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  1. Or check node presets, maybe car paint or metal with small adjustments should be enough
  2. You could try to replicate this shader in nodes...
  3. Those are only channels for this shader, so standard parameters as in standard materials can not be added
  4. You have not classic material, it looks like Danel Shader material... For creating standard material just doubleclick in material manager
  5. ...sometimes posible (sometimes fully, sometimes partially) ...sometimes not
  6. Do you use takes? Go back to main take...(Takes/activate "Main" layer)
  7. Deals almost done, but here is another I was found. Mike Udin offer 30% OFF in store https://mikeudin.net/
  8. Paul Everett (CinemaPlugins.com) twitter info "get 20% of all plugins at http://cinemaplugins.com with the code CinemaPluginsBlackFriday" There´s no any info if it´s BF only or thru BF-CM
  9. Joren Kandel ( The Pixel Lab) offer 30% OFF on everything https://www.thepixellab.net/products
  10. E.J. Hassenfratz (Eyedesyn) offer 35% OFF on everything at the store until 12/3 https://www.eyedesyn.com/store
  11. Hard to say without scene, but try to turn off everything one by one. Did you use cloner object? Check it´s transform/display setings if it is not set to weight... Or if you could ,set scene file without materials...
  12. Caleidos4D Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer - 30% on Architectural Pack http://www.caleidos4d.it/architectural_pack_upgrade.htm more info about plugins (since a lot of users usually looking for displaying dimensions or/and architectural modeling) http://www.caleidos4d.it/plugin_architectural_pack.htm
  13. Marvelous Designer offer 30% OFF on perpetual licence until the end of year... https://www.marvelousdesigner.com/
  14. Allegorithmic offer... Discount on subscription (since no longer offers perpetual licencies /except STEAM offer), but there is also lowered prices for updates/maintenances of current perpetual licence holders (Substance Designer, Substance Painter), so it´s good to not miss that https://www.substance3d.com/
  15. Pixologic (Zbrush) offer... special pricing until December 4th. on subscriptions and 100 dollars OFF on perpetual licence https://pixologic.com/features/get-zbrush.php
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