object Manager you havelittle "eye" icon. After click on it expand "Objects" and doubleclick on Volume Builders. Now you have selected all builders in Attribute Manager. You can switch to "Basic" tab and disable objects or create selection tag from all builder objects (Select/Selection Filter/Create Selection Object). Everytime you click on Selection object in Object Manager, you select all builders as one. Selection Object can be dragged to viewport as HUD for faster access... The sam efor Mesher object... Or xpresso with object list/iterations...