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  1. Hey all. I have set up a cloth sim and need to move to a higher frame rate, 30 to 60. This totally changes the way the simulation looks. Is there a good way to get the sim back to looking the same as it was?
  2. Yeah that's right, I'm interested in weighting the stiffness of spline dynamics, not joints. So one point at the end is totally rigid, the next couple are some what rigid etc etc until you reach a point where the spline flops around freely, something like how a cable would behave. I have found I can use multiple hair constraints to achieve this but its not the cleanest setup. In the hair constraint tag there is a slot here for influence map but I don't know how to make a map that will go in there. Vertex doesn't seem to work with splines.
  3. Hi all. I'm working with spline dynamics and want to have a kind of rigidity weight so that the spline is less floppy in some areas. Is that possible?
  4. The mesh for the laces can be however it needs to be to make the laces look like standard flat laces and I don’t think the shoes matter. I have a working set up, I’m just wondering if there’s a better one out there.
  5. I’m wondering what route people would go with this. I need to make some shoe laces dynamic so they flop around with movement (it only needs to be the tied part). The laces aren’t tube laces, they are the flat kind which makes spline dynamics less useful unless there’s something I don’t know. The solution could xparticles based too if that makes things easier. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Hey. Thanks for the pointers but it's neither of these things.
  7. Something I haven't seen before just cropped up. My time line is moving in decimals instead of full frame numbers. I have frame numbers like 30.59 instead of 30. Any ideas how to get it back to normal?
  8. interestingly that's not happening on mine. What version are you running?
  9. Sorry Deck, I didnt notice that. That works well. As always, stick it in a connect object, don't know why I didn't try that. Havealot, good solution too, nice one.
  10. Hey Deck. I tried with a bevel deformer but that was stretching too. How have you set that up?
  11. If I wan to change the height if a primative object, which has a bevel, using an effector, the bevel stretches. Is there a way around that so the bevel doesn't stretch?
  12. Hey. I setup my hair on a fill in object so it was easier to work with and when I come to swap out the object the hair is linked to it stops working. Its going in weird directions and i cant change the count etc. Any ideas whats happening there?
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