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  1. Odometer/Rolling Number Wheels Rig

    There´s a odometer inside Content Browser. Simply type into search field in Content Browser "odometer". Not sure if it´s what you want to achieve, but you can check how it´s made...
  2. something like this? (in video aren´t visible fadeout vibrations of every stripe ´cos of screencapture software comprimation) music_player.mp4
  3. Global Illumination Alternative?

    Or try Chris Montesano´s Lumen2 plugin. Oldie, but great... http://www.biomekk.com/index.php?page=1&cat=107&itm=27 Mainly used for clone distribution (as cloner), but SkyDome can be solution...
  4. How to split object to selections?

    ...one click solution http://matniedoba.de/selection-to-object-split/
  5. Modeling fix Help Please

    - select all points (Ctrl+A) and apply optimize command...This is a reason why surface not react on Phong because all polygons are "disconnected" Phong angle around 30 degrees is fine for me...
  6. Modeling fix Help Please

    Post scene file with this part.
  7. Modeling fix Help Please

    Can you post just small part of object? Did you tried select all edges, unbreak Phong shading and apply Phong tag again?
  8. You want to keep them "editable"? (in Bezier mode). I was think it´s for final state of spline...
  9. Or... If splines are inserted under null object as parent, simply select all (parent null object and all child splines) and use command "Connect Object + Delete"
  10. Or... Select all splines you want to connect, first apply command "Current State To Object", select all newly created splines, set intermediate points to "none" and finally use command "Connect Objects + Delete"...
  11. No Simulation Tag ?!?!?

    Simulations tags is pack of tags contained dynamics and cloth tags. Your tutorial use rigid body tag maybe...
  12. Find number of selected vertex

    There´s a much faster (and more elegant way) to find point/polygon index of object. Rui Batista (aka ruimac) create years ago plugin for it. (included in 3DPack) http://ruimac.com/plugins.htm and inside viewport it look like this
  13. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    For me help just update graphic drivers to latest version (old Nvidia GT640)
  14. "Textured" geometry on curved shape

    Also can be bend "bended" geometry... bend bended.zip or create small pattern of geometry with rounding as needed and cloned in radial mode
  15. How to learn design hard surface models?

    As can we see from example of model https://vitalybulgarov.com/3d-kitbash/free-non-subd-trial-part Vitaly use boole, tris etc... Everything what can make model in render perfect is allowed... ...for IQP must be an outlaw not a God :D