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  1. I've been away from C4D for a while - got to invest in new Studio version as well as decide between a Boxx , a Mac Pro, or build my own workstation - this is going to cost me as much as a new car!

    1. brasco


      Build your own it's more fun! :D

    2. brasco


      Yes, definitely out of the box quietest. The thing is with the new cpus they are far more efficient so I can barely have the fans on at all and still get some decent oomph

  2. I know this thread is pretty old but hopefully you remember the issue you where having with displacement maps in C4d showing the low poly through when rendering. I am having the same issue and this is the only thread I could find discussing the issue. I would much appreciate if you could ...

  3. Thanks for the tutorial using RealFlow.

  4. Version


    This tutorial will give you a look at creating sculpted, high geometric resolution details in ZBrush that can be used in Cinema 4D using displacement maps.



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