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  1. Rick Bruce


    I would say it looks great, but the blur in Photoshop is not executed as well, as it looks obvious, like in patches. You might try putting the background as a sprite, and rendering the lamp in front of it.
  2. Rick Bruce

    Mig-29 update

    Great texture Dude! These look really good.
  3. Rick Bruce


    Awesome! Looks like someone pressed the wrong button on a wormhole device!
  4. Jolly good my friend, can't believe no else commented yet! No easy task! Good work! Surroundings well done also. How long did it take?
  5. Rick Bruce

    Bar Scene

    Ah great man, perfect! Just the view I like (but sadly cannot afford health wise.)
  6. Stunning. And the fighter. A real credit.
  7. Wow dude, that's amazing! Really great textures. Maybe you can post a how-to would be cool.
  8. Rick Bruce

    Moria Orc

    He's just jealous. Looks great. Maybe some drool or more wet areas.
  9. Rick Bruce

    Aliens Corridor

    Cool, nice work!



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