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Wanna know the difference between Redshift, Cycles 4D, Octane and ProRenderer then click HERE!  Nerv, one of ours Cafe Contributors made this very useful topic, so feel free to visit and comment. :compEnjoy:

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  1. Outstanding.....bravo that man. He seems to of lost his Hand of the Queen brooche/pin thing
  2. Try adding the character as an X-ref. I believe there are options to keep the animation. You can then make changes to the character and animation in the original file and the main scene will update. Either that or bake the animation and then merge? That may work also.
  3. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    @CutmanUltimately it just doesn't matter to him if you aren't pleased. As he said it saved him more than it cost him and that is what he wants from his software. I've not used takes and tokens (I don't really fully understand them yet) and I didn't renew when R17 came along. I did the year after when a deal was put up for upgrade to R17 with MSA just before R18 came out. I didn't renew then because I didn't see the value until much much later. Obviously the more of the out dated features that get updated or re-written the happier I will be every renewal month but only as long as it continues to be solid and reliable as C4D has always been for me. (I am glossing over team render at launch as I was lucky not to have to use it) edit: disclaimer: I don't use C4D in a professional manner therefore my views may be skewed compared to those who rely on it to feed their family
  4. The Tardis

    Thank you, I haven't had time to do much more at the moment but I have rigged the light on the roof, the doors and the little phone door now. I am still working on textures but when I have more to share I will post it here. I have lined the inside with a "green screen" and have also made an outline on the interior scene over lapping it on a separate layer so I can share camera movement between the 2 easily ready for the final comp. I assume takes may have been useful here as well I guess.
  5. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I don't think it is about being easily pleased its about personal value depending on workflow and preferences. Another mans trash is another mans treasure and all that! You are not paying for each others MSA so no need to say any more than you disagree and spend money accordingly
  6. Menus don't work

    Make sure you purchase Studio though as visualize will still be missing them I think
  7. Is the VAMP tool still a thing in C4D I thought that was exactly the use for this tool? i.e transfers weight information between models. ah, didn't see Rectro mentions VAMP in his response
  8. The Tardis

    yeah, I've seen that as well on some, not sure whose (pun?) it was. I like it though so may add it I have stopped for the night after playing with textures and trying to add some wear & tear. It does get beaten up fairly often so cant have a perfect paint job.....
  9. The Tardis

    detailing started
  10. Old guy

    I know what you mean about looks back at older work but certainly don't be ashamed. For a start the older version is still really good and I would be proud of it if it was mine but also its kinda fulfilling seeing your own progress when looking at older pieces, its the only way to move forward with this stuff.
  11. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I think I have realised that at the moment Pro-render will not make much of a difference to me and what I do. I thought it would maybe be good as a fast preview render but the enhanced openGL viewport looks sooooo good I may as well just use that. The rest of it is pretty useful and very much welcome but doesn't have the wow factor. The Voronoi fracture looks great but kind of highlights that last year although it was very robust it was a bit shallow. LOD and Poly reduction are great and will be used plenty in the future if I ever get round to some of my imagined projects. I am not sure the 'New Feature Highlighting' should necessarily be used as a feature headline but its still useful and if customisable and people and use it as they want to then great. Something I did see was the new face rig in the content browser! I am looking forward to taking a good look at that and pulling it apart as its something I have wanted to learn for a while but still haven't gotten round to it. Regardless, I am still excited for the future of C4D and as Grain said .....
  12. Old guy

    Awesome work. I am not sure if already mentioned but what is the end goal with this? Full character mode? Animation? or just some fun modelling/sculpting practise?
  13. The Tardis

    Thanks man. I love the idea of one being built on the edge of the woods. Any fans passing may get an eerie feeling that a Alien or Monster is being hunted/helped in the woods
  14. The Tardis

    A little more detail added. I couldn't leave it without the sign it was bugging me
  15. The Tardis

    Those Daleks are like budgies looking in the mirror I had 10 minutes free so quickly softened some edges