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  1. Thanks. She was actually the subject of the Maya tutorial. Thank You. And yes wires will be coming. I do need to retop the head as the loops aren't actually as good as they could be right now.
  2. I really haven't done much with C4D in a long time apart from make small things to print. I am missing the big projects so I have decided to dive back in. I realised how rusty I am with everything character related and that my previous methods would just not cut it. So, its back to tutorials and new better techniques. This animations theme is all about anxiety and general understanding of metal health and a story is loosely set surrounding a poem written by a good friend of mine. I found a tutorial series on YouTube which was perfect to capture the style I wanted so although it was in Maya and in a language I didn't understand I could follow along enough to start my main character. There is still much to do and things to change but I wanted to share my progress here as I haven't done that for quite some time. I also watched some great tutorials on the hair tools and using splines to get the shape you want and it worked a treat. Its early days but I am excited to be using C4D and pushing myself again. it cost too much not to use it properly. I welcome any crits but please bear in mind I have only just started and nothing is final.
  3. I will ask the wife but if you expect me to make it then I can guarantee it will look a lot better than it would taste as it will be mixed in c4d and baked on the printer.
  4. I was asked to buy some cake toppers which were based on the Classic The Snowman Cartoon from 1982 and sequel in 2012. I thought this is something I could design and print myself. I used C4D R20 and made a great amount of use of the volumes to make a simple move from C4D to the printer and its so easy I think this feature makes the upgrade worth it on its own. They were not exactly difficult models to make but I am really happy with the results none the less. Modelled in C4D R20 Printed on the Ender 3 Painted in Acrylic paints I hope you like them. thanks Sim
  5. This is all great. Thanks Srek. I already have my MSA so would be trying it anyway but its unexpected but welcome that is feature is perfect to what I am currently doing in 3D
  6. usual workflow is find random cool but pointless object on thingiverse then print it. However, when i am actually trying to be more ambitious i will model in C4D. I will usually do everything in one mesh with continuous flowing topology. If I struggle with holes or certain cutouts i sometimes export as an STL then import into tinkercad to add them as I don't want to deal with boole objects in C4D. 3D printer slicers like Cura do handle overlapping geometry fairly well but I hope now when I have a character rigged in C4D i can pose add all the parts in a builder and export for printing with little effort.
  7. What do you guys think of R20 for 3D printing. The volume builder seems to be a built in powerful tinkercad. You can take complex models of multiple parts and easily make it suitable for printing. I love the idea of this new feature and hope it works as I believe it should. In general though for other things I think the volume builder may make me a lazy modeller
  8. I remember you said you wanted a SLA. I didn't realise the Noble was a SLA but am checking it out now. I still plan to stick with the FDM type for now and experiment with material types and nozzle sizes etc. If I had a decent size garage or brick shed etc then I would be tempted with resin based printers. Your successful prints do look great
  9. have you moved on from the CR-10 already or are you creating an army of printers? I haven't any experience of the XYZ Nobel I assume its a full on kit to build? I am thinking of getting an Ender 3 as a 2nd printer
  10. I missed the cineversity vids as well. I may still check them out as mentioned before you only need wall thickness if it is a hollow object. Any manifold (water tight) object should slice and print fine. Other things to bear in mind though are over hangs, thin parts and orientation so you get the best print possible
  11. I would normally set the project scale in my C4D file before starting anything to 0.1mm in the projects attribute tab. This usually means I will get the right sizes into Cura
  12. I got the same problem last weekend trying to open from my local onedrive folder. if i went to the onedrive site and downloaded the same file to my desk top it opened fine. Very strange and sudden
  13. I think either not using hair and sculpting geometry or try converting hair to geometry straight out and use a heat gun to mould it to the shape you want after. here is some inspiration on a creative way to add hair to a print....
  14. Although undoubtedly cool. The use of chemicals and general mess of the SLA printers put me well off. The resolution benefits are pretty cool. I saw this the other day which may be of interest
  15. Finally got a decent pangolin printed. Joints moved with little effort



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