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  1. New Material - Wood PLA

    Wardrobe wip. There is some warping on the back because I had rubbish low tack masking tape on the bed. The model stuck to the tape perfectly but the tape didn't stick too well to the bed. Would have been worse had I not also used a brim. I may redo it and change the design slightly. I still need to print the doors which will hopefully click into place and function as they should. Model made in c4d
  2. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Benchy looks great. I have done a benchy yet and feel like I am breaking the rules by not doing so
  3. New Material - Wood PLA

    Santa's workshop is in action today. My nieces doll house looked vacant yesterday so i thought i would make the furniture for her. Going to model everything in c4d so here is the first piece. A nice wooden dining table
  4. Creality3D CR - 10S

    It came out great Jim
  5. Creality3D CR - 10S

    I saw this as well, I haven't tried yet but I do think it is something I will looking into. plus you can print a custom case for the Raspberry Pi
  6. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Straight to simplify3D huh? It does look helpful so may buy it some point next year if my printing enthusiasm continues as it is now. Hopefully I will know a lot more about slicing by then.
  7. Printer Ordered

    I am getting a little more comfortable printing and have started experimenting with settings and last night decided to see how it would deal with a small (10mm) reindeer from thingyverse and although the picture doesn't show it so well it still keeps much of the detail. Obviously the antlers did not fare so well...
  8. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Congrats guys I look forward to seeing what you print with them
  9. New Material - Wood PLA

    A little enhancement
  10. New Material - Wood PLA

    So, to avoid clogging I read to the retract height could make a difference with wood so went super low. My next print succeeded without clogging but at the cost of a little stringing but a lot of over extruded. Not my model (got it from thingyverse) but I expect most printer fans using wood filament would have printed this. I am not too worried about the finish in this case as I think it helps give it some natural texture. 7 I did have to end the print about 5 layers early as my bed bottomed out. I must have missed something setting up.
  11. Creality3D CR - 10S

    dual extruders and laser attachments? sounds absolutely amazing
  12. New Material - Wood PLA

    @DanLSK My friend said the same....It does look pink in the picture but not in real life. More a tan. I think its just because of lighting and a crappy phone camera Try this one, its a failed print due to my first clogged nozzle but it may show off the material better. @CerberaZ is depth and in printing that tends to be bottom to top. X then points off to the side and Y faces you. When I first used a laser cutter it was the same and said the same as you. Yeah, I'm not comfortable sharing these particular wire frames but then I didn't model them either so have no accountability
  13. New Material - Wood PLA

    Ok, so I thought as I try new materials I would add a new subject here. If you are using the same type of PLA then please post here as well. If you include the manufacturer that would be helpful for others to see how it comes out. This is a Colido Wood PLA. Not the cheapest but I am still avoiding warranty issues by using others. The first thing I noticed is how much more brittle this PLA is compared to the white standard I had been using. My settings weren't exactly helping with this model either as I had no part cooling and very little infill. I thought the top would fail completely but was surprised by the finish. Its just under the Z you can see through rather than it being solid. I think this PLA needs faster cooling for better bridging but I am a noob so could be completely wrong. I love the idea of this PLA and will keep adding more wood like prints here as I go along. If I do pick up any handy tips a long the way I will share these as well.
  14. Printer Ordered

    im using repetier host with cura engine. i like it i am still getting to grips with settings but will check my retractions. thanks for the tip