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  1. Extrude object is generator, so it must be a parent, not child of object
  2. ...great news, I´m ready to fulfill my promis to you
  3. here is short video https://www.dropbox.com/s/5evzsrgf3nz8grr/MD_UVExport_01.mp4?dl=0 and result after import in c4d
  4. Btw, if you own MD, you could adjust UV´s directly in MD and import to c4d this way is with correctly scaled UV´s.
  5. ...or use transform tool from UV Mapping tab, set scale to 0.1 for both, apply 2 times and then just fit to 0,1 space...
  6. Why not to use just simple scale. Select all UV polygons, with move tool adjust position of left bottom corner of selected uv-islands/groups to 0,0 uv coord´s and with scale from 0,0 space decrease size to fit in 0-1 space...
  7. Here is link to youtube overview/tutorial in Korean language with english subtitles. User has used english interface, so everything is very understand-able
  8. Do you think this file from French-C4D Team? https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8lv5384mdynu7y/formulas.pdf?dl=0
  9. You could use "autoconversion" mode. Simply in guide selection mode select guides and with holding CTRL switch to point selection mode. All points of selected guides will be selected at once. (ofcourse it´s exact in case your hairs root is set to option "As Guides". In this case guides count/placement = hairs count/placement
  10. btw, sometimes could help with selection command Phong Break Selection (U~N). Playing with value you could select islands of surfaces for really fast selection. In this example you could just select every second column, apply inner extrude, switch back to phong break selection, select every column between extruded, switch back to inner extrude and get new transform...
  11. There could be more settings for hair where could be low/wrong/disabled values. Try to open hair object which not work for you in render and select (with Shift) three tabs Hairs,Editor and Generate. If you check Generate tab, Render hair option need to be enabled for rendering hairs. In Editor preview/Display option set Hair Lines option to see "real" hairs in viewport directly instead of guides. And in Hairs tab set/increase/decrease count of hairs and count of segments if needed... Hair material can have low values of thickness etc... If nothing help, you can post scene file only with objects with hair if you want.
  12. If you want just hide clones inside, use simply some effector with option for turn off visibility of clones, use spherical field with inverted falloff example: grid_empty_inside.zip
  13. Kevin Barnum´s Control4D? http://www.kvbarnum.com/control4d/
  14. Looks I was right to your questions... - select connected Simply select few points and press U~W, it will select all connected points is spline multisegment? - select spline in Object manager and in Attribute manager go to Mode/Project Info/Selection tab. There you could see a lot of info about spline object itself (left side of the picture) ... using Mospline as spline path in Align to spline tag. - Mospline has two modes for growing spline. While align to spline tag don´t know remap object position to whole multisegment spline (selected segment only), Mospline does it with Complete Spline grow mode. (right side of image) - would be nice if Align to spline tag recognize if spline is multisegment or not (and in case of single segment spline option "Segment" will be greyed out/unavailable)
  15. Do you mean griptools? https://www.griptools.io/
  16. Not saw the scene file, but is your spline multisegment? You could check it in AM or simply select some point from "main" body of spline, use command "select connected" and delete. If something remain, there are more than one segment. In this case I think you need to create just single segment spline...
  17. "growth offset" you can adjust by spline in curve contour mode (ofcourse, field length has also influence), here example deafult
  18. Opps, sorry... When I post link to video I forgot to attach scene file... Sweep Growth test_0002.zip
  19. - from bottom object remove dynamics body tag and add new one (or clear cache from old tag) - in spring settings change attachment B to different mode (use polygon point (set point index) or point selection mode)
  20. Not sure if you mean like this... https://www.dropbox.com/s/n51ztea4it002gb/Sweep_grow_clones.mp4?dl=0 This is not animated (growth is parametric setup). As you could see, resulted animation is only animated position of linear field to show in action
  21. I said select one by one because what you select, that will be in the group. So, it´s doesn´t matter if it will be one parameter from some deformer, 12 from primitive parameters, 6 from cloner etc., group can be created from any HUD element in viewport without any relationship... Once I saw some screenshot where 80 percent of the viewport was filled with HUD elements and rigged character was in the center. I thing it was small fish rig.
  22. Simply animate growth parameter in for example 60 frames, put sweep object under cloner and use effector what you want (disable all P,S,R,color options) and set parameter "Time Offset" (almost on the bottom of effector parameters tab) to 30 for example (or what you want to offset)... Not sure about name, ´cos I´m not at my computer now, but I think it´s "Time Offset"...
  23. With Shift select (one by one) all parameters in grouped HUD, then (with still holding Shift) click on new item, press right click and select "Make Group" Position inside group you can adjust with holding Ctrl and move...
  24. Your scene file looks the same for me as on DasFrodo´s screenshot. In viewport and in render is intensive. Lowering intensity value (to 15 percent) is darker in viewport and render also) Check in preferences/view/display color profile if option is set to sRGB xxxxxxxxx. Maybe you have used different option or it is disabled...
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