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  1. srek

    Wall thickness when 3D printing

    For 3D printing you always only define the volume that is printed by it's outer shell, a watertight mesh. The inside of this closed volume is handled by the slicing software. This means that Cinema 4D, and thereby you, does not have any influence on the real wall thickness, only on the thickness of the object itself. If you leave an empty volume with an own surface inside of a volume it depends on how your slicing software interprets this, i would not recommend trying this though.
  2. The result node can show you values per frame, for multiple values per frame use the print node asset.
  3. srek

    Looking for help regarding subdivision

    Create a sphere, set it Type Tetrahedron and set segments to 3. Now convert it and put it in an SDS. Select the points and usie "." to weight the points. Adjust the SDS subdivisions to your liking. Bevel the selected points to get rid of the super pointy ends. Extrude the polygons created by the bevel to get smoother and longer spikes.
  4. srek

    Janine's Stuff

    Welcome back, nice to see you active again :)
  5. OOM errors on opening are often caused by damaged files, where the content is not realy readable and the loader runs into problems interpreting the data. Your file might be damaged.
  6. srek

    Help us! - MAXON Survey

    About 30 seconds that will help us to know what you want. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfTSisNMlEEzmDMRlwaaOUWxmv1bXSElaMF6oUPBg2gxRXc6A/viewform?fbclid=IwAR1ZNh7vIrpsvet8QJ8VCD7Vx7RT6NSb5tlJsO7DJqjXPeTkwdsF901vQtA Thank you :)
  7. srek

    modelling in nurbs issue

    In the viewport go to the options menu. You have accidentialy activated box mode
  8. srek

    Nodes issue

    What values do you want to limit exactly? The seed has no influence on any kind of range.
  9. srek

    Nodes issue

    The autoconversion of a float between 0-1 is your problem, due to rounding you effectively get only one integer value, 0 or 1. The divison made sense to feed a gradient, which expects 0-1 for position, but not the seed or salt that expect unique integers.
  10. srek

    Nodes issue

    Salt and seed are integer inputs, if you put a float to them it will be autoconverted. The setup does not make much sense here since the hash node does not care about a specific range of input values, it creates a new hash value for every input value. Just connect the object index to salt or seed (the two are just added internaly anyway). Maybe read up on what a hash function does.
  11. srek

    Node based materials repository

    As a technical designer i am with the MAXON design department and one of the people involved in designing the new node system from the technical side. I'm not particular interested in patents, that specific one was an exception since i thought it pretty stupid.
  12. srek

    Nodes issue

    There is no direct equivalent, but the "Render Object" node gives you information like the object index, Polygon ID etc. which you can either feed into a Has node or some other setup to create individual colors or shading for each element. Since the IDs don't follow any exact rule but are based on the current state of the objects and the scene over all there is no linear relationship between them, thus something like the Hash node might be best for what you want to do.
  13. srek

    Nodes issue

    You are missing the information on the number of all objects. See the attached modified scene. Also check out the Multi Shader node. nodes-2.c4d
  14. srek

    Edit multiple nodes / Access all SDS

    The Iterator is nothing to fear, check the attached scene. Select the Xpresso tag to see the bool that controls all cubes Enable-Iterator.c4d
  15. srek

    Edit multiple nodes / Access all SDS

    You can use a list iterator instead of doing each object nod eindividually.