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  1. Thanks for share interesting info, could be useful for somebody sometimes
  2. I think you mean R15 instead of "R5" as Nigel mentioned. In times of R5 was not any sign about Prime version :)
  3. I need to say Thanks for your great freebees, really great stuff...
  4. Like this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/xqr1smmhp8s06ry/Fields_Shader_Issue_0001.zip?dl=0
  5. Ctrl~B (edit render settings)/Options/Level of Detail (increase to 100 instead of your 90 percent)
  6. Maybe there are some changes in MSA of these days, but from what I know (and there was here for a long years), second installation was allowed only for MSA users. Maybe Srek, Hrvoje or Rick can this clarify more...
  7. Set all you need and Window/Customization/Save As Default Scene (new option since R20) For older version set all you need and save as "new.c4d" into install c4d folder...
  8. You´re not allowed to install on 2 computers in case you have not MSA. (if remember correctly and nothing changed) With just single licence without MSA you are allowed to install only on single one computer. (or if you want to use single licence on more computers, you can install on USB flashdisc and use it on more computers with attached this UBS disc (not copied/installed on every used computer)) Except of this benefit of MSA (installations on 2 computers (but not used concurrently)) has MSA few more (Cineversity access for a year and lower upgrade price for new version)
  9. Yes, for me it´s displayed correctly. Did you tried start c4d in software shading mode?
  10. There isn´t some automatic tool for transfering content between releases. But "manually" it could not take a lot of time to copy few files/folders. To plugins...if are´t locked to serial of software (free or licenced to email or so), you could transfer them to new release. But in case commercials/locked to serial, you need to ask plugin developer/s for new serials/licences for plugins (in many cases for free, sometimes for a split of original price)
  11. Hi Jay, Could you post some simple scene to check it? Never meet with this issue, maybe could be caused by HB toolset/scripts? Changed display driver (on the background), windows update or monitor color profile accidentally?
  12. Plugin is still available and also ported to R20, but with updated functions is renamed to "InstanceMan" (links for R20 and older in this forum thread (first post on the bottom) on c4dnetwork.com (maybe the greatest deutschland c4d community)) https://c4dnetwork.com/board/threads/89605-InstanceMan?highlight=instance+vault
  13. Did you applied shader Xparticle Gaseous material on xpExplosiaFX object?
  14. ...about Forester... Not sure, but I think Forester licence is locked to hardware (mac address of PC), so not sure if posible to sell it
  15. ...use build-in meshchecker for bad polygons or bad parts of mesh



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