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  1. I think there isn´t a reason why not to use for instance...B-Spline profile splines...in this case
  2. Maybe it could be fine with some parametric projection (cubic for instance), but for nice/realistic results is needed to create good UV´s and use UVW mapping. Small example: Material Folds_0001.zip for super-exact result on fold polygons is needed to add them into main UV island. Also with using SDS always try different subdivide UV mode, the best results are with boundary or edge mode...
  3. Really nice models/renders, only what disturb me is shining interier lights. Since outdoors looks like in midday, when everything is lit by real sun, strong shadows from interior light could not follow the reality. (maybe in case there are not real windows but some wallpapers only on the wall... But it just my opinion.
  4. Can´t believe it, I was think for all the years Terminator is real !!!
  5. Another way could be using standard primitives (since not always is needed circle spline). Adding disc/plane with segment count/width/heigth , conversion to editable, selecting border edge loop and command "edge to spline". Btw, When used Uniform/Natural intermediate points, parameter Number means point count between original points. If spline with none intermediate points is created with 4 original points, every other number will increase pointcount by formula : ( 4 + (Number * 4) // 4 original points + intermediate point count between each spline segment So, number 0 means 4 points only number 1 means 8 points number 2 means 12 points number 3 means 16 points etc. and with every iteration add 4 to total circle point count
  6. For a chain/s in my very old project, model "Balcancar EV 654" forklift I was used simple bend deformer. position driven by small expresso with range mappers, nothing special...
  7. For this kind of animations (cables, pneumatic hoses) I was used in the past simple xpresso setup based on positions of elements, but everything others was dependent on hierarchies. Animations of pneumatic hoses needs to be more-less rigid, so applying some dynamics not looks realistic.
  8. Hello Peter, Do you mean something like this? switch_object.c4d
  9. Message from c4dzone.com (Italian c4d community) All plugins at 30% discount, only for November 29, 2019
  10. Some little button for randomize color I think can not be hard for programmers since it´s just display parameter... ...Yes, old good Dan, I was used a lot of times mainly his Morph tool...
  11. Note: We have opened Weight Manager WM (Shift+left doubleclick on weight tag) Cinema add color to weights by some formula/automatically only in case in WM/Display/Colors/Surface Colors is set to "Multiply" When you switch this mode to "Object", you can manually set colors as you wish in Joints/Weights tabs of WM...
  12. Yes, as owner of SD and SP I know that fact, only what I want to say "Allegorithmic" now is the past...just word lost in traslation
  13. What I just read in my emails, Quixel joined to Epic, Mixer and Bridge will be free forever, Megascans unlimited for Mixer, Bridge and Unreal Engine users... And Quixel is IMHO strong rival for Substance, especially in creating realistic procedural textures... btw, anytime I go to allegorithmic site, always type into google search field word "Allegorithmic" but I´m driven to Substance by Adobe... No any word about Allegorithmic...it´s vanished
  14. bezo

    Phong issue

    Is that white material some texture or pure color?
  15. When you extrude outer ring of polygons on the disc, maybe you have enabled "Create Caps" (maybe you forgot to turn it off after using it in the past, so there needs to be careful to turn it off always after use to prevent "bad" meshes later...) and there was created also another ring of polygons at the base of extrusion. This "bad ring of polygons" cause random oriented polygon normals of mesh and uneven/crazy bevel with selected edge loop. In attached example is aligned normals of polygons correctly and removed bad/inside ring of polygons. In selection are three egde loops as example... Logo 012.zip
  16. For the second. If you want link background color parameter with some enviromental tag texture, drag into enviromental tag in xpresso into his input parameter "texture"
  17. small example... xp_bool_on_off.c4d
  18. Do you want turn on/off object itself or just his visibility?
  19. Did you make some changes in installation directory of Cinema4D? (I mean playing directly with scheme files etc.) If nothing changes inside install directory, go to preference folder and in "prefs" folder look for changed scheme name with suffix "col" and remove/delete it. If in preference folder is folder called "library", go inside and look for "schemes" folder. If there is something inside, delete it...
  20. I was used "non-parametric" way. Simply selected spline painted in front of the face and projected to mesh in actual view. (Adjust view as you want to project spline, draw spline in front of the mesh and apply command Character/Commands/Project object. Spline will be projected in current/actual view/angle. For best projection results use uniform spline interpolation. When you click on wheel next this command, you can set/adjust different projection related commands with Shift/Ctrl buttons for later use...)
  21. Did you tried contact MAXON support? This is kind of "technical" question, but maybe someone here could help...
  22. So, maybe way with spline wrap with animation of more parameters will look similar... (just basic animation in example) something_on_the_face_0001.zip
  23. Did you tried simple sweep? When watching on video, there are simple static objects projected on the face and animated is just offset. With sweep you could adjust thickness of objects over the length, animate start/end grow parameter etc. Timeline/f-curves offer another level of animation. If it looks too much "parametric", for profile spline set small amount of sides and put everything under SDS. Path spline after projection on the face slightly offset against face if needed... something_on_the_face.zip
  24. From screenshot is visible different scale. First image has grid spacing 100 cm, second one 1000 cm...
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