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  1. 12,"Open In Separated Window" (Remapping/Curve Conture Mode) option don´t work for Spline parameter in these fields filters/modifiers: - Channel Convert - Mograph Object - Particle Object - Point Object - Spline Object - Step - Time - Variable Object - Volume Object - Curve - Formula - Freeze - Remap //updated in Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fa5bymnwh861v82/AAAU9kjSyPVBebxnphjug05ha?dl=0
  2. Can you named those non functional plugins? Are they python or C++? Are they in list of compatible plugins fron c4dnetwork? Are they free or commercial?
  3. In case splines are not closed, your Extrude object only extrude splines as paths /without caps/. ...but maybe you mean something other...
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bzvatnrbibqhggx/collision_deformer.png?dl=0
  5. Did you tried collision deformer? (some dummy object as child of revealed object used as collider and collision deformer in Inside solver mode)
  6. I can confirm Kent´s words. Since R20 you can have placed plugins where you want. Only needed to assign path to plugin folder (for c4d to know where to find it) I have installed R20/R21 not in program files folder, also preferences folder isn´t in user/AppData etc. and works fine without any issues... Friends from c4dnetwork has thread about current state of compatibility of some plugins: https://c4dnetwork.com/board/threads/90468-R21-Plugin-Kompatibilitätsliste I can add few compatible/updated to R21 EnhancedC4D parametric shaders created by Chris Montesano all plugins from BlackStar Solutions (currently at2-sofware company) Charbel´s Forester plugin and expansion packs all Lazaros´s plugins (nitro4d) are ready for new users, for current users soon will be distributed...
  7. uploaded description and videos on Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fa5bymnwh861v82/AAAU9kjSyPVBebxnphjug05ha?dl=0
  8. On Fanatical is currently quite nice deal with books bundle about Blender. (15books for 10euro) C4D users can find some usable informations, especially 2 books about creating textures and node materials in Cycles... https://www.fanatical.com/en/ebooks Also there is a deal with Unity and Unreal Games developement what can be also useful for c4d users...
  9. here is short video... https://www.dropbox.com/s/gv48gvvyvx47dxc/UV_Peeler.mp4?dl=0
  10. Not sure if is in your current version, but check with commander (Shift+C) UV Peeler command. With this command it is just few clicks solution... I can create short video if you want.
  11. 9, scenario UV Edit Layout When in UV polygon mode selected some polygons in VIEWPORT and accidentally in Move mode moved with them, viewport is not changed (what is expect), but selected UV polygons are moved in Texture UV view window. While moving with selection, is visible appropriate movement of uv polygons in Texture UV view. (some kind of Deja Vu, working here, result in other window...) In R20 is not visible movement, but result is the same, when released mouse button, selection jump to position of last mouse position 10, UV Transform Tool(UVTT later) and undo/redo select few uv polygons, enable UVTT, make another selection, enable UVTT, make another selection, enable UVTT...Press undo,undo,undo...redo,redo,redo Looks like UVTT don´t remember multiple selections (or did not actualize itself) 11, UV Transform Tool(UVTT later) and undo/redo 2 select few polygons (with live selection), enable UVTT and press undo as many times as nothing selected and disabled UVTT. .....(when was mode switched to UVTT, everything for viewport was disabled - live selection, M,S,R.) If now in viewport create selection (without switching to selection mode, just clicking on polygons and with Shift increase selection, UVTT will automatically cover with own UI only FIRST selected polygon. All other polygons in selection are ignored by UI of UVTT, but can be moved,scaled as expected with normal behaviour of UVTT, only non-uniform scale is restricted only for first selected (UVTT UI covered ) polygon
  12. necker UV_0001.c4d New UV Tranform tools is exactly for this kind of editing...Did you tried Demo? Not sure if that need to be rounded or linear...
