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  1. When MSA´s will end next year (as contract form) for perpetual licencies owners, I´m surprised why is offered discount only for subscription road if nothing changed for future in perpetual licencies offer? I would expect for example some discount for upgrading licence to new perpetual version, especially for long time users instead of pushing them to subscription... I still live with fact the perpetual licencies are in offer and will stay for future in offer... (btw, long time users/customers looks like just a phrase in these days of business)
  2. For me it may be pretty simple. Simple script in python: Run thru whole hierarchy, search for splines, compare pointcount, and add to created layer if condition thrue... Simple, it has just little BUT ...I don´t know how to write script :(
  3. Hi Philipp, Try to place cuts in the best as posible on mesh (but sometimes you can´t ofcourse) placing cuts in picture example https://www.dropbox.com/s/704gn4kp9ve4k1j/pict1.png?dl=0 when cuts are placed in final position and bevels still not look good (´cos of mesh), try to slightly edit source mesh simply by moving points (Slide Tool) which could bit improve bevel results. Something like in this pictures before https://www.dropbox.com/s/sengh476y2dlajc/pict2.png?dl=0 after https://www.dropbox.com/s/bjyl0wzzz1q9o1c/pict3.png?dl=0 Since mesh you fracture isn´t cube (interesting ), mesh points near cuts cause problems with bevel (simply there isn´t space for creating nice bevel with selected radius...
  4. You can try Cézar´s plugin Spline Guide... https://code.vonc.fr/spline-guide or simplified braids with ReeperX plugin (used as spline source then deformed/adjusted etc. https://www.codeworkers.de/garage-plugins-reeperx.html
  5. When users with last MSA contracts get only service packs/bugfixies without any updates/new functions, so there will be again 2 versions instead of single one. One for perpetuals, which contain bugfixies without new functions and second one, "up-to-date" version for subscribers... As Rick said all that changes in licencies/MSA etc. have done because of simplicity of all things. Would be good to know, how many percent c4d user has more than one licence. More than half or just single one percent of all? We don´t know, but for me as single one licence user it was very clear and simple. I got one email before my MSA ended with posibility to extend for next year (or two). I sent mail back with yes, I want to continue in MSA, when it will be up to date, simply send me invoice. Maybe month later I got new mail with invoice, payed with internet banking, done... It was simple... Few years ago there was an option to buy 2year MSA, so I knew for next 3 years will nothing change for me. What we knows now? ...
  6. For me is there a lot of un-answered questions and personally don´t see any reason why MSA can not continue in format as now. If there is some "legislative" problems etc. it shout be the piece of cake to adapt contract format to new legislative without any influence on users. (mean price). If MAXON grown in last years (count of employers), because of financial success (high positive numbers), where is the reason for discontinuing MSA? Yes, subscription is great for some users and as OPTION shout be good, but why it has influence on current MSA users? If perpetual licencies will stay in MAXON portfolio for future, don´t understand why it´s not clear how will be price for upgrading to next release next year (from R21 to R22) ...while they offer subscription with 2 year discount without any problems... On other side, there isn´t any info from plugin developers (instead of Daniel, which close the shop). Since no one of them offer subscription currently (maybe someone, but don´t remember now). They are also go for subscription wave? Maybe, because who will buy for example Xparticles for a full price just for 2 month job and then if stop c4d subscription what will happend? (without c4d subscription will loose xparticles licence/access...) It looks like it´s all about gain a lot of money as posible. But every coin has a two sides and at the end should loose both sides... There are voices over almost all c4d forums from long time users which are not satisfied with the way where it goes. Not only studio owners, prime or other editions too. As I post somewhere (maybe here) few pages before, for example Prime users was Prime users because they use c4d just for modeling, pay small amout of money for new updates because it was exactly what they needs...Now when need with subscription to pay for every single year amount of money whitch equals new prime licence every year, so do you think they will pay it? I´m sure they not... (yes, mograph is great, but not everybody make bouncing ball logos (as I was read somewhere)) As I told, somebody likes perpetual, somebody subscription. Main advantage of perpetual licence (for me) isn´t posibility to sell. It is posibility to USE it at ANY TIME I want and not to be dependent on something... So, time will tell if it will be profit or loss...
