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  1. Sorry, it's a local UV map, not a normal map.
  2. The UV multipass is not actually a color, even though it can be represented as one, but a positional vector on a surface. UVW coordinates are by default Vector3 data in the range of 0-1 for each component, which maps nicely to colors. The W component is usually omitted sinc eit has no use in 2D space. In your example the back left corner of the ground square is 0/0, front corner is 0/1, back corner 1/0 and right corner 1/1. As a multipass it is useful because you can map textures on it in post. Black indicates 0/0, this means that the black objects likely don't have UVs, or they are excluded from this pass.
  3. All interviews are usually held by one person from HR and at least the head of the hiring department. This ensures that it is not always the same people doing the interviews. From personal experience, as a cat person ;) , i can say that even within every department people here are quite diverse regarding personality and background. Please don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that we are all a happy little Family from the 50s, there are conflicts and clashes, but the important thing is that we tend to work well together.
  4. Yeah, they even took on idiots like Hrvoje, Igor or me ;)
  5. There is no personality type we are looking for. If you could see the current range of personalities that are working here you would know.
  6. You are overestimating the number of available developers. If we were to post such specific job offers we would find no one. MAXON is very flexible in who we employ, so we can get those that fit the company, not only those that match a specific profile.
  7. UX design goes a good deal beyond thinking about feature improvements, it is however a part of our job. A list of improvement ideas is commendable and certainly useful, but on it's own not that much. The bigger problem is finding someone who is able to take seemingly disparate and clashing things and make them work together in a usefull way. The biggest challenges i get as a UX designer for MAXON is to have certain technical options and limitations and quite different user expectations or worse existing workflow paradigmas that clash with the technical necessities. It can be a fun challenge though :) By any means, apply for this, or any other of the job offers, but if possible go beyond what you showed with the list. Cheers Björn
  8. Light falloffs and especially IES lights are definitly scale dependent. The moment you want to get physically correct results you should start caring for correct scene scale.
  9. srek

    GPU with c4d

    There should not be any speed difference between the two types, it is a difference in how they are cooled from what i can see. Maybe they even use the same PCB and can't be distinguished by the PCB. Does your card have a single fan or two? I checked CB on my system, using an i7-4790K@4GHz i get an OGL CB of 150 and a single core CB of 173. Since the OGL speed depends to a degree on the single core speed you can expect less OGL speed with the same card if you have a seriously lower single core performance. Since your Xeons are 5 years old and only run at 3GHz they will have a single core CB of about 76, which will have a negative impact on the OGL performance. Still, the difference in performance is a bit much to attribute to the low CPU speed alone, but it might be the main cause.
  10. srek

    GPU with c4d

    The PCB code on the board matches an ASUS DUAL-GTX1060-O6G , not the claimed turbo version. As far as i can see the difference is one or two fans.
  11. srek

    GPU with c4d

    I use a 1060 without any problems in my private rig. Sorry, i have no idea what might have gone wrong for you.
  12. srek

    Introduction to R20 Nodes

    The help is in the making, unfortunately the english translation isn't finished yet. The german help is available though.
  13. srek

    Master materials plugin (request)

    This can be done using asset node materials in R20. You can store single nodes or complete materials in an own asset database and use these assets in any number of scenes.
  14. srek

    Volumes bug

    Thanks, i forwarded the problem
  15. srek

    Volumes bug

    There are no modes set, which should not be possible. The lowest object should have no drop down anyway. Can you reproduce this in a new scene?