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  1. srek

    SIGGRAPH 2019?

    The old bosses never were much interested in becoming public figures. They prefered to work in the back. Dave is a very different kind of boss and i expect him to be a lot more visible. He is definitely easily approchable. As for the announcement, it'll be something good, trust me :D
  2. I am a huge fan of learning by doing. Be it 3D, programming, electronics, technical design whatever. Pick a super small thing to accomplish and then check for ressources that help you achieve it. By ressources i don't mean big tutorial projects. First should be the manual, second a search on the internet for existing forums help and general information, third a look at existing tutorials that cover the topic and fourth a request for help on the forums. Good luck :)
  3. A loss mayber, but not a total one. One more big C4D fan in a top industry position :) No one here really blames him for taking that job, one does not become head of Renderman every day.
  4. You can find 2 TP presets in the content that do this. One for guiding particles along a spline, the other to make them follow exactly
  5. They indicate the part of the viewport that would be in a final rendering. If the viewport proportions are different from the image proportions the bars indicate what will not be in the final image. Depending on how you scale the viewport and set the render resolution the bars can be seen horizontaly or vertically, it is up to you.
  6. No, the max fileformat can realy only be read by 3D Studio Max. Maybe ask nicely on a max forum for someone to convert the max file to FBX.
  7. You have three basic options. 1. Always work with absolute paths. This will either only work on that specific computer, or you have to use a NAS/Fileserver for all external assets and use network paths. 2. Only use filenames. In this case the assets have to be in one of the possible search paths. By default those are the project folder and the tex folder within the project folder. In the prefs you can define any number of additonal paths that should be searched for assets. The drawback here is that you either have to use unique names for each and every assets within the search paths, or you have to make sure that the search order of paths is taken into account (prefs paths come after project paths). 3. Put the assets into the content browser databases and reference from there instead as own files.
  8. The setting is stored within the scene. If you get scenes from a third party make sure to ask them to use "Save scene with assets" before transfering the resulting folder to you. This makes sure all external dependencies are resolved and the files are copied to a folder local to the scene file.
  9. This should only happen if "Show Texture Errors" in the rendersettigns has been disabled. It is on by default. To relink textures use the texture manager.
  10. The content browser differentiates between objects and scenes. If you add a scene it will open as a scene, if you add an object to the content it gets added to the open scene. It seems you added your assets as seperate scenes.
  11. In the content browser choose User->Render Settings to see the list of all user presets. There you can delete them.
  12. srek

    My R21 Wishlist

    Threads like this are mainly for discussions among forum members, actual requests towards MAXON should be sent via the suggestions web form https://www.MAXON.net/en/support/suggestions/ This makes sure they don't get lost. Don't expect any immediate feedback tough, the suggestions are collected in a database, sorted by the given categories and then regularily reviewed by PM and others.
  13. The rental option is meant for studios that need a few more seats for a limited time in a specific project, it was never meant as a long time offer for single artists. The fragmentation is part of the idea to offer Cinema 4D on different levels to different customer groups, something that has been done since R5 in various ways. The current system is a lot less fragmented than the modular system we had before.
  14. The Userdata on the Xpresso tag was just convinience to make the function portable to any number of objects.
  15. You use the Position Velocity, which is a local value, from an object that is not moving localy since it's movement is inherited from the parent. Either animate the object directly or you have to create an own global velocity tracking setup that. Please find attached a scene with a workaround for this (the multiplicator is only ther for experimentation, set it to 100/100/100 to make the influence more visible). XPresso-Iterator-v02a.c4d



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