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  1. I think you may get a slightly biased answer to your question in this forum although peeps here do try and be objective. I know a local exhibition company who use 3DSMAX along side sketch up. They aren't that fluent in MAX but they get by. And I think they only use that because they heard it was the perceived industry standard. - VectorWorks (and Spotlight? - I don't have much info on this one so cant tell you if there is any possible problems. - Cinema4d - would be my choice of course and does have a decent renderer packaged although takes time to learn to keep those render times down without sacrificing too much quality. - Rhino 3d - is a nurbs modeller and I don't think it is suitable (I may be wrong) - AutoCAD - again I am not sure this will really help you with the visuals you want - Blender - I don't know why you were told to stay away. Its the best value for money after all. and apparently more user friendly than it used to be. - Solid works - a very cool piece of software but more geared to product design and prototyping so again not what you are looking for as far as I am aware - WYSIWYG - this stands for 'What you see is what you get' but I have only seem this used to reference web design apps like Adobe Muse - Fusion 360 - no experience with this one - Capture - no experience with this one - Modo - solid modeller and renderer as far as I am aware. I have heard people get frustrated with stability but I have never tried it myself. - 3dmax - been around a long time and seems to be at many visual design studios (I have no way to back this claim up) like said before I know people who use it for exhibition design pre-vis although they do rely on Vray (3rd party renderer) to help get the most out of their visuals. I don't know if this is of any help but I am sure others will chime in with actual experience with advise.
  2. Not a problem. Don't be quick to dismiss the forums for sharing knowledge. This one in particular is pretty much a C4D think tank that nobody has a problem chipping in with. There is so many experienced users and MAXON employees around here who are always quick to help. You will find the resources here imperative to speed up the learning process.
  3. It would definitely be trial and error for me but I would first try with camera mapping. If you create your scene with 3D assets arranged as needed with a camera pointing towards it as your customer view point. Render the 3D assets (labels) from this camera with alpha. Hide your 3d labels from scene and render (not deleted in case you need them later) using the same customer camera (so you keep the same position) make it a projection camera and use the new render to project onto your ceiling plane. Hopefully this will look the same as it did before but the 3d labels are now textures to the ceiling. Now if you right click on the ceiling plane object in the object manager you should see an option to save as UVs or something similar. This will hopefully create a texture with your 3d signs at the right perspective for view you want ready to print. I cannot guarantee this will work, or if I have given all the steps needed and like I said I am not at a machine with C4D to try it out but it may help. I also cannot say if there is a much simpler solution other than hanging signs from the ceiling instead of faking it. Hopefully some of the above will prove useful regardless. Someone else may have a much more elegant solution for you later.
  4. I not at C4D to try anything but my initial thought when considering trying this in C4D is to replicate the scene as accurate as you can so average height from floor and centre of the opening space etc. to try and replicate the average viewing angle then try and project the words onto the ceiling plane and bake the texture. This may give you the print you want. but the user experience may differ significantly based of how far they are from the centre of that opening space and how much taller/shorter they are from your camera height and I assume how much closer or further away they are from the display. maybe test it on a miniature to see how/if it works? now, all of the above may be about as clear as mud but it basically me thinking out loud which is normally a muddled mess of ideas. good luck
  5. Great idea but wouldn't that forced perspective sort of thing only work from 1 angle? I may be wrong and I am not sure where people would view it from so maybe it isn't an issue. I wouldn't know how to achieve the effect though so sorry about that
  6. looks pretty useful. I have to admit there cannot be many forums out there where a thread title 'Looking for free/cheap humans' would be considered normal
  7. Thanks, I really want to get one but don't know a whole lot about them to be honest. If you don't mind showing off what you get to print it would be appreciated.
  8. Looks great. Which printer are you using?
  9. I have been using C4D since R9 about 10 years ago. Back then it seemed cheaper but they did run a module based package so I would pick up a new module every now and then when I could afford it. Obviously there were also yearly update costs as well (before the MSA was introduced) so I probably paid out a lot over those years. When they changed to the Prime/Visualise/Broadcast/Studio options I had no real choice to go all in as I would lose some of the module functions that I had already paid for. (well I did have a choice to stick with what I already had....but I like new shiny features). So more money handed over there..... Saying all that I have never regretted it. I am really only a hobbyist so it may be different if I was using it make earn a living. I am happy with the MSA cost (especially with Cineversity) compared to the subscription costs associated with Autodesk products and I still have so much to learn with C4D I haven't gotten frustrated with limitations yet. Although that could be because I don't know how much other packages can do better. If I was a new user now.....who knows I may choose a different route due to costs as it is quite high. If cost ended up as an issue I would prob go to Blender as it has apparently come on a lot, is feature rich and the cost is hard to beat. I do love C4D though so hopefully I will be able to stick with it for the foreseeable future
  10. makes sense, thanks for explaining
  11. for HD playback does it need to be 300 DPI? I would have thought that is really for print only so you can turn it down to 72DPI. I don't know if that would make any difference to render time though. Spot lights instead of Omni may help as well. (less to calculate) Nothing you described should be 1 hr per frame though. How complicated are the materials? I get upset if I go over 30 sec per frame but then how much do you compromise
  12. looking at that screen shot though it seems to be missing important parts for animation like a save path. I wouldn't want to render each frame and save manually each time. Is this a limitation for the lite version?
  13. If you are done with your models and no longer need to select them you can change poly objects to be non-selectable in the viewport so then you will only be able select your controller splines. This is what I did and it helped out a lot. Alternatively add a visual selector tag to your object and dock it into your layout so you can easily select the controller you want on that.
  14. ok, so anyone doing animation in C4D need to watch this!! It can make so much difference and for me it appears he Generators make the biggest difference in playback. Thank you so much for making me aware
  15. I shall check out the Tutorial. The 15-20 fps was a big increase to what I was getting so if I can get it any quicker I shall be a very happy chappy. I assumed with the notorious viewport performance with C4D that up to 20 fps wasn't too bad. I do need to work with layers more so I can easily turn of generators and the such to help but also a good suggestion to copy to a new scene just for the animation.