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  1. How to model arch shape ?

    For simple geometry can be used boolean operations. If needed some deeper adjustment of model, isn´t problem to adjust to your needs. (for deforming objects etc...). This example took single minute to produce result... arch_scene.zip
  2. Select only half of points , enable snapping and adjust small quantizing step for rotation and rotate them. Remember step value and do the same with opposite points, but in reverse direction...
  3. Thanks Wolfgang, good tutorial as always...(remember your´s multipart serie of modeling of older building)
  4. Need help with the take manager

    Why you want to use stage? SImply attach every render setings to appropriate subtake... For subtrake one select 1 render setings, for second subtake second rendeer setings etc.
  5. Looks like you´ve opened/enabled some SUBTAKE. Open Takes and check if you´re in MAIN take...
  6. How to delete points ?

    Your strings are polygonal object. Contain points, edges, polygons, it´s not spline anymore...If you in point or polygon mode select single point/polygon of single string and press U+W (select connected), will be selected all points/polygons of single string (in case isn´t connected physically in somewhere, didn´t check your file) Then when you press Delete, single string (group of selected points/polygons) will be deleted...
  7. 1, Connect object is added into hte scene for "welding" gap between surfaces, because, Sweep object has opened caps. As you can see in attached images, with 0 value has no influence on objects, but increasing value will weld points/vertices in adjusted range...You need carefuly increase value for welding and always check whole mesh, because where are points near than value you´ve set, this points will be also welded... in next example is also used other helper/modifier... In case rotation from start to end isn´t as expected, simply slightly adjust rotation in sweep object parameters. Try to rotate single end as much as posible to match both ends roughtly... Connect object will fix the rest... osmicka_example.zip
  8. You could drive spline with other spline... driving spline by other spline.zip (and "smoothness" of resulted spline is driven with line spline intermediate points count)
  9. "When using the Noise shader in the Normalizer shader, the Space setting should be set to UV (2D) because the Normalizer shader only works with 2D shaders and not with 3D shaders." ...as said in manual, so not a bug :)
  10. Create a palette with specific tags

    Thru callcommand you can call any tag as you want. Since it will be part of script, it can be as button also...
  11. You can have multiple timelines opened in c4d, adjust all opened timelines for specific part of animation and switching between them. Only problem is cann´t be "locked" preview range to selected timeline. Works "globally" for all timelines. For example one timeline (named "jumping") has animation in range 0-50 frames. If you want to play/adjust jumping only in this range, you need to set preview range from 0 to 50. If second timeline (named "rotation") has animation from 50-150 frames, now you need to re-set preview range from 50 to 150 for playing/adjusting/tweaking animation only for rotation. What I expect, is "locking" preview range in according with selected timeline. (Every opened timeline is "separated" and has some own ID maybe. Maybe isn´t to hard/posible to write script/create built-in function in c4d for this behaviour...) In result everytime I select some timeline, preview range will be changed automatically...
  12. ...or post scene with only cloner related part for checking
  13. Select in polygon mode "vents" selection. Maybe content also floor polygon and it could be reason for creating copy also on center of the floor...
  14. This behaviour isn´t changed for R19... When selected key in timeline, expand key preset, disable autotangents and edit directly in viewport...
  15. Plugin has english strings (in other words it is translated to english), so no need to look at pictures :)