  13. Igor, don´t say such things a loud, because we expect fully rewrited code... ;-) But back to original theme... There are a workflows, which can really improve speed of UV editing (and doesn´t matter if SDS enabled or not). This workflow can not be used everytime but in some cases is more than enough. Those workflows are: ----- HIDING VIEWPORT IN LAYOUT WHILE UV´s EDITING ----- ----- MAXIMIZING TEXTURE UV EDITOR ----- In first case (second also) we could see how deep is linked viewport with other managers. Since in UV edit layout is viewport view as simple tab, adding just one another tab (help...help no because we haven´t build-in help , but for example render settings. I personally don´t have render setttings as tab, but saw in a lot of "profesional" tutorials to use render settings as tab) and switching to this tab. Since viewport itself is hidden, "linking" between UV texture editor is "temporary broken" and UV´s moves as fast as they can... Yes, this kind of worflow is not usable all the time, but for small adjustments of UV´s to displayed texture is enough. The same for second workflow. Since UV´s are maximized to screen, is much better to work with and with speed as expected...
  14. 8, option "no scaling" in texture preview size don´t work for uber or node materials. Works only for standard materials.
  15. 7, online help strange behaviour when opened online help with Ctrl+F1 (in my case it´s for command OM/View/Show Custom Icon) and clicked on parent tab, selection jump up about few items. Simply not match cursor position and selection field. in this case it happend all the time. Not everytime, but it happend to me also few times in some other cases...(firefox btw) (...maybe something with used html component format on parent tab page?)
  16. 6, when opened chess game and try to open Edit/Preferences, opened window has broken layout (yes, old good chess:) ) (for someone who don´t know about I wrote...simply call commander (Shift+C) enter word "chess" and open...)
  17. If we talk about slow movement while adjusting UV´s, speed of movement is highly dependent on complexity of mesh, other words pointcount. For instance from my tests editing UV´s on object with 31k points is fine, but while is polyobject under enabled SDS on level 2, pointcout is immediatelly increased to 540k and now is movement much much slower and delayed. (interesting, because UV pointcount still remain...) So, some kind of "linking" between OM, viewport and texture editor has big influence on movement. Maybe will be good (if posible) for developers add some preference option or button for manual update of managers AFTER UV editing. It means while clicked/selected component in UV editor, linking wil be stopped and after editing will be button for update everything others or some script for autoupdate while nothing selected or M/S/R is not currently performed on UV´s ...
  18. Did you rewrote your first post? I feel like I answer to different question ?
  19. It´s called SDS weight. You need select the "right one" edges. First rework geometry (in some parts SDS create crazy mesh "add-ons", in some part need to be less segmented (if you want to go this direction with SDS weight) In attachment is weighted bottom part as example excavatorshovel_0001.c4d
  20. If you have Physical render in progresive infinite mode, your render will never stop until you break it with Stop Rendering command for example...
  21. You can not start multiple renders at once. When you press render (to picture viewer), software start calculating/rendering. This process could finish itself (when all render settings/conditions are done) or could be stopped by user at any time, but can not be started new render until first render is not finished... This is the reason why you get always this message. Leave software to finish rendering and then start new render or use command "Stop Rendering" and start new render...
  22. Thanks for posting Wolfgang, great tutorial as always...
  23. 1, if disabled option "UV Component Highlighting" (UV-Edit layout/Texture view /View/UV Component Highlighting) and in UV polygon mode activate new UV Transform Tool, C4D crash immediatelly. In UV point mode works fine 2, if used quick selections with 0,8,9 on numeric keyboard when activated UV Transform Tool, any FIRST action with UI transform tool is not related to selection. Only second click/action revive normal behaviour of UV Transform Tool. 3, UV Transform Tool don´t support deformed editing (temporarilly turn off deformed editing option) 4, if applied some deformer on polygonal object and option deformed editing is on, UV selections points/polygons remain visible (are overlapped) in perspective view (UV Edit layout). At the same time are visible UV points and polygons... If disabled applied deformer or disabled deformed editing option, selections are as expected (in UV point mode visible just point selection and in UV polygon mode is visible only UV polygon selection) 5, selecting few UV polygons in texture/UV view and applying MaxUV option makes texture/UV view unreadable. This happend because vith every overlapped UV polygon is added highlighting when is mouse pointer over polygon area. with every other polygon is highlighting multiplied and around 5-6 overlapped polygons user not able to make any selection because of pure white color over UV space when mouse moved over UV space area

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