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  1. The logic was not the same, you switched the layers. Also you need the surface to be subdivided, the more even and denser the more precise the result. The effector was set to modify the translation in your example, not the scale as in mine. fitting 2.c4d
  2. Velocity is distance over time. If you keep the time and increase the velocity you get a longer distance. If you decrease the velocity you get a shorter distance. If you want a faster movement within the same number of frames you need to shorten the distance between point A and B. If you want to slow down you need to increase the distance.
  3. You will need to learn the difference between local and global coordinates as well as that all coordinates are either relative to the world axis or an object axis, but generally not relative to your view on the scene. Always keep in mind that your choice of view on the scene has no influence on the other objects positions.
  4. FBX and Alembic are your best bet.
  5. The one thing that comes to my mind is that maybe you still had a crashed task of Cinema 4D hanging in the background. This would prevent any other c4d instance to start.
  6. It seems the distributor messed up by not canceling your MSA in time. Maybe get in contact With MAXON HQ in germany to clear this up.
  7. If you are technically inclined and have a good math knowledge base you can start any time. Be prepared that it takes longer in Houdini to set something up than in Cinema 4D, on the plus side you have more flexibility in Houdini.
  8. If you hae non overlapping objects you need booled out of an object put them under a null and place the null in the bool.
  9. No need to flood, MyMaxon in it's current shape is the first step and we are planning to do much more with it, it's a lot of work though.
  10. Rounded edges are not a feature of R21, but you can recreate the effect yourself using the AO node and mixing the resulting normal with the original normal.
  11. The first part goes well beyond expressions, but is certainly interesting. The second part is an own topic but something i personally would like to see, just like an at least basic compositing node system. Both not really Xpresso features though.
  12. Multithreading is less an issue of Xpresso than the object system. Changing the structure of geometry objects need to be done in generators, this can’t really be done in expressions, again more a restriction of the object system. Xpresso as it is can only be based on the current object system, fundamentally different approaches have to wait for later.
  13. What more than the Falloff node should a Field node do?
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