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  1. It´s dependent on version you work with. In render settings in top left corner you can choose renderer. In R23 it´s "Viewport Renderer" and in previous version you could find "Hardware Renderer". These renderers are VYSIWYG (everything and exactly what you see in viewport will be stored by renderer)... This way you could see some object in wireframe/isoparm mode etc...
  2. Opps, sorry, I was think I was attached scene file in dropbox. It´s just simple falloff shader driven by position of the light... color_light_xp.zip
  3. I was tried now with few objects under generator, cache everything and export as abc and works well...
  4. If you want subtle randomizing of objects (for example some trees on surface), could be also used simple Randomize command (Tools/Randomize). Just select all objects, activate tool and slightly adjust. Only disadvantage could be not parametric setup...
  5. something like this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/g9i83761tuscw8j/followlightwithmaterial.mp4?dl=0
  6. Did you tried bake/cache xparticles before export?
  7. Instead of subtract you will add small disc to big one... On other side since it looks like separated objects (upper cap/body/bottom cap), maybe the fastest way is using splines and extrude object. Materials are simple, uv´s are not important and in case of some stick texture could be used parametric projection...
  8. Maybe Fresnel shader? https://help.MAXON.net/r23/en-us/#html/XSLAFRESNEL.html%3FTocPath%3DMaterial%20Manager|Extensions|Channel%20Shaders|Fresnel%20Shader|_____0
  9. You could add thickness with Cloth Surface object or ExplosionFX deformer instead of Py-Extrude generator. You could not? btw, Hello and Welcome on C4DCafe
  10. Sure, you can... You could use straight mode instead of explode segments. When you select all splines and parent extrude object and then press "C" key, you´ll get hierarchy with bunch of separated extruded objects. Select all of them, drag directly under fFracture object and rest of hierarchy delete. Now you have in object manager Fracture object with 13 extrude objects (path2 to path15). Since path14 and path15 are spline for logo, you need to create just single extrude. Select spline path15, drag into extrude path14, enable option "hierarchical" for path14 extrude object and delete
  11. You have enabled "Filter Strokes" with higher default settings. For your model you could disable this option or if you want to use it, you need set lower value for "Length"...
  12. Open preferences (Edit/Preferences or Ctrl+E), go to Viewport Display tab and disable "Sel.: Wireframe" option...
  13. I'll look at the old harddrive tonight, but I cann´t guarantee if I´ll find... (this remember me part of lyrics from one song //Enya/Flora´s Secret//...Summer snowflake for a season... :-) )
  14. Can not be used Remesh object on Sweep? Just an idea, I´m not at home and can not try...
  15. Here is short video recorded in Bodypaint - 3D Paint layout. Since you haven´t post texture, I was used texture from another c4dcafe user project just to show how to do it. For selecting color was used command "SelectColor Range" (which allow select the same color for whole image instaed of color island like in "Magic Wand" command) You could try different settings for tolerance selection since your texture could have relative wide range of ocean color. You could use rough selection and then use texture selection commands to refine selections (circle/rectangle/polyline/lasso sel
  16. Export was done in R23.110. With standard export settings exported in Version 7.7 (2019). (FBX exporter ver 2020.1) Didn´t check in R21, but are different?
  17. Check this file if it´s work for you... https://www.dropbox.com/s/m50063v0erod666/mixamo model and piano_full.zip?dl=0
  18. If you post just scene file, textures are not attached, so if someone open your scene file, texture will be black. For later you need to save scene with command File/Save Project With Asstes..., then zip created folder (scene plus "tex" folder where are attached all textures) and post it here as zip file. (or link to dropbox location if file is bigger then cafe attachment allow...) So, if it´s pure texture, you could use standard texturing tools inside bodypaint. Edit texture using magic wand (selection of color you want in some tolerance), adjust/set new color and with fill layer
  19. You can put cloner as child to another cloner (linear distribution with count 1) and drive with plain effector only parent cloner...
  20. Since protection tag is also some kind of constraint, can not be used in your case? Did not seen your scene file, so it´s just an idea... Or using xpresso and lock axis with constants...
  21. Also, maybe a bit strange rigging setup. Maybe I would use simple mesh instead of spline wrap/generator object rigged by IK... I have never seen this kind of setup (on other side I haven't seen much yet )
  22. Since scene contain also some dynamics objects, while not baked dynamics you could expect some differencies. Also when you open console, you could see some error mesh/object for Redshift...(maybe it could be by Redshift)


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