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  1. Thanks, I'm aware of saving layouts. That's not the issue. The problem is that the only way I can change the order of the icons is to click+hold on an icon like the Cube to get the flyout and then tear it off otherwise it just goes away. Then I go to customize palettes and rearrange the order on the torn off menu. However if I go back to the cube and click+hold, the flyout is not updated with the new order. It retains the original ordering. Is there another way to get to the flyout menus in customize palette mode without having to tear them off? It's like the torn off version is a clone that doesn't reference the original.
  2. Something about c4d that drives me crazy is that the icons in the flyout menus for things like objects, splines, deformers and the rest all have icons just scattered instead of ordered alphabetically. Perhaps they are ordered in German... dunno German, so can't say. But, I'm just wondering if there's a way to customize and reorder those? I've tried going through the Customize Menu area but I don't see them in here. Also tried Customize Palettes but when I change a flyout, the change does not persist. The only way I could figure to change that was to tear it off and reorder them. But then as I said, it doesn't persist in the original.
  3. Studio MSA Price Increase

    The email didn't say anything about it only being in the states however it did mention that the other versions would not increase in the americas. Also it mentioned that they had just received the news from MAXON headquarters, so I'm assuming the email was sent from N. America's MAXON office.
  4. Studio MSA Price Increase

    Just got the email from MAXON that the MSA for studio is going up from $650 to $725. With continually talking about the core rewrite as a reason we haven't had a bodypaint update (among many other requested feature updates) and trying to keep everyone on board, this is not a good move. It's hard enough to convince my boss to shell out for the maintenance each year but now to at least get one more year at $650 it looks like I have to pay that up front by March 1st. Not sure I'll be upgrading. "We have been notified by MAXON headquarters that pricing of the annual maintenance for Cinema 4D will increase effective March 1, 2018. This is the first price increase since the introduction of MSA in the Fall of 2008; nearly a decade ago. Current price - $650 New price $725"
  5. Thanks. I'm sure a normal map would work but I'm trying to figure out a procedural way of doing it. If only I knew Houdini better:)
  6. Ok thanks for taking a look. I'm just trying to figure out a way to replicate this modo kit - https://www.pixelfondue.com/blog/2017/2/26/modo-embroidery I was thinking of creating hairs on the edge and seeing if I could use the curl and other parameters to make them curl toward the opposite edge. But since I can't even get them to generate correctly I guess that won't work.
  7. In the attached scene I created a hair object based on an edge selection set. What's odd is that it only generated hair/guides at certain portions of my selection instead of the entire way around the selection. Any idea why? weird hair.c4d
  8. There's nothing childish about having a reasonable expectation that if they can spend a few minutes posting videos about all of the new features, they could surely spend one or two minutes addressing a simple yes or no question. We're not asking for tutorials or anything in depth... simply, will this be usable with other renderers? The frustration comes because when someone doesn't bother to answer the question it gives the customer the feeling that their question/concern is not important and the impression that if in fact other renderers won't work with it, Insydium is afraid to say so and potentially lose a sale.
  9. Based on the lack of response, I'm assuming the answer is no. It would be nice if rather than dodging the question someone would just come out and say sorry at this time that won't be possible. Sorry I'm still fuming over the "discount" offered so I have a bad taste in my mouth towards Insydium right now and this didn't help.
  10. So asking again, will it be possible render explosia with redshift or octane?
  11. I wondered the same thing. I wasn't crazy about cycles4d and don't want to spend the money on it just to render explosiafx and of course the standard renderer, meh. I use octane but am leaning toward redshift. I really hope it works with one of those.
  12. I wonder if it's a bug. I see your profile says you're on R16. I opened your file in R18 and everything animates as expected.
  13. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    Just to clarify, the pro render will work on nvidia cards? It looked like that from Patrick's video but wanted to confirm it was limited to amd cards.
  14. I swear I tried that at some point but now when I set it to step it works. Thanks a lot!