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  1. Yes, script Selection2Circle is part of Holgar´s scripts pack and work as you need (if you want to apply to circle shape), but on open surfaces/non-circular shapes etc. it´s not working I´m affraid...
  2. Adding new primitive into the scene is, let say "axis" based. If nothing selected, new object is pasted on world zero coords. (if not enabled preference parameter "Create New Object at View Center") If you have properly adjusted axis of objects, you could use object axis. When you select object, where you want place new primitive and then with holding Shift while add new primitive, new object will be placed exactly at axis of selected object (also will be pasted in object manager as child of selected object) As was said, it´s work only in "object" mode, would be nice if it work also in component mode (for example add new object on selected polygon/point/edge) You can check plugin for this. Mike Udin create one time ago and should work for you as you want... https://mikeudin.net/product/target-4d/
  3. bezo


    ...nice update Daniel, good job.
  4. You could use polyselections or (if used Mo-setup) straight texture fix mode something like in this example... https://www.dropbox.com/s/3av6si7k8r3lam1/S22.mp4?dl=0
  5. Since it looks like Object space normal map, switch metod option in normal channel to "Object" instead of Tangent and turn on also Swap Y nad Z option
  6. Sure, nice improvements and new features. But since S-only... There´s a list (pdf maybe) of all new features/updates? Didn´t found on MAXON website.
  7. Still time to make a coffee... Just question: Must be strong?
  8. First apply in normal channel Normalizer (effects/normalizer) and inside Normalizer insert your normal map...
  9. Good to know it´s help you a bit...
  10. It was just very rough idea, basically blending two offseted noices. You can adjust parameters of noises as you want, blend for example more layers etc...
  11. When you open material... ...Ahhh, you were find it There are 2 folders (better to recognize noises) with transformed noises inside... When you adjust color as you want, you could copy whole shader and use it in luminance/bump/reflection or displacement channels
  12. ...or play with noises... epoxid_plate_like _material.zip Adjust colors as you need, play with reflection, bump, bit of luminance etc...
  13. Try spline with just few points, maybe 10 and two on both end fix to nulls. Cable then will deform more realistic on ends...
  14. Forget compositing tag, just use internal light parameter for restrict influence on selected objects only... Project/Include and drag object only influenced by this light...
  15. Use compositing tag and restrict light just for this object
  16. Add light to the scene from this side...
  17. ...machines I´m working with use ONLY 3.5FDD, without harddrive. With installed system ms-dos and driver software for machine written in pascal... Everything running on slim pc 286/12MHz with 256kB RAM... (run 24/7 over 25 years)
  18. If Fuse/Mixamo animation is on PLA level, animation (since it´s baked in keys) always return back your changes of polymesh.
  19. If you align object axis like this, you can later manipulate with cloner/effectors more easy and clones will always touch surface of sphere. (if the bottom of that object is place for touching the sphere). scene3.zip If not, you can in polygon mode select everything and move/rotate to position what you want...
  20. Quadremesher by Exoside... https://exoside.com/quadremesher/
  21. If you work more with external file formats, I recommend to invest to buy remesher plugin (it´s coffee money) here is fast result of remesh... Fan_0001.zip
  22. Can not be use just single cloner? PA_clones.zip
  23. You could take a look on Thea Render by Altair... https://www.thearender.com/
  24. You can play with, let´s say few plain effectors (for each axis) and random fields driven moselections etc., but most simple is using formula effector. Rick Barrett has on Cineversity nice tutorial directly for you... (Cineversity access is free for month or so in this times, but this one quicktip is free I think) https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/constrain_random_clone_rotation_to_90_degree_increments
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