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  1. Stunning work! well done
  2. You can set certain objects to have their own S&T render settings using a tag I believe. If you leave everything un-ticked apart from Outline in the lines option it would hopefully ignore the intersections. I assume there isn't any over lapping polys or disconnected edges on the model?
  3. I would be interesting in Beta testing on PC. edit: ok just saw when the topic started.I missed it first time round ooops
  4. It's looking nice. good work on the weighting, the deformation at the top of the legs look really nice. I always struggle getting it to look as good. you can add user data sliders to C-motion if that is what you after? add the object with the user data on to the cmotion list then click on action and find your user data name. add it .... then done
  5. Yeah, I guess I missed the point on priorities and to be honest I would be just as excited for UVs / Bodypaint to get some love. The luxury of being a hobbiest is that the updates do not impact me so much. If I was in a production environment with these jobs paying those bills my views would be different I'm sure. I also remember being excited for the physical renderer when it came out but since I mostly still use standard as it has been quicker to get out my animations and the DOF and Motion blur I was excited about ended still be easier to add with maps and after effects.
  6. Although I understand what Graphos is saying I happen to agree with zeden's point (yes there is a point under the sarcasm). I am a hobbiest with aspirations but my problem with 3rd party renderers (and plugins in general) is that I have Mortgage and bills to pay so I can only really justify my MSA and CC subscription and not give lots of money on very expensive render engines or plugins. So if MAXON stopped developing in house solutions then I would be a very un-happy chappy. I really want to try GPU based rendering and the fact it will come built in excites me....nothing wrong with more options. MAXON can not please everyone all of the time and maybe their better choice would be looking at what the studios need/want as a priority as they are more likely to give them cash. I am excited to see what R19 brings but keep my expectations low. Usually I read the headline features and feel deflated as I either think its not a big deal or don't really understand the feature. Its not until I try them or watch tutorials explaining them that I think its actually better than I initially thought.
  7. If the cache failed to calculate fully then this may be why it freezes at the same point everytime. try to re-cache it and make sure it goes all the way to 100%
  8. use a stage object and key frame to change camera on each frame (1 frame per camera) then render all frames?
  9. It looks cool as it is. I would be tempted to test with a simple dynamic IK with fairly high stiffness to give the tip a little swing but either way good work
  10. Is there a fall off added to give more jiggle to the tip?
  11. ok, here is a new render with some extra lighting to help it look more compelling. improvement?
  12. watched it and loved it. I have to admit I was the person who would do a 3 point set up and think 'Job done' but now I will definitely be putting more lights in to give the extra tones and depth. Have to admit I did get a little lost in the end when he was using the different passes as masks to control certain lights. Thanks for the recommendation. I think it will help lots
  13. I think it may just work.....but be kind of frustrating. I tend to have more luck with cloth than I do with soft body dynamics but then I haven't really tried anything too complex with either. As long as the each is baked before adding the next item it should in theory work. kkamin, Try Bentraje's method and let us know how you get on?
  14. thanks man, lighting is still my weak point. I am actively trying to improve it at the moment.
  15. A little more progress.....