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  1. There's nothing childish about having a reasonable expectation that if they can spend a few minutes posting videos about all of the new features, they could surely spend one or two minutes addressing a simple yes or no question. We're not asking for tutorials or anything in depth... simply, will this be usable with other renderers? The frustration comes because when someone doesn't bother to answer the question it gives the customer the feeling that their question/concern is not important and the impression that if in fact other renderers won't work with it, Insydium is afraid to say so and potentially lose a sale.
  2. Based on the lack of response, I'm assuming the answer is no. It would be nice if rather than dodging the question someone would just come out and say sorry at this time that won't be possible. Sorry I'm still fuming over the "discount" offered so I have a bad taste in my mouth towards Insydium right now and this didn't help.
  3. So asking again, will it be possible render explosia with redshift or octane?
  4. I wondered the same thing. I wasn't crazy about cycles4d and don't want to spend the money on it just to render explosiafx and of course the standard renderer, meh. I use octane but am leaning toward redshift. I really hope it works with one of those.
  5. I wonder if it's a bug. I see your profile says you're on R16. I opened your file in R18 and everything animates as expected.
  6. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    Just to clarify, the pro render will work on nvidia cards? It looked like that from Patrick's video but wanted to confirm it was limited to amd cards.
  7. I swear I tried that at some point but now when I set it to step it works. Thanks a lot!
  8. I came across this - and I am trying to create something similar where the individual clones luminance is affected by a sound effector. I have it working to where it affects all of the clones as a single object but I can't figure out how to make the sound effector randomly change the luminance of individual clones. Any one have an idea? Thanks.
  9. Thanks. Yes I was aware of 1 although it wasn't reflected in the attached scene. I had tried various types of vertex maps with the values higher toward the edges, then inverted and always had that in the tear slot... but no love. I'll look at the other things you mentioned. Thanks.
  10. In this example scene I'm trying to tear the cloth right down the middle. I've tried creating a vertex map with the weight at 100 towards each side where it's attached to the belt objects and also the inverse and then use those vmaps in the tear map slot but no matter what I do I cannot get it to tear along the center edge loop. Does anyone know of a way to set up the vertex map or something else to tell the cloth engine to tear it along a specified set of points/edges? Thanks. tear-test.c4d
  11. After playing around a bit I found that if I increased the gaps from 20 to 25% and using a png format instead of targa I got a much better result. Still in the end the best result was creating a new uv map with fewer seams.
  12. I baked a normal map from a high rez mesh to a retopoed low rez mesh. When I render in modo it looks fine and I don't see any seams. I exported as an fbx and opened in c4d. In c4d there are very visible seams. I've adjusted every setting I can find in c4d but can't find a fix. Any ideas what might be going wrong? Thanks.
  13. Simple question on plain effector

    Like this? Plain affector.c4d