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  1. So, there are people who made it perfect https://twitter.com/jereremy/status/1037015334753067008 Maybe good learning source
  2. Maybe nobody in alfa/beta program use lower resolution monitor than 4k, because on "standard" 1920*1200 resolution it looks worse like R20 UI. (in my opinion)
  3. Another way could be use "on collision" mode. Add some sphere/add collider tag, press play and move with sphere to "touching" your texts. Immediately after touch objects start to fall. As @jed mentioned, you could use keyframes. Not just for enable/disable also for almost all other parameters of dynamics...
  4. Would be fine to create forum section dedicated to c4d bugs or strange issues within c4d. At the end they may be marked as reported/confirmed/known/solved etc. It could be very useful for both sides, users and developers also. Current system of reporting bugs isn´t as effective as it could be IMO. There isn ´t any feedback between both sides. The same report can be sent from 1000 users (for example) instead of creating database of bugs, where every user of c4d could read about his issue. If exist, if reported, if known etc and will not to be send to support again. Also for support folks it means less time dedicated to read/answer the one/same bug/issue 1000 times and at the end those resources could be used in other areas of developement... Maybe some kind of database currently exist, who knows (alfa/beta), but is not public?
  5. I've never seen such a wonderful work for a long time... ...It is so amazing, it gives me a feeling of peace and harmony. Really amazing job Cristobal, Thank´s for posting here for us
  6. Still don´t understand that solution... These folks requested exactly to remove internal/build-in/offline help system? Since MAXON Online help times was everything perfect. Local help system build-in, online version online....perfect. Maybe these folks requested just improving online version only. (filled with additional content as videotutorials, links to explanation videos, Cineversity integration etc... )
  7. Somebody must read this carefully, because Plan B can mean Plan B(lender) maybe!...
  8. or Spline field in Plain effector? (when we already have these fields) https://www.dropbox.com/s/zu9ktexqkc6eusf/spline_field.png?dl=0
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6i8hqggmo261p3b/exact_center_of_object.png?dl=0 In this case it is simple. Select loop of polygons placed exactly around center of object, open Axis Center, then "Axis to"/"Selected Polygons"/enable Alignment / All Axis and "To Normals" This way you align axis to object for correct rotation. In orthogonal view (if you reset all position and rotation parameters in coordinate manager/or not) you could move axis (with snapping also if want/or not) manually to bottom or top of object. (or where you need) Exact center/value can be find in formula (bounding box in axis for rotation/2) and placed exactly by simple hack with workplane to selection command...
  10. What we can do is only duplicate Dark theme and remake/adjust all to old R20 Dark theme colours...(in my opinion)
  11. 14 days is what somebody understand as "perpetual"... Don´t understand? So more clear... If you will be offline for two months from now, your cinema will be work only 14 days and then you´re out. But when you attach some net connection to your laptop, cinema will call MAXON licence servers and allow you use your pernament licence for next 14 days... .... and connect for next 14 days and connect for next 14 days and connect for next 14 days etc...
  12. Don´t know why , but for me new interface is worse read-able as was in R20. Maybe it´s due different colours used in dark layout in R21, where white text looks like much increased in contrast on darker grey colour. Almost all line shading is gone, whole interface looks now more flat or just like single one view/manager/tab/window. Line shadows in previous version nicely separated/break down managers/views/tab etc. into nice, easy identified blocks. Currently for me it looks like single texture on screen imo. Inverted colours in viewport (lines/background) looks strange after years of different view. World axis now shine in center of view like some kind of object... Simplified timeline looks more like ruler instead of real timeline. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jhpzxnx3zpa7l99/strange_dots_compare.png?dl=0 In attached link is screenshot to compare R20 and R21 part of similar screens. There is visible also some graphic glitch/strange "dots" in enable/disable options. When clicked on dot, it will disable option, with click again enable option with "normal" enabled mark. After playing with c4d and opening configure tabs again dots are back. (or if right click on option and reset to default bring dot back) While switching between firefox, opened folder, R21 and R20, sometimes R21 viewport is pure black. When moving with mouse over object manager, viewport is refreshed to "normal". Don´t know, maybe related to driver, but in R20 without any issues... Hard to say, personally I have "mixed feeleings" from new UI, but as i said, it´s my personal view (and maybe I don´t understand to anything) ...render menu icons design kill me completely...(is it really nicer as in R20?)