  7. Try to ask directly on developers forum support https://plugincafe.MAXON.net/ ...but not sure if it´s posible to access there with python (hide/disable close icon)
  8. Hair in most cases is "relative" good enough. Push appart effector could be more precise, but I think needs a lot of more time to calculate final result... For example fast try with hair https://www.dropbox.com/s/tsu9q28rn5g4c1a/even_distribution_hair.png?dl=0 Using hair is dependent on mesh size itself, count of clones and spacing distance parameter...
  9. in some cases works just fine, but it is dependent by UV´s (good UV´s) and kind of texture also... for example before and after bevel with slightly modified UV´s https://www.dropbox.com/s/6q1ymky9cztfjob/beforeBEVEL.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/aiddtb15i97vc9t/afterBEVEL.png?dl=0
  10. Looks like viewport isn´t updated with object manager. Since aligning in OM is set to middle (and IRR render it as expected), viewport display wrong position of text based on parameters/coordinates of mospline object... As was said, for immediate update is needed some changes in some of parameters Font,Align,H/V spacing or any of kerning parameters... Or just simple move text somewhere and using undo update viewport to correct state
  11. So Jay, ...be the first and post some interesting screenshots or short video about it. ;-) (if it´s ok with NDA)...
  12. Great job Igor, currently looks fresh and clear. ...and names are back instead of random color circles with capitals inside... that was horrible... (btw, when use arrows left/right on keyboard while editing message, with every pressed key is banner on the bottom refreshed, it´s a bit crazy for my eyes)
  13. One preview from Chris (right now I found out Chris is "rocket lasso")
  14. Since there isn´t any thread about all new features, updates, improvements in R21, please post here any info about them. It shout be any info/link/video etc... (Please all posts about new pricing/subscriptions etc. we leave in Siggraph thread) Here is complete list of new features (copy/paste from MAXON) CINEMA 4D RELEASE 21 COMPLETE FEATURE LIST General Customer Journey Only one version of Cinema 4D: No more Prime / Visualize / Broadcast / Studio / BodyPaint editions. All functionality is in the one version, no separate editions anymore. Demo and Educational versions are no longer separate downloads. Demo and Educational can be upgraded to a commercial version. New Licensing Solutions MyMaxon Account: Allows Sign In / Sign Out - entitlement can be moved between devices. When creating a MyMaxon account, a 14-day trial license is automatically created. Real-time licensing, buy and use immediately Remote license retrieval - release a license remotely via your MyMaxon web portal. New MAXON License Server: Runs as service on Windows and daemon on OSX/Linux. Web-browser interface. Different MAXON Accounts can pool their licenses on a single server. Greater control over license for client and server. Graphical view of license use, current and past. Detailed license view of ownership and validity. Extended log and info messaging. RLM Licensing: Greater flexibility in license selection. Improved Installation: Online installer - faster, hassle-free installation. Offline installer - small download, more languages supported, faster installation. Exchange Merge Scenes on Drag-and-Drop. Show Import/Export Dialog Preference (option to show / suppress dialog by default - alt-click inverts default behavior). File selector now appears after export settings (rather than before). Updated CAD format support: New, Improved support for Solidworks, STEP, Catia, IGES, JT formats. Option to import instances as Regular or Render Instances. Import hidden objects with "_hidden" name suffix. Modeling Caps and Bevels: Improved constrained / internal bevels via Straight Skeleton Algorithm. User-defined Bevel Shape via Spline UI. Option to Link Start/End Caps. Delaunay Cap Skinning. Library of Bevel Presets. Additional and more obvious automatic selection sets for Shell, Edges. Caps and bevels are always created as a single object. Volume Builder and Volume Mesher: Vector Volumes. Improved UI for Volume Filters. Cache Layer. Spline UI to define scale along spline. Curvature Vertex Map on Volume Mesher. Modeling Core: Dramatic Speedup in migrated commands including Extrude, Extrude Inner, Split, Polygon Group to Object. Migrated Tools (Point Extrude, Weld) preserve surface attributes like UVs and Vertex Colors. Copy / Paste Components (points and polygons). Primitive Caps (Cone, Cylinder, Capsule, Oil Tank, Torus, Tube and Figure) are now welded. Landscape object pivot remains at the bottom of the generated object. Improved Grow Selection command. Improved performance of Isoparm Display. Region-based selections support backface culling. UV Editor Enhancements: Migrated Texture View to OpenGL: Supports Anti-Aliased display of UV lines. Improved redraw Speed. UV Component highlighting. UV Transform Gizmo. UV Ruler display. Quantized UV transformations. Snapping support for UV points and edges. Viewport selection automatically updates UV component selection. Connect Objects + Delete now sets the axis to the bounding box center of selected objects (Alt sets to the last selected parent). Materials and Rendering Denoiser (Intel Open Image Denoiser) Albedo Pass Node Interface Improvements Node Spaces and 3rd-Party API Interactive Drag and Drop (Ctrl-Drag to Copy Nodes) Rearrange Node Ports I/O Nodes Edit Asset mode Asset protection Physical Render Nodes Custom AOVs (Multi-Pass) Line node Spline Mapper node Multi-Trace Ray node Cells Node 2D Nodes Average Area 2D Blur Cache Kernel Get Context Node outputs vertex positions of sampled polygon ProRender Node Material support Volume Rendering HDRI Out of Core Camera animation included in Linear Motion Blur New Diffuse, Direct Illumination and Wireframe Render Modes New Multipasses: Ambient Occlusion Direct Illumination Indirect Illumination Direct Reflection Indirect Reflection Indirect Diffuse Refraction Volume Albedo Interactive Tone Mapping via Picture Viewer Filter Tab Render Queue - Option to disable auto-renaming Workflow/UI Interface Enhancements: Support for HiDPI monitors on Windows. HiDPI Viewport on Windows, Retina Viewport on macOS. Improved Interface Speed (especially in Timeline). Modernized Light and Dark schemes. Improved menus and minor adjustments to Default layout. macOS Menu Bar support. macOS Dark Scheme support Reset Scheme Colors option. New Shortcuts: Save Incremental: Ctrl+Alt+S Texture View Fit to Screen: H UV Transform: Ctrl+T Normal Scale: M~- Melt: Alt+Backspace Dissolve: Ctrl+Backspace Improved Default values Improved OLE-based Drag and Drop file exchange Project Asset Inspector: Supports Images, Videos, Sound files, External files, IES Lights, GI Cache, MoGraph Cache, Substances, Volumes. Supports Objects, Tags, Viewports, Render Effects, Materials and Shaders. Consolidate command collects all assets associated with the project. Group by Asset Name, Type, Element Type, Layer, Take, Node Space, Format. Info Area displays information about selected asset. Quickstart dialog Enhanced Splash Screen Default Material preference (choose which material type is created when double-clicking in the Material Manager). Asset Linking preference (always copy textures, always use absolute path). Color Chooser enhancements: Swap Colors Swatches in Color Chip Context Menu Color Swatches palette can be resized Spline UI enhancements: Double - Scale and copy existing curve Symmetrize - Scale and mirror existing curve Commander now remembers last input Custom, colorizable object and tag icons User Data tag User Data Manager - save and load presets Attribute Manager now indicates when selected object count exceeds AM Edit limit. OS-specific Feature Highlighting MoGraph and Animation Field Force object: Dynamics and Particle Advection (influence the velocity of particles and dynamic objects with Fields). Field Interface enhancements: Sub-fields appear as children in field list. Fields can be used as masks for another field. Channel Convert Field Layer - convert between value, color and direction. Normal Tags can now be used as fields, and have a field list (for use Target Effector, Field Force, etc). Character Animation: Improved Auto-Weighting Algorithms (Bone Glow). Weighting Workflow Improvements. Mixamo Control Rig. Connect Objects + Delete can merge Weight tags of individual objects into a single Weight tags Repeat, Offset Repeat and Oscillate in Track Before / After now default to 0 / unlimited repetitions. Align to Spline tag values can now extend beyond the 0-100% range, allowing easy repetition and parametric animation. Thinking Particles support for all particle forces (via PForceObject). SDK Reorganized Extensions Menu for easier access to scripts