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  1. Any ideas how could I go about modeling this lamp shade? It's not just the complexity of the shapes, but also the variation of each strand's placement and thickness that makes it difficult. I appreciate any ideas.
  2. That looks interesting. Can you expound on your camera setup? My first thought would be to target the camera to a null centered in the object and have it aligned to a circle spline. Then divide 360 by the number of shots I want to know how far around the circle to go with the cam for each shot. Once I do a full rotation, I'd move the circle spline up on the Y axis and repeat it. Does this all sound about right? If so I'm not sure how far to move the spline up for each row. And does the circle spline's radius decrease as you move it up kind of like matching a hemisphere over the object?
  3. My client just responded stating they want it to be on the web, so I'm back to sketchfab or any other suggested online service if anyone knows of a better/cheaper one.
  4. Problem is that I have to use what I've modeled for the client. Exporting the model with the hair grass as geo (flat strips) results in a file over 300mb. Based on Sketchfabs pricing, I'd need their $250/month plan just to upload that one model. And I have dozens. I'll have to keep researching.
  5. I have a customer who, to this point, has had me create only visualizations of their product. It involves creating grass which I used the hair system to do. They just asked me if I could give them something to allow one of their customers to rotate and zoom in on one of their models. So, I'm wondering a couple of things. What would be the best solution to achieve this? I'm hoping there's something faster/easier than Unity/Unreal as I haven't done enough in either to feel comfortable with that. Maybe something like SketchFab? Since the grass was created with hair, I'll need to export that. I know it's a post effect, but is there any way to create accurate geometry that will match the render? I'd rather stay in c4d for this than recreate all of the grass setups in another program that could do it with real polygons. Thanks.
  6. I was able to figure out one way to do it although not my first choice. I selected each mesh object, converted edge to spline and rendered with hair. This is doable but obviously being able to just drop a material on the parent null that overrides everything to accomplish this would be better.
  7. I've searched quite a bit for a material that basically will shade the edges of an object while making the polys transparent to give a transparent xray type of look. Unfortunately I can't find anything besides a basic cel render but of course, that shades the polys so you can't see the edges behind them. Does anyone have or know how to make a material like this? I was hoping the new nodal material might help but I'm struggling there too finding a way to do it. Thanks.
  8. And still no bodypaint updates. This just confirms my decision to not renew my MSA this year. C4D has been a fun ride, but I'm tired of waiting for it to catch up.
  9. I'm going to soon be purchasing a new laptop and was looking at this one - https://www.gentechpc.com/product-p/msi-ge73-raider-rgb-012.htm Primarily work in modo and c4d, learning houdini. Octane and redshift. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  10. It's funny how I can sit and struggle for hours or days trying to figure something out and when I finally decide to post a question about it, not soon after I think of a solution. I think the attached scene file will work for me. Hopefully it will help someone else down the road with a similar issue. random led texture.c4d
  11. I am trying to create an animation of a walk through of a server room. I have modeled a server rack with multiple disk arrays and such in it and then used the cloner to create copies of it in a line. The problem I'm running into is that I need to have the lights light up randomly on each clone. So, each clone could have say 30 disks each with it's own set of leds. Obviously for realism you wouldn't have every light on every disk light up at the same time... so I can't use the same texture on each clone. To make things more difficult I'm using redshift to render it. So I'm really at a loss as to how to pull this off procedurally. I know I could set up all my clones, make them editable and then manually swap out materials on each disk but we're talking hundreds of them by the time it's done. Can anyone suggest a good way to do this while keeping the server rack in a cloner set up and being able to render in redshift? Oh and to clarify, each clone is a null with quite a bit of different pieces of geometry to make up the whole server rack. So the multishader won't work here (at least as far as I can figure). Thanks.
  12. Thanks, I'll check that out. And yes, breaking it up into multiple goes makes sense... should have thought of that earlier.
  13. I wanted to create an animation in AE of growing lines where when the line changes it's angle, the camera shifts too. I've seen it plenty of times but of course now that I want to create it I can't find a reference anywhere. For the life of me I couldn't figure it out in AE so I started putting together a mockup in C4D. The titles in the scene are placeholders that I would replace in AE so they wouldn't fly right off the screen with the lines... but I'm hoping someone recognizes the animation style and can point me in the right direction to create it. Doesn't have to be C4D if you know a way in AE. Scene file attached. test 2.c4d



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