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  1. Works just fine in R21. Can you post scene file from S22?
  2. Only what could help with bool animation is changing segmentation of objects and prayer for good result imho... Did you play with all bool options? Try to turn off high quality while playback and check places which make troubles. Try subdivide these objects/places (if not posible because of non-uniform mesh add multiple cuts) in different places until you find best result.
  3. If you want light only between these planes, you could simply use cliping options with visible light...
  4. not needed to create extra nodes for string names, simply open condition node and set names there... Hide_mat_xp.zip
  5. Use condition node. With bool (or integer user data which you get more options) drive output of condition node in string mode...
  6. When you switch to gouraud shading mode, autolight is off and are used only your own lights in the scene.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c0ija3x24t5i1n8/def_light.mp4?dl=0 Quick shading "autolight" you can adjust in angles you want (doubleclick on sphere will reset to default)
  8. Yes, cogwheel has a lot of "too dependent" parameters while flower not enough, so this is why I use simple star. Just set number of peaks, set aproximately inner/outer radius, convert to editable and change type of spline from linear to B-spline...
  9. examples from help (if it´s tell you something, especially last example to play with)
  10. needs to be formula spline? for this solution we need somebody good in mathematic :-) but you could do it with few clicks from star...
  11. Create caps is problem, because in every extrrusion is created cap. Let´s imagine corridor. With every extrude with create caps enabled you´ll create wall between every extrusion. Visually it´s fine until you apply bevel on edges or SDS. Objects must have single surface...(like apple has peel only over surface not "inside" volume of apple)
  12. ...for quick shading is used autolight, for gouraud shading are used all lights in the scene (not sure if autolight is deactivated automatically or not, but if is deactivated in this mode and you don´t have any other light in the scene, scene will be dark...)
  13. here is short explanation video... https://www.dropbox.com/s/nd7lskx4d3udav1/Pigeon_falloff.mp4?dl=0 what I found at opening scene you´ve weight tag/skin, but was not binded.(was not assigned any weight to any joint) So, I reselect all joint hierarchy and mesh and re-bind it. Now you can see falloffs are accepted as expected. Also changing falloff has influence on mesh based on it´s size like in video on one joint with cylindrical falloff.
  14. You could use dropbox and post link here and screenshot simply drag into your post...Have to enough informations is always better ... With fields comes new falloff system into c4d there are few differencies with using fields falloffs and weighting. More info about it in help about joint falloff.
  15. Since R20 I think there was import of these CAD kind of files improved a lot. Did you tried trial? maybe with different import settings you´ll get more clear results...
  16. Redshift light only? If the same for standard c4d lights, check option "light" in viewport Filter options if is enabled... (because filter don´t disable light parameters/visibility etc. itself, only it´s visible representation in viewport)
  17. Hi Filip, it´s nice to see you here again. Thanks for updating SolidChamfer... (Our last email we changed is from 2012 when I asked for licence for R14...can believe it´s eight years)
  18. Nice solution... Fir this kind of selections I use xspolyinstance or ToPoly plugins which do the same. Create polyinsatnce from any object and allow user create standard selections...
  19. You need "static" texture on deformed surface? ...or correctly deformed based on deformers?
  20. Sale extended 9 hours... (Sale must end 5PM PDT)
  21. Did your scene contain Thinking particles setup? (or some tracking) It looks like something like this... Blue colored cross is free cursor placement used by user ( knowingly or randomly) by pressing INS key.
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