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  1. howie

    baking x particles

    Ok, thanks for the tip Dave, much appreciated.
  2. howie

    baking x particles

    Thanks for the reply. Reason I'm using XP is because I want to have particles born at 0 scale and then grow to a specific size whilst having soft body interaction as they grow. Since the object that will be a soft body is quite complex I was going to use a simplified object to deform the more complex one. That's why I was going to convert from particles to objects. There may well be a better way to do that but this was what I came up with. Maybe it'snot possible to go from particles to objects like that.
  3. Hey. Anyone know how or if you can bake x particles generated objects? I basically have an emitter generating a load of objects but I want to be able to work with them as keyframed objects like you can if you use a cloner and bake it to keyframes. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all. How can I apply a set of 5 materials to hundreds of objects so they all have a randomly allocated material? Thanks in advance.
  5. Of course, when in doubt, put it in a connect object. As advice goes it's up there with switch it off and on again. Thanks Deck, much appreciated.
  6. Hi. I'm scaling some cloned cubes in the Y direction using a random effector but the fillet stretches along with it. I want to keep the fillet even on all edges, is there a way to do this? I attached a file for reference. Thanks in advance. test.c4d
  7. howie

    Remote rendering

    I have to transfer the files anyway doing it the way I am doing so I don't think it would be an issues really that the transfer time is quite long. So long as the actual rendering is done quickly that's the main thing. This could work, cheers
  8. Hi all. I have a specific situation that I was hoping I could get some advice on. I freelance and sometimes have to work in my clients studio. In those situations I work on my laptop and send files back to my desktop computer in my own studio to render. I do this using team viewer to take control of the remote machine, open C4d and the file I was working on and render that way. This kind of works well but it means that I can't use C4d on my laptop whilst I have it open on the desktop machine because I only have one license. Is there a better way to do this? Is there a way where I can use team render to do the rendering on the desktop so I don't have to open the actual C4d app? Any advice much appreciate.
  9. The fall offs are making the density and size of the cracks in the middle.
  10. Hi all. I'm using voronoi fracture for the first time trying to simulate a shattering window and getting some unwanted effects. One issue I'm having is that the just as the fracture happens the pieces that are pushed outwards snap back to their original position 1 or 2 frames after they initially move. I have attached a scene file with cached dynamics. If you scrub through frame by frame you will see what I mean. The other issue is that after the surface smashes the pieces fall unnaturally quickly. Any help would be appreciated. shatter test 1.0.c4d.zip
  11. Hey. Thanks for looking into that. It seems like thats the default setting, maybe only an issue if you're working at small scale.
  12. Hi all. I was just doing a simulation with some clones and found that some of them are just freezing in one position. I can't really figure out why thats happening. I attached a scene file if anyone wants to have a look. Thanks in advance. freezing_clones.c4d
  13. Hi guys. I'm trying get a simulation using low poly dynamic objects and then replace those objects with high poly versions. I can do this with a cloner and some xpresso but I want to recreate the same thing using xparticles. I've got part of the way there by using one emitter to generate the low poly objects with a c4d dynamics tag applied to their generator, then using a 2nd emitter pointed at that generator with 'stick particles to source object' checked so the particles follow the motion of the 1st emitters dynamic objects. This works for the position but I'm not able to pick up the rotation of the dynamic objects. Is it possible to do that? Sorry for the complicated description and thanks in advance for any help.
  14. howie

    Simple xpresso question

    Igor, yeah it's good to have the option to join the subscription based forum for sure. Jed, thats spot on, thanks for the help. I was almost there with it but just wasn't hooking up the indexes as you did there. Cheers