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  1. The first part goes well beyond expressions, but is certainly interesting. The second part is an own topic but something i personally would like to see, just like an at least basic compositing node system. Both not really Xpresso features though.
  2. Multithreading is less an issue of Xpresso than the object system. Changing the structure of geometry objects need to be done in generators, this can’t really be done in expressions, again more a restriction of the object system. Xpresso as it is can only be based on the current object system, fundamentally different approaches have to wait for later.
  3. What more than the Falloff node should a Field node do?
  4. I would be interested in what nodes you, or others, think are missing.
  5. I'm not an adobe customer, i don't know if you have a yearly or monthly contract. Regardles, as i said both are possible, the monthly paid yearly contract just requires a lot more work and investment and is currently not offered by MAXON. Also keep in mind that Adobe is a 9bn dollar company with a product portfolio that is basically completely subscription based, whereas Nemetschek is a 0.5bn company with a very small number of subscription offers. And again you can get a monthly paid subscription of Cinema 4D right now, you just don't get as good an offer as with the yearly paid one.
  6. A monthly contract that is paid monthly is currently available. The price of the subscription is something everyone has an own opinion about. A yearly contract that is paid monthly is not available. The problem here is that if the customer does not fulfill the contract, lapsed payment etc., the bookkeeping becomes a nightmare. This can be handled, but it is expensive in terrms of money as well as work/time and needs a long preparation period. This is again a result of the Sarbanes Oxley act. Just to be clear, many seem to think that this is some kind of excuse to just not do something, the real problem is that the act mainly targets huge corporations, but also impacts smaller companies that are owned by corporations, who do not easily have the ressources to handle this. Add to this that not complying to Sarbanes Oxley can come with criminal charges and you might see why this is a bit of a problem.
  7. Maybe i misunderstood, i thought you were talking about a lower cost yearly contract that is paid monthly. That is the bookkeeping problem i was refering to.
  8. #1 is a bookkeeping nightmare, possible, but a huge load of work hat needs quite a long time to prepare. Personally i hope we can offer this at some point, but i wouldn’t hold my breath.
  9. These are two separate issues. The Application Activity is something 100% separated from customer data, thus the full anonymization. These two things are internally handled on two separate platforms, there is no way for us to connect one with the other. Customer data by its definition can not be anonymous. DSGVO and the international equivalents restrict the collection and use of customer data to the point that only data relevant to the service we give is allowed to be stored. I.e. we are not allowed to ask for your marriage status or similar, that has no relevance at all to our business relation to you. With data we are allowed to collect there come clear restrictions on what we can do with it. While we can e-mail you on business matters, we can not e-mail you to lets say promote a third party item or even give your e-mail to third parties. Anything beyond direct business relations has to be approved by you. You will find a very ugly example on this kind of requests for approval in basically all social media platform eulas. Privacy and data protection laws are something we take extremely serious.
  10. Application Activity is completely anonymized. When we introduced this a couple of years ago we went through great lengths to comply to european law and as a result we don't have a clue at all what person is behind the collected data. To the point that if someone would invoke their right of information on stored data we can not comply, since only the user can do this via the Web Data button. On the other hand the collected data is an important source of knowledge to us on how Cinema 4D is used. Design and Development rely on this kind of information to do a good job. By allowing us to get this data you are actively helping making Cinema 4D a better application. Noone is forced to agree to this data collection, there are no repercussions at all if you switch it off, except maybe that we have a less well defined idea on how we can make Cinema 4D better. So thank you to everyone who participates, this is much appreciated!
  11. It has been stated several times and can be verified by anyone already using R21, you can remotly disable a license from your My MAXON page.
  12. srek

    .5 Versions

    Those are issues, along with many others, we are well aware of and are actively working on. They are not being ignored. The problem with the lack of performance in complex scenes is one of the biggest issues ever. It is at the heart of the core rewrite we announced a while ago and many of the things that are currently happening are caused by this. I.e. the frequent changes to the SDK that require plugin recompiles are to a large degree caused by neccesary core changes. The same goes for many less visible but consistent changes in tools, where new code bases and APIs are rolled out to allow for a more modern core architecture. The core rewrite often makes it necessary to redo old code, leading to additional development time that does not produce new features. On the other hand we always try to make immediate use of these reworked areas, leading to many of the smaller improvements you can see. It is a long journey with many steps and we are on it.
  13. srek

    .5 Versions

    I can totally understand the disappointment many people feel when they see a new version. It is very likely that many aspects they want to see improved are either not adressed or not in the way they want. Also often enough they don't see the advantages. On the other hand there is an interesting effect that it takes at least a couple of weeks after any release until the positive stories on how this or that new feature or improvement is just what they needed come up. For me and many coworkers that is an unending source of frustration, to see things that we know will help a lot being dismissed early on, just to be discovered as realy usefull a while later. Despite all the work we put in we get surprised as well, sometimes on how little what we thought would be a good thing does for the users and sometimes about something we thought to be a small thing turning out to be a lifesaver for some. The scope of Cinema 4D users is enormous, our customers are working in such a wide variety of fields that i sometimes despair to find things that will help even most, if not all.
  14. srek

    .5 Versions

    Hi all, in many discussions about new Cinema 4D there comes the point where someone points out that this version is more of a .5 version than a full version. Since i was intimately involved in the development of all .5 versions i scratched my head and asked myself what could have prompted such a remark. This is what we delivered R 8.5 - Sketch & Toon, improved material manager, SLA shaders integrated and improved, SSS, Vector MB, new Radisoity mode, Post Effects as layers R 9.5 - Ambient Occlusion, Color Mapping, Physical Sky, New Content Browser, Area Lights, 32 Bit Rendering, improved baking, PS Layer support, improved particle effectors, Xpresso improvements, incremental saving, Normal Channel R 10.5 - XRefs, DWG, HUD, new modeling functions, interactive lighting, improved UV unwrapping, new Effectors, new Cloning options, substantial Hair speed up R 11.5 - MoGraph 2, NLA, New GI, BP R4, SPD, Render Instances, new Picturer Viewer, FBX export improvements i shortened the list since usually it was well over 100 items per release. Given that the last .5 version came out 10 years ago i think it is no wonder that many do not remember the actual scope of those releases. Also at the time we had the modul system. MoGraph for example was released based on 9.6 and never showed up as a new feature in any main release. In the end i think it was just the feeling that .5 must be less than 1 and the effects of the module system that decoupled a lot of major functionality from the core program.
  15. Just choose File-Quit and Free license instead of just closing CInema 4D.
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