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  1. dhpdigital


    Thanks for all of the kind comments :bigsmile: Well the main land was built using SurfaceSpread. You can use splines to shape things like the river. Then the trees were spread using SurfaceSpread which has an altitude filter to restrict them growing where they shouldn't. It also has a clone shader to vary the colour of each tree, and its scale / rotation. Everything else except for the buildings was built by me, then rendered with Vray. The moving part were rendered separately one at a time with alpha masks, which were used for building the page in Flash.
  2. dhpdigital


    I think the night bit comes when it's night time. That was the idea ;)
  3. dhpdigital


    Thanks JFerronato. It was for the YHA. It's Flash animated to keep page sizes down. http://www.yhacareers.co.uk/
  4. Off on holiday for 10 days. Leaving the scum to wreck the UK cities :(

  5. I'd be very interested in this too. Graet work, again :bigsmile:
  6. dhpdigital

    Ribena Products

    Great job. Love the gold foil neck.
  7. dhpdigital


    What have they found? Looks very cool. Great volume in the atmosphere.
  8. dhpdigital


    Nice detail. Are you playing with Zbrush?
  9. Bacon & egg in a white roll. I'm living the dream!

  10. dhpdigital


    Love it. Especially the detail in the helmet. Glad you like the sIBL too :bigwink:
  11. dhpdigital

    Moria Orc

    Nice. Is it a self portrait? :puke:
  12. Re' the green Colour. Look at SurfaceSpread cloner shader. It changes the Colour slightly of all clones randomly.
  13. Sick! Maybe a little more light coming from the fire into the scene is needed? Great work. D



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