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  1. I'm using a substance material inside a redshift material to create a grass texture across a plane. I want to render this in UE4 so I need to export the map as applied to my plane with the base, roughness, normal, metal, spec maps without any lighting information. Anyone know how to do this? Is it even possible or do I need to recreate my setup in UE4?
  2. doh! Why didn't I think of substance? Thanks!
  3. I have a client that makes synthetic turf that I've made some cutaways of their installations before. Now they want me to create an overhead view of a full installation 40'x30' that sits inside a much larger natural grass area. Since I've only done cutaways for them to this point I've used the hair system to create the grass. But in what they're asking for now, I'm afraid that to populate that large of a size of an area with hair wouldn't be practical. So I'm wondering if anyone has any kind of texture that would create a somewhat realistic grass look as far as bump or normal without actually creating individual grass blades? Thanks.
  4. No it's not dynamic. That was what I ended up doing was sculpting in the details, but with as time consuming as it was, it still didn't look that realistic. I was just hoping for a better solution. Thanks.
  5. I recently had to model this piece of furniture for a client. It was a pain in the butt, especially when it came to the folds around the front of the arms and around the top sides. I'm just starting to play with marvelous designer in hopes that it would make these kinds of models easier or faster to create. I'm finding so far that it's fine for creating simple pillows and cushions, but beyond that doesn't really make it any easier or faster than just regular poly modeling. So, I'm wondering if any of you with a decent amount of experience with c4d's cloth tools think that it can do the job? Thanks.
  6. I've got a good amount of modeling experience but when it comes to something like this, I don't have a clue where to start to do it quickly and efficiently. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to model this? I'm referring specifically to the headboard upholstery. In the end I don't want a super dense mesh, but something with a reasonable quad layout that could be uploaded to sketchfab for reasonable loading and rendering.
  7. Any ideas how could I go about modeling this lamp shade? It's not just the complexity of the shapes, but also the variation of each strand's placement and thickness that makes it difficult. I appreciate any ideas.
  8. That looks interesting. Can you expound on your camera setup? My first thought would be to target the camera to a null centered in the object and have it aligned to a circle spline. Then divide 360 by the number of shots I want to know how far around the circle to go with the cam for each shot. Once I do a full rotation, I'd move the circle spline up on the Y axis and repeat it. Does this all sound about right? If so I'm not sure how far to move the spline up for each row. And does the circle spline's radius decrease as you move it up kind of like matching a hemisphere over the object?
  9. My client just responded stating they want it to be on the web, so I'm back to sketchfab or any other suggested online service if anyone knows of a better/cheaper one.
  10. Problem is that I have to use what I've modeled for the client. Exporting the model with the hair grass as geo (flat strips) results in a file over 300mb. Based on Sketchfabs pricing, I'd need their $250/month plan just to upload that one model. And I have dozens. I'll have to keep researching.
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