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  1. Check if save for Cineware/Melange is enabled on the mac
  2. For real headless use Commandline Render would be the correct choice. This would require an own rendermanager though and might not be an option for you. Try to install everything using a temporary monitor and make sure you install a remote software, so you can later on connect to the machine for configuration purposes or error handling.
  3. I literlay mean oily essence, orange oil or whatever floats your boat. Not for any kind of healing but to prevent the skin from drying out completely. Gylcol is an option as well.
  4. Use the Scotch to make some of the stupid antics of our leaders bearable and for sanitation use Isopropanol/Rubbing Alcohol @90% with a hint of essential oils.
  5. Can you ping each machine from each other? Cinema 4D TR does not care about Windows network groups of access rights. It just needs a working IP connection. Preferably use IP V4. If you have any firewalls installed make sure they allow for ports 5400 (Server) and 5401 (Clients). If you use XP please think about upgrading to Win 10 since XP and Win 8 are not supported anymore. Edit: You wrote that the machines are connected via an ethernet cable. Is there a router, DNS, DHCP server in that network segement? Did you assign IPs yourself? A simple wire between two network adaptors can be used, but you need to assign IPs by hand on each machine. Make sure you do not use the same range other network connections use. A possible example would be for the server and for the client. You can pick from these ranges https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network
  6. Sorry, but the restriction applies to all of Cinema 4D, that includes the TR clients.
  7. Do the prefs or any other ressource used by Cinema 4D reside on a network drive? This sounds like a timeout issue and Cinema 4D seems to wait for something.
  8. No, with clones you can't easily adress them indivdually. There are some possibilities on the Dyanmics side of things, but doing indivdual constraint switches is beyond me.
  9. Check the attached scene for a possible solution. It has the disadvantage that the initial global position of the dynamic object gets lost. DynamicSwitch.c4d
  10. Hi, this is a realy bad idea. Concurrent write access to a single file is extremely error prone and will destroy data. No application does that. Xrefs are meant to be used for situations like this. Cheers Björn
  11. Startup might be slower, but scene editing and rendering won’t show any speed difference
  12. While i understand the sentiment it would mean that each and every feature request would need to be assigned to a development item, which is a huge load of work especially since most of the time the descriptions and requested function do not fully match the development goal.
  13. We do listen and we even like to listen. Beside issues of timing and development priorities there are a couple of reasons why seemingly straight forward things sometimes take ages. The biggest issue is that there are as many opinions on how stuff should work out there as there are users. Some have slightly diverging ideas, others just plain want the opposite. Derriving at a solution that will serve most without alienating many is hard work and costs a lot of time. Another big issue i that many ideas simply go against the technology behind it. We can't implement them without braking other stuff. Our continued work on the new core has helped adressing a host of issues already, but it can't solve everything. A very time consuming issue is that many of the small issues have pretty big consequences and just making sure we are not making things worse costs a huge amount of time. So please keep ideas coming, be it via the hopefully soon available again webform, trade shows, support mails or even on the forums. But please understand that we can't react indivudally to every input we get, it would add quite a bit to our workload and delay things further.
  14. Just please keep in mind that 60FPS for Cinematic motion effects is something very different from SlowMo.
  15. Depending on how you animated things you can always try to slow down the animation using NLA.
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