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  1. The rental option is meant for studios that need a few more seats for a limited time in a specific project, it was never meant as a long time offer for single artists. The fragmentation is part of the idea to offer Cinema 4D on different levels to different customer groups, something that has been done since R5 in various ways. The current system is a lot less fragmented than the modular system we had before.
  2. The Userdata on the Xpresso tag was just convinience to make the function portable to any number of objects.
  3. You use the Position Velocity, which is a local value, from an object that is not moving localy since it's movement is inherited from the parent. Either animate the object directly or you have to create an own global velocity tracking setup that. Please find attached a scene with a workaround for this (the multiplicator is only ther for experimentation, set it to 100/100/100 to make the influence more visible). XPresso-Iterator-v02a.c4d
  4. From what i understand you want to move the sphere with the particles rigidly attached to it until the change of groups happens. I see two options. 1. Just repeat what you are already doing but with PPass as a source for particles and just PSurface Position. This is similar to the TP Sticky Goo preset in the content. 2. A method i used quite a lot in the past is to store the particle position and alignment local to the object at emission and reassign it on every frame. Hope this helps
  5. This is not a platonic solid, you will not bve able to create a regular body from this. If you happen to achieve it you might apply for the fields mdeal ;) What comes closest is an icosahedron.
  6. This has a bit of a problem since important information for rendering (the context) comes internaly from the right side of the graph. Without a conneciton to the end node this information is not available and the preview would not be correct, if at all possible, Just creating an invisible connection doesn't work since since the results change a lot depending on where in a node graph the specific node is conencted to the right. To help getting around this you have the individual previews on the nodes.
  7. I use a Logitech MX Master and i can recommend it.
  8. Please find attached a quick and dirty example Simple Flat Shading.c4d
  9. You are looking for a flat, non shaded, look, something that normal rendering is not geared towards, especially not GI. You will need to create the material mainly in the luminance channel. Posterize or a stepped Gradient based on Lumas without speculars should give you a base for the simple stepped shading in the AI example. Forget about GI, AO etc. you need to do all your own shading.
  10. LOD can mean many things. The LOD Kent pointed at is an object that can provide different versions of a model depending on view, this could include different (simpler/faster) materials. There is no automatizm though that would use lower sampled bitmaps for rendering. I'm not even sure this would make any difference since the bitmap is held in memory anyway. The renderer requires some information for each pixel (or subpixel) rendered, using lower res bitmaps doesn't speed this up much since it is usually processing that costs time, not simple data access.
  11. R20, or even any specific version or feature, didn't have much of an impact on the decision. This is about the over all usefulness and what it helped to create, not about some specific features.
  12. There is no way to update R17 to R18. Every major version needs an own new installation. How did you receive R18 in the first place?



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