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  1. Imported objects in most cases has not object axis in center of objects. You need to first align/set-up axis to objects. Select object what you want to move, go to polygon/point mode, select all and from axis menu select Center Axis To command which align object axis to center of all selected polygons/points...
  2. Select polygons what you need, right click and select disconnect. This way it will be the same/single object, but disconnected into two parts. If you want 2 objects, use Split command. this way will be created new one object only from your selection, but you need delete polygon selection from original object... While I read rectangle, I was ment you want to split spline object instead of polygonal one :)
  3. ...or could be used correction deformer... moextrude_original.zip
  4. ...upgrade to R21 - here could be used directly while holding Shift child will inherit parent coordinates... ...for older versions it´s not that straightforward... - use Ctrl while creating child. Child will inherit coordinates. But in fact it will not be child, it will be next object in the same hierarchy, so you need drag newly created "child" under parent manually. - use Shift. Real child will be created, but in zero world coords. Need to be used command Reset PSR. (could be adjusted as shortcut for saving mouse clicks)
  5. Hi Marc, You need to switch mode to Texture mode
  6. There is a way using sweep with few other c4d objects which improve drastically quality of default sweep, but can´t say it´s bulletproof (maybe 99 percent)
  7. Since R20 there was a lot of changes in SDK and plugin has "old" GUI, plugin itself is loaded by c4d thru Insydium bridge, but his interface is not "readable/visible"
  8. Polygon Pen i polygon mode... Enable also Reproject Result option and polystrip will be "glued" on surface of temporary pumpkin.
  9. Create simple/rough pumpkin with SDS from few polygons, convert to polygons and use/apply retopo workflow. (paint polystrips along mouth. eyes, nose etc...) Maybe for just simple objects (like this) could be used volumes, bur since there will not be some excellent retopo workflow, it´s not usable for massive projects since it produce a lot of unnecessary polygons.
  10. You could use UV Peeler command for "unfolding" UV´s. Here is fast try. Small adjusting to be most accurate could be done by with moving few UV points (Move/Magnet tool), especially in place where is tube molded... TubeTexturizing_0001.zip
  11. Could be used command "Align Selection to Workplane" from locked workplane palette on the left side of viewport. Benefit of using this command is reset rotation/keeping position instead of command Reset PSR where everything goes to world zero coordinates...
  12. For multiple selected polygons/shelfs will be created another "Selection" objects with numbers 1, 2 etc. dependent on shelfs count...
  13. here is simple example. selected was only one polygon - top shelf...
  14. Hi Jenn, Add book generator to the scene with double click from content browser Switch to polyobject (your shelf) and select polygon/s where you want to place books (could be single polygon as single shelf or multiple shelfs) Now use HUD of book generator (not clicking into attribute manager, but directly in viewport into Head Up Display which was created by book generator. Select first or second option. First means one group of books into single shelf (or multiple selected shelfs) and second one create group of books for every single selected shelf. (you could see directly in Object manager created object/s "Selections" and clicking on it you can adjust parameters as you want. You could also click in HUD to "Lowres mode" for better adjust/visibility and later switch back to high res back with the same switch...
  15. Did you download plugin version for R21 in your nitro4d account? If not, you need first obtain new version for R21 (which is based on your user ID) and install by instructions...
  16. 20, Missing strings in menu of Weight Manager 21, Weight color refresh in viewport when reselected object with weights *updated in dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fa5bymnwh861v82/AAAU9kjSyPVBebxnphjug05ha?dl=0
  17. 19, Fields gradient colors visibility When selected tabs Remapping and Color Remap together, reset to default in gradient mode cause turning off field colors in viewport. If selected Color Remap tab only, works fine. *updated in dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fa5bymnwh861v82/AAAU9kjSyPVBebxnphjug05ha?dl=0
  18. bezo


    Chess in c4d is not enough for you? Just try Tetris, Snake, Space Shooter, Minesweeper or Flappybird... ...on french c4d forum (frenchcinema4d.fr) I just found very interesting project. Maybe a lot of users knows about Safina3D plugins/scripts, which is also creator of these gems. https://safina3d.blogspot.com/p/games4cinema.html And what is most interesting of all these? You can check how it´s done. (xpresso, phyton with description etc...) Safina3D ( aka "ksaa" user on frenchcinema4d forum) Thank you. (btw, also autor of very useful random vertex color script for lasts version of c4d.)
  19. ...and animated is gradient (position of nodes) . In R21 is needed to select both together, create key, move slider on timeline to last key, in gradient move both nodes together, move to the end position and make a key. If will be selected just single color node and created key clicking on gradient "keyframe-ring", key will not be saved for both color nodes just for selected one...
  20. When you click on material on atom array, projection is changed to flat and with texture tool bit enlarged and adjusted position
  21. There could be done by several ways, here is scene with 2 objects, one as wire and second one bit larger (outer) object with animated gradient in alpha... reveal wire.c4d
  22. I was ment you want it in animation process. But you could use new active camera as child of object with applied target tag on that object. This way object will be always in center of view (based on camera setings)... object in view center.c4d
  23. You could add camera object as child of object which follow the spline... follow object.c4d
  24. If logo is in the center of rounded cube you could use flat mapping of textures (alternatively applied on polyselections). If parametric mapping don´t work as you need, simply create nice UV´s of object and use UV Mapping...
  25. btw, do you own X-Particles?
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