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  1. They are altering the deal! Pray, they don't alter it further!
  2. Merging Objects/Polygons for 3d print

    I agree with vector. I would remodel it to get the best results. Some slicer programs may try and fix it for you but again you cannot guarantee a nice print. Another option is to pop onto thingyverse, do a search for trees and see if they have one that is suitable for download
  3. New Material - Wood PLA

    Seriously. I'm not obsessed people just keep asking for groot. I don't get to keep them.
  4. New Material - Wood PLA

    I had someone who saw my groot and wanted one so thought I would share here as well. I did run out of the Colido Wood PLA so bought 1kg of Sunlu wood PLA and the results are very different. I think this one has less wood in it. However, it is a different slicer with different settings also. Plus I'm more experienced with printing now.
  5. Time for the next level!

    agreed super nice quality prints. I look forward to seeing more
  6. Studio MSA Price Increase

    Very true. Good shout about the deals. That would help so I will keep an eye out
  7. Studio MSA Price Increase

    So it has.....I hope there isn't another increase in march then or its out pacing my wage rise by quite some margin
  8. Studio MSA Price Increase

    I could have sworn we had a price increase in the UK about 2 years back because of the slump in the pound? Ah well. It's their product so up to them. I am holding out for R20 so do I put it up now or still do the usual and await the announcement.
  9. Raspberry Pi 3 & Octoprint

    If I attach the camera to the case then the vibrations are horrible and it's really not useable. On the bed it only shakes with the bed so the footage looks smooth. I will post a time lapse once I have one worth seeing. I think with the fans just a large usb fan cooling the enclosure is best option for me. It's not going to be as good as a concentrated part cooling fan but it will be light years ahead of no cooling. I think I have the g-code sorted. If I put it to absolute positioning mode (G90) the G1 Z127 gets it down to the floor without issue. It should work from any end position but not tested yet.
  10. Raspberry Pi 3 & Octoprint

    After some ups and downs I am back on board with the pi and octoprint. It's fine when I'm slicing with cura which I now much prefer to repetier. I am also working out small mods for my printer but can't do much without destroying it. It really is so compact mounting stuff in the enclosure is a headache. I drilled 2 holes in the bed. 1 to add a much needed 3rd bracket to stop the removable surface slipping off and 1 to attach a camera. I was going to add a neopixel ring to the camera running off the pi but I can't get that working. Also 5v fans just won't cut it for part cooling. Lastly how is your g-code? I want the end code to lower my Z before disabling the motors but the distance will vary depending on the height of the model. Any ideas?
  11. I am still fairly new to printing but, looking at the sketch I would probably agree solid skirt with legs coming out would be easier. However, I would be tempted to print it upside down so the cone of the skirt goes upward. I think this would mean less supports required so therefore a better finish. Its kinda a trial and error thing but you can usually spots the problems in the slicing software before printing. If you get it modelled let us see it and we can say if it is printable. Watch out for multiple meshes and intersecting meshes though
  12. New material - flexible PLA / TPU

    The Rogue One storm trooper doll forum nephew. Head, body and limbs all are TPU. Hands and feet PLA. Just for fun. But I think now this is done i need to get C4D involved more and make some stuff from scratch.
  13. New material - flexible PLA / TPU

    This TPU is like spaghetti on a reel. It's even fairly difficult to cut. I haven't got much experience of stuff but yours certainly does sound like something else. I agree about the ude of raft. I rarely use them. But I think for my current print I am better off using it.
  14. The last new material type in a while I think but this was listed as flexible PLA on Amazon but it turned out to be TPU. This had me worried at first as my printer is limited on material types but ok tried it anyway. Despite having a heated bed it sticks.....extremely well. I had a hard time getting it back off. So here is my first print....simple feet for my printer to add vibration reduction. I have just failed my next print which used a raft and found that the raft comes off the bed easier and the bit of the model which did print came off the raft super easy so this may be the way forward. I also just realised I've not used rafts in Cura 3.1.0 before so maybe they are just better than repetiter host
  15. Happy New 2018 & 50000 members mark!!

    Happy New Year everyone and thanks to all those help me over the last 12 months....here's to the next 12