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  1. Did you end up finding a solution? II've had this happening to me for the past four days. Same Error exception code in log. Exception { ExceptionNumber = 0xC0000005 ExceptionText = "ACCESS_VIOLATION" Address = 0x000007FEC08FD718 Thread = 0x000000000000124C Last_Error = 0x00000000 } If you have any ideas or a solution I would really appreciate some info. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone. I am working on R+D for the next version of Infinite Ocean and I need help. I'm looking to make the ocean shader with nodes due to some limitations with standard materials. There is a Redshift version in the works but we are trying to release both at the same time. If anyone could help me figure out how to make a proper ocean/ white caps material please let me know. Thanks and keep up the genius work here. This is a great thread!
  3. Hello there legendary Cactus Dan,

    I have an interesting predicament. I've rigged up the cephalic fin of a manta ray and need to bend the bones up into a roll like in real life. I've got all the joints there nicely but can't seem to figure it out. Using a goal won't work because it won't rotate the joints along the axis progressively if that makes sense. If you have any idea how this can become a reality I'd greatly appreciate some advice. Below is a screenshot that should help explain what I'm referring to.




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