and development tools New licensing tools Python: UserData Tag to store user data parameters C++: Python scripts can now be executed from within C++ code C++: New render_filter.framework to implement custom render filters C++: AutoWeightInterface allows developers to define custom auto-weight algorithms C++/Python: Functions to adjust AutoWeight settings and execute AutoWeighting C++: New Geometry Utility functions C++: New function to bake a 2D representation of a BaseShader - BaseShader.BakeShaderIntoBaseBitmap() C++: New Flag in Material Plugin registration to allow 3rd party materials to be set as the default material C++: New Color Utility functions C++: New Volume Utility functions C++: New Debug Utility function DiagnosticVarOutput() C++: New Utility function to create salt and hash for storing encrypted passwords C++: New Tension property in SplineData C++: GeUserArea enhanced to support line drawing via ellipse, bezier and polygon, additional line styles and opacity C++/Python: New flag to define the border style of Static Text in a GeDialog C++: Developers can now define BubbleHelp/Tooltips within TreeViews C++: CommandData virtual functions include a Parent manager GeDialog argument C++/Python: AOV multipasses can be created via RenderData.InsertMultipass() C++/Python: New method GetRecentDocumentList() returns the recently-opened documents C++/Python: New SceneFilter options for use with LoadDocument C++/Python: Functionality to define custom Object and Tag icons and icon colors (NodeData.Init() / MSG_GETCUSTOMICONS)
  15. I´m happy for them too...It´s a super deal for them. For a few money they will get full studio perpetual licence. ...and stop paying for a long time. If they don´t have money for higher version of c4d (with respect to all of them) , do you think they spend money in value of new Prime licence every year? I don´t think that... In case I´m not c4d user until now, I would buy Prime with MSA until end of august and get R21 full studio perpetual licence. This is called super deal... ...for me it costs 550euro + VAT
  16. In some thread (here or cgtalk) Rich said something like: ...if you have Prime version and have active MSA, you´ll get R21 perpetual for MSA fee (what you infact paid when you bought MSA for Prime) This is how I understand his words...
  17. bezo

    My R21 Wishlist

    Maybe numbering of releases will change with new age...
  18. Reading Vozzz blog post (part about alkoholism) and last sequence of words in Fastbee post, must think Fastbee must be a very busy freelencer (by Vozzz way...) ... Excuse Fastbee, but I couldn ´t resist... (because story about cats, dogs, rats and parasite I´m able to create only after few drinks :) )
  19. Try to remove all plugins from both plugins folders (if you have both) and try install one by one. Or maybe broken something in prefs folder, try to delete it. If not help, contact MAXON support..
  20. small nice example of "realistic" looking model by Mark Potocnik (aka renderbaron)
  21. bezo

    My R21 Wishlist

    ...sometimes in this life we hear Calling from somewhere sometimes it is loud and clear sometimes it´s so softly there...
  22. ...code snippets are always welcome, so thanks for that. Could you post also simplified scene file example?
  23. You need to rearange UV´s. When you look on your UV´s, the biggest part of model has the smallest area in UV space... If UV´s will be equalized, result on whole model will be the same.
  24. For me it looks like some kind of reflexion/specular issue. As manual say: "When Diffuse is enabled, the color properties of an object are ignored by the light source, only specular surfacing is produced by the light. "
  25. Loft is parametric object, so for removing "cap" you need disable cap options in Cap tab of loft object. Splines are calculated from first to last in loft object hierarchy https://www.dropbox.com/s/0btx03w4ym6e20q/Loft.png?dl=0 Splines are only "frame" for creating "surface". For best results are important few things, poincount and alligning splines. With alligning splines is meant spline points "direction". (spline point 0 of first spline will be connected to spline point 0 of second spline etc. and in case your splines has opposite points direction, surface result will not be correct.) Mesh subdv in both directions could set/improve mesh result to your needs (rough/smooth etc).
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