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  1. UVW tags are topology specific, you can only copy them between geometries with exactly identical topologies. In material tags you can define either the use of uvs, or any of several standard projections as well as camera projection. All but uv can be transfered just by copying the material tag.
  2. There is no clear line you could draw. While rendering is heavily multithreaded there are a few exceptions, the other way around interactive tools are very hard to multithread, but some functions still have parts that use it. This is all not a really important question though, not the way it was a couple of years ago. Modern CPUs have very high single core boost performance, enough to not have to look for single threading optimization. Just get a modern AMD or Intel CPU and be done with it. oh, and please ignore what is said about this in old threads, for one, it is mostly outdated, se
  3. The other way around, nothing before R11 will run on modern OS X versions. This is only 32/64 bit though there have been a lot of changes to OS X that might pose more problems, but i am the wrong person to help you there since i don’t use OS X myself.
  4. R11 introduced 64 Bit support on OS X, something that is now a must to run on current OS X versions since 32 bit is not supported anymore. Mind you, until recently the Cinema 4D installer on OS X was still 32 bit so you would have to install older Cinema 4D versions on a system that supports 32 bit and then copy the installation over. Have an image of R5 XL running on WIndows 10
  5. Interesting, the node state on the left reflects how it would look like with Stream Mode disabled, the AM display on the right is incorrect as well. Make sure you have applied the latest update (only available as full install).
  6. Yes, but it is up to you to blend them in a usefull way. Please find attached an example, i use displacement though since i have no usefull normal map at hand currently, the principle is the same. Layered Displacement 01.c4d
  7. Those examples are super helpfull for anyone who has a bit of a background in scripting or other node systems, beginners won’t find it much usefull.Batz, you are just not the target audience.
  8. Check out the memory node Edit: Writing data that changes over time to an array would be baking, something not supported on this level yet. If you need access to information outside of the current frame the memory node is the way to go.
  9. You can do this by manipulating the context (UVs in this case). Multi UVs 01.c4d
  10. Adjusted version with an extra node to read single pixels Evaluate Bitmap 04.c4d
  11. Please check the attached scene, it interprets a bitmap into positions with color. Evaluate Bitmap 03.c4d
  12. Likely a known problem. Please provide scene files if you want any help, trying to diagnosing a node setup from screencaptures is pretty much a waste of time.
  13. The easiest way is to simply delete what you do not want to keep. @SmolakI am not aware True Split supports Scene Nodes
  14. Dolby Vision is 12 bit HDR you will need to render out EXR sequences and take extra care with lighting to have good results.
  15. Soundrendering was way outdated and quite limited in what it could provide. It did not change functionality at all in over 20 years. Due to the renewal of the Cinema 4D core the system would have needed to be redone for the new core and usage statistics indicated that it just wasn't used by enough people to make it a valid development goal. Similar for Virtual Walkthrough. It wasn't just a decision to keep stuff or not. This, like the SDK changes that made plugin adjustments/recompiles neccesary are the sideeffects of modernizing the core of Cinema 4D, the most wished for feature in Cinem


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