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  1. If you go in viewport to Textures tab and enable your material with dots, you could see directly where is the problem. Your UV´s does not match texture. Something like in this example...
  2. Yes, it could be the same here. It was almost 40 years ago :-)
  3. When I was a child, my cousin has this tool. Exact as on your second image. It has a lot of different templates with different shapes (all toothed) and cogs with different radius with many small holes for pencil on differently placed on it. You simply put pencil into some hole and move cog around template. Then use different hole and then another and results was just amazing...
  4. Or if you use S22 (or have access to Cineversity), you can use Selection Manager plugin (if remember correctly and work with S22) to organize/work with selection sets.
  5. bezo


    Can you post screen or link?
  6. But with disabling Phong tag you can not win :-). For nice rounding edge simply use bevel and redesign UV´s (if needed)
  7. In your scene file you have disabled Phong tag (Angle Limit is off what means disabled), it´s the reason why you see nice rounded edge. Check Jay´s (@crebera) scene file if he has enabled/edjusted Phong tag parameters...
  8. Do you mean flip columns and rows? I´m affraid Ben it´s not posible. (it´s hard-coded interface tab imo)
  9. This behaviour is changed in last releases. (I think since introduced honeycomb array mode in cloner). So, now when you rotate copied spline, you need open copied cloner transform tab and change H rotation parameter to 90 degrees btw, please update your profile to know which version you currently use
  10. Open Preferences/OpenGl/ and for Maximum lights parameter set value as you need. Since it´s "viewport only" parameter and rendered are all lights (doesn´t matter of count) is better to leave this parameter as is default (8 lights)
  11. For this kind of dynamics is better use cubic splines instead of bezier and use "as needed" point count in spline. If movement is rough, then increase(subdivide spline) once or increase intermediate point count (always start with 0 intermediate point count in uniform or natural mode) and reset fixed point and try animation...until you find acceptable spline movement... ...and ofcourse play with properties of spline dynamics balloon rising_0001.zip
  12. I had the same idea as @deck, cloning on plane surface tapered and wrapped along spline...
  13. Still don´t understand what you really need. Do you want only "pointcloud" from source object or surface between these selected points? You could simply create copy of source object and on newly created object simply invert selection of points and delete it.
  14. You cann´t because it´s not supported (till R21 what I know, S22 cann´t tell because don´t own) But if you happy user of R20, R21 or S22, you could download and use amazing Kent Barber´s plugin pack 4D Paint which is free for those version and support symmetry painting...
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