  13. ...something similar (the same idea) you could find in Lazaros plugin Magic Mesh. You could check it here... https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-mesh-3-0/
  14. Hi Roman, I´m not sure if posible "increase" thickness of splines, only way what I think is use Mospline referenced to original spline. This way you could make spline more visible since you can set "visual thickness" by using parameters mode/Spline, display mode/Full Shape and Width parameter... If you press Alt+V, in View tab you can set parameter Axis Scale to more than 100 percent. It will increase size of axis gizmo in viewport...
  15. "Member Profile" words would be fine to replace with names of users, this way isn´t known who is behind icon... (foldable as in current state) btw, where is vanished list of current visitors of forum?
  16. For me using SVG file format works as well in R20. Tried commercial R20 (with installed SVG importer) and in R20demo (without svg importer). Standard or node materials, picture viewer etc. in all cases works well... What isn´t good, svg file looks "internally" converted to raster image instead of keeping vector format. But svg itself is "readable"... add, with deeper exploration not all svg files are readable. There must be some svg "format versions" with some differencies in metada which make files unreadable. I was tried few pictures randomly downloaded from web/wiki and few are readable and few not. add2, what I check file with extension .svg wasn´t svg in-real. This was reason why I was able to load as texture directly. Also importer didn´t understand that, so after "investigation" I found this file as non-svg. Importer is just similar like artsmart, imported svg file is converted to splines/paths (offset can be set) and colors are also supported. But not as texture...
  17. This can happen let´s say in 1 from 20 rigs. I think it´s all based of complexity of rig etc. Simply you´re lucky with your file/rig :)
  18. Hi Karen, You could try post your offer also directly on Insydium Discord job line since it´s specialized for Insydium great products https://discordapp.com/invite/6FDFkcU
  19. Hi Tola, Quick solution of your problem in attached picture. I think I was met with this few times. When some strange conditions are met, it could happend sometimes /bug maybe... https://www.dropbox.com/s/eb86olrqqvtm30a/weight_editing.png?dl=0
  20. I´m not sure if it posible thru nodes. For me it´s just viewport related parameter and has no influence on render result. But you can doubleclick on material tag in OM and adjust editor parameter as needed. Looks like there´s a bug with "no scaling" option, because has not any influence on viewport texture quality. Works fine with "clasic" materials, but not with node material.
  21. ...maybe some little script for selecting last object in OM before adding new object would solve that. Script simply run once thru a whole hierarchy in OM and will select last one object... Adding some shortcut and done. Or it could be script with own icon. Something like you have currently with primitive´s palette. On the top of this folded palette will be script with own icon, click on it unfold palette and at the same time perform script and will select last one object. When will be clicked on some object from unfolded palette for adding to the scene, since in Preferences will be marked "Next", new object will be added to last place in OM
  22. For few bucks cost plugin (maybe to 30-40dollars/euro) it isn´t question. It is question for large cost plugins (maybe 100+ euro and up), if they will stay on the market. For daily-used it´s not as bad as for plugins used only for specific job in the scene/project... I simply can not imagine now system of licencing of these plugins since arrive R21 licence manager. R21 will come with no serials, so this way is closed... Some of developers use lock to user´s hardware (mac adress or something), but currently it will be broken with MAXON idea of licence manager and using c4d on any computer as you want... Some developers use account emails, this could work... Hard to imagine MAXON will share with developers licence database to verify users. Or?...
  23. yes, that´s it. But I was ment pure python script with searching thru all hierarchies in OM (I expect user has a very complicated model with a lot of hierachies which contain splines not just single one)
  24. Could you post that script (or scene) you wrote about?

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