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  1. Yes, it could be done more different ways, but extruding from spline could be the most versatile way in case of import splines from AI etc... for points could be used also command weld...
  2. The key of result are spline coordinates. If you deselect "spline mask mess" and enable just original n-side profile (make lower radius for better visual result), you could see it´s still not perfect. I just set values only by eye...Good guide could be quick shading/Lines display mode, where is very nice visible"error". So you need to adjust those values (in small increments/decrements) to make it perfect... But since nothing in the world isn ´t perfect, for me it´s just fine
  3. Here is fast example. Random effector is just for different colors of clones. Profiles are just few splines with boole options... This way you could use any spline you want (sketch own or import)... scene file R21 Dodeca_03.zip
  4. Sure, this work in case surface is created from standard polygons (quads or tris). In your case those are N-gons which deform center of n-gon base on n-gon line placing. So, this way is not for you... You need to try different approach. Let´s assume points could be solution (because point normals may be correct). So we need to create points exactly on center of n-gons. Nothing complex... Select all polygons of platonic and choose command Extrude Inner. Uncheck "Preserve option" and drag. Let´s say create inner extrusion into half of n-gon. (n-gons of whole platonic will be extruded inner exactly). Then you need select just one inner extruded n-gon, press Ctrl and click on point mode icon. (this way you convert polygon into points of selected n-gon) Now you can see 5 selected points. Press U~C which collapse all 5 points into single one point. The same workflow apply on all others n-gons.... When you later select all those newly created points and create point selection set, which will be source for clone placement...
  5. Mode "Surface" means anywhere on surface, not exactly in center of polygons. If you want to place in the center of every polygons, you need select distribution option "Polygon Center"...
  6. With matrix will be distributed TP or matrices only, not objects itself. Use cloner for this. Here is simple setup for R21. For older version similar (without fields, just standard falloffs)
  7. Sure, there´s a plugin for R20/R21 created by Kent Barber named Shader pack plugin https://www.patreon.com/posts/shader-pack-29275657 btw, Kent is also on c4dcafe, you can ask him directly (@kbar)
  8. Select object and in Timeline (Shift+F3) use Functions/Bake Objects... (enable "All Parameters" and press OK) ...Basically it´s PLA where is stored animations/expressions etc. for every single frame. After baking you could delete charecter object etc...
  9. Here it is... Low_Poly_Model_exports.zip
  10. Not currently behind my pc, but don´t you have inverted falloff? (I´ll check it afternoon when arrive to home)
  11. And yes, it looks like something with FBX/OBJ export since inside c4d is everythink OK. No inverted normals on some polyislands or something similar...
  12. Do you use AE? Some update of AE revert latest c4d update to base version, more here: https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/updates-are-gone-solved-adobe-ae-update-reset-c4d-to-21-022/2056048
  13. ...scary is just weak word... (it´s not criticism to your animation, just theme selection )
  14. I have just standard result from your scene (as expected, nothing special) Can you post screen of your result?
  15. Did you readme file included with plugin? ;-) In plugin Options tab enable "Multishade Mode" and apply multishader material on object...
  16. Yes, I think it´s Lite limitation. But you could install trial for R21. There´s used cloner/effector/fields systemin the scene... here is preview how it looks like https://www.dropbox.com/s/mlsb2rjfcevlnmj/DNA_anim_preview.mp4?dl=0
  17. Sometimes is better increase subdivisions instead of intermediate points of path spline. Segmentation is close enough with half of polycount and result looks better. (ofcourse, you could adjust higher segmentation if needed) (btw, using quick shading/lines/wireframe mode is easily to adjust everythink since you see directly every change...)
  18. This plugin works with few c4d versions, but since it´s too old, not expected it works with R16/17 up... There´s a plugin with the same name , but it´s based on faking texture (curvature/vertex maps) and not work on geometry level...
  19. There´s a lot of posibilities why it´s so slow. GI is I think one of them (and especially for animation...don´t know your GI settings) Other ones could be live animations/tracing/dynamics (if any)/enviroment changes (lights/shadows/etc)/objects generation by generators/cloners/etc. where everytime need to be recalculated GI... If will be animated just camera/s in the scene, GI will be calculated just ones and it will be faster (used cache)
  20. Do you mean something like this? DNA_colorized.zip
  21. Looks like your render camera is disabled for render in Object manager When you say scene is preparing, you mean render status on bottom line of the screen? Try to disable GI and Hair in render settings and try render
  22. These settings are for "Physical" preset, but from screenshot it´s looks like you´ve selected "OpenGL Animation" settings
  23. If you use symmetry object, could be few issues... a, points in line of symmetry are not in tolerance of symmetry (in orthogonal view select all points on symmetry line and check size in attribute manager, if there is not zero, your points are not on symetry line and set value to zero) b, polygons created by extrude (but maybe not this case, but if you extrude loop of polygons up, there was created also "side" polygons which need to be deleted)
  24. Also Animation Tools from tetsuoanimation.com is nice helper for animators https://tetsuoanimation.com/downloads/
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