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  1. There seems to be a newer version (20.5.1) of the Adrenalin drivers and also as an alternative to the Adrenalin the Pro Software drivers. Like with Nvidia AMD usually includes fixes for 3D software into their Pro line of drivers first and only (much) later into the gaming drivers.
  2. What Dave said. I have been building my own x86 PCs since 1986, (yes, it was a 4.77MHz XT). My new AMD system was the first that i let the company i ordererd from assemble. So much stuff can go wrong nowadays, even if the components are 100% to begin with. This way the risk was with the manufacturer and the extra price was well worth it.
  3. Make sure not to use any of the shaded view modes that show lines. On a side node, Cinema 4D, like every other application, only ever uses as much memory as it needs. Speed improvments either happen by optimizing the task at hand, or by increasing the scarse ressource, in your case mainly CPU speed and to a lower degree GPU speed.
  4. When Cinema 4D recommends a new driver you should update. This only happens if a severe driver problem exists with older, installed, drivers. Game ready driver are not optimized for DCCs like Cinema 4D. If no other use takes precedence you should go for the Studio drivers.
  5. Feel free to ask if you have further questions later on
  6. Check the attached scene for two way to do this, the explicit way by hand, or the simple way using PPosition Follow. Depending on what you want to do further on one or the other might be better for you Tp_Vertex_Targets.mp4 Tp Vertex Targets.c4d
  7. srek

    Mask Hair placement?

    You can use a black/white map in the hair materials scale channel to define where hair should show up if you can't use the standard of restricting materials to selections. Mind you that if you use the scaling method the hair and guide count will still apply for the whole surface while with selections it is only used for the selected polygons.
  8. The take away is to factor all costs and check for price/performance/roi
  9. In Xpresso and Python rotation is handled in radians. Only interfaces that are specific to rotational values allow for degree in-/output. If there is no indicator (°) the value is by default in radians.
  10. Due to me working with a lot of Alpha and Beta Versions i have dozens of nearly identical versions installed in parallel and often running in parallel as well.
  11. You do not have to copy the content libraries, you can share them from a single locationby using C4D_BROWSERLIBS as an environment variable to set the path for the shared lib4d files. The old method was not sustainable anymore for technical reasons, there were possible write conflicts that could have rendered data useless. Not loosing your work trumps convinience.
  12. The executable is just a minor part of the whole program, you need to copy the whole folder that contains the executable and all the rest.
  13. You are mixing dynamic influence (Wind) with hard position setting, something that can and will go wrong since the two effectively work against each other. Instead of setting the position hard try to use PPosition Follow in Spring mode with something like 30% spring speed.
  14. You literally just copy the whole of Cinema 4D into a different folder and start it from there.
  15. Xpresso, like Python and previously COFFEE, always work in scene units. It seems you did change the scene unit to mm but kept the displa yunit in the prefs at cm. Only interface elements in the AM that show you the unit will do the conversion automatically, all unit less input fields, like for the constant node, will always interpret entries as scene units.
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