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  1. LOD can mean many things. The LOD Kent pointed at is an object that can provide different versions of a model depending on view, this could include different (simpler/faster) materials. There is no automatizm though that would use lower sampled bitmaps for rendering. I'm not even sure this would make any difference since the bitmap is held in memory anyway. The renderer requires some information for each pixel (or subpixel) rendered, using lower res bitmaps doesn't speed this up much since it is usually processing that costs time, not simple data access.
  2. srek

    MAXON Cinema C4D Oscar Award!!

    R20, or even any specific version or feature, didn't have much of an impact on the decision. This is about the over all usefulness and what it helped to create, not about some specific features.
  3. srek

    where to download and install

    Get in contact with MAXON then
  4. Sorry, i don‘t have that ready anywhere
  5. srek

    where to download and install

    There is no way to update R17 to R18. Every major version needs an own new installation. How did you receive R18 in the first place?
  6. srek

    Save with assets (bug?)

    I am a 100% sure that Cinema is not moving your files. The diffeerence between moving and copying might seem small for humans, but there is only one function defined to handle this in Cinema and it is copy. You might look outside of Cinema fo rthe source of the problem.
  7. UVW is not a global position like an object position, but a position within the UVW space of the object defined by the projeciton. Usually it is in the range of 0-1 for all three components. If you want to use the global position of the currently rendered pixel use the position output of GetContext. This will be in scene units. Keep in mind that a 3D gradient that is scene space based is pretty specific, while UVW based noise will work in any position. Please find attached an example to create a world position based 3D (RGB) gradient. The range mapper defines the mapped area. WorldGradient.c4d
  8. Getcontext will get you the uvw coordinates you need to create an own 3D Gradient.
  9. srek

    Set progressive render time

    In the rendersettings for the physical renderer set sampling to Progressive and choose time limit as method. Then simply set the limit to the numbe rof minutes it shall render.
  10. If it matters or not depends on how you use them. If you want to use the same procedural material on all Objects the different scaling will likely pose problems and make them look different, though it should be easy to fix by just scaling the projection afterwards. If you use bitmaps to texture them you did exactly the right thing. The rule beuo mentioned about evenly sized UVs is for a single object.
  11. srek

    MAXON Prices - Give us your feedback!

    MAXON announced the change to the SDK pretty early so maybe it is just this prolonged time that makes you notice this. Competitors never announce this because it is just part of every release.
  12. srek

    MAXON Prices - Give us your feedback!

    If by stable you mean consistent over time then the C4D SDK is maybe the most stable in the industry. Practically all competitors have changes in the SDK that requires at least a recompile with every major release. The Cinema 4D SDK is usually stable over many years, additions to it don't make a recompile neccesary. It is only every other blue moon, like with R20, that the changes are so substantial that at least a recompile, if not code adjustments, are necessary. The perception of instability is due to the long time of stability, not the actual changes.
  13. srek

    Wall thickness when 3D printing

    For 3D printing you always only define the volume that is printed by it's outer shell, a watertight mesh. The inside of this closed volume is handled by the slicing software. This means that Cinema 4D, and thereby you, does not have any influence on the real wall thickness, only on the thickness of the object itself. If you leave an empty volume with an own surface inside of a volume it depends on how your slicing software interprets this, i would not recommend trying this though.
  14. The result node can show you values per frame, for multiple values per frame use the print node asset.
  15. srek

    Looking for help regarding subdivision

    Create a sphere, set it Type Tetrahedron and set segments to 3. Now convert it and put it in an SDS. Select the points and usie "." to weight the points. Adjust the SDS subdivisions to your liking. Bevel the selected points to get rid of the super pointy ends. Extrude the polygons created by the bevel to get smoother and longer spikes.