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  1. How large is the file? If it is only a few kB there is nothing left to save, if it is close to what you expect it should be ask MAXON support.
  2. Amazing work Did you recreate assets you had for another application?
  3. Points to Spline is incorrectly named, it produces lines. Scene Nodes do not have native splines yet.
  4. Maybe take apart the random poly selection node. The general setup should give you quite a few clues on how to do own selections.
  5. Scene nodes make very good use of multithreading, caching and copy on write. in general programming in nodes is different to writing code, while one can usually be translated in to the other this is often not efficient. For nodes you need a different approach and think more about the flow of information and how it changes. If you try to directly implement a coded solution into nodes you will get bigger mess of nodes and wires than actually necessary.
  6. That is perfectly possible, i made camera vie angle dependent selections during beta and the random selection you can find as a node is an asset created from nodes.
  7. COFFEE had its time, but that time is over. For general scripting Python is the weapon of choice, which we just now updated to industry standard version 3. Regarding the object manager, no one from MAXON ever proposed to remove it. For the new system it just isn’t there yet. what exact scripting options we get for the new system remains to be seen, and implemented. No need.to worry here, since the new system is the base for everything we will make sure to get it right.
  8. The old and new can never merge, that would mean that the new system would have to compromise for all the problems of the old one, thereby loosing its main advantages. What will happen is that over time the new system will become ever more complete and allows the user to use the new system for ever more tasks, until at some point the old system is only really needed and used for compatibility reasons. At this point in time the new system is not ready for the big stage, it is a tech demo.
  9. Interaction between scene nodes and Standard Cinema 4D is limited to scene nodes receiving geometry and data fro Cinema 4D. Standard Cinema 4D Can not react on scene nodes in any way.
  10. I did a parametric bookshelf and books during beta, but haven’t found the time to adjust it for public release.
  11. Dynamics in any shape are best handled by a physics engine, not a general Solver like scene nodes. Like with basically all missing features physics will become part of the new context at some point in the future.
  12. I am a technical designer at MAXON, my job is to help defining stuff like scene nodes. I am not involved into product politics. I would be seriously surprised though if learning editions or similar hadn’t been discussed.
  13. I have no idea who came up with the idea that Xpresso might get removed. That idea is completely without merit.
  14. Xpresso is apart of classic Cinema 4D, as long as we have that there is no reason to remove it. As soon as everything has moved on to the new core Xpresso will be obsolete and the far more powerful Scene Nodes will have replaced it.
  15. Conversion from old to new is something i would not speculate on at this point. There are so many options to handle this and they all depend on numerous technical details and workflow choices.
  16. No. Scene nodes are the new base that future higher level workflows like the OM and objects will be based on. Once those workflows are established you will not need to touch nodes for by far the most functions in Cinema 4D. If you are comfortable you can of course use nodes then as well.
  17. The core development that preceded the current state included a lot more than you might expect. Memory management, multithreading, media coding, file handling, coding rules, .... the list is endless and much still needs to be done. A lot of things needed to happen before nodes could come into existence.
  18. No. Xpresso is part of classic Cinema 4D, scene nodes are not. Scene nodes can not replace in the old context and Xpresso does not work in the new one. Scene nodes do cover the same general functionality as Xpresso though, as such you can view them as the successor to Xpresso, but only in the new context.
  19. While those are good ideas to be reviewed for future releases, what you can do right now is to create your setup within a group node and use the inputs of that group as a source for parameters. A simple click in the background of the editor will show all parameters of the group
  20. The objects final state on a frame is transferred to the Scene Nodes, thats it. Inside of The Scene Nodes it is just a bunch of geometry and numerical data.
  21. Cool, i did quite a few molds for silicon casting in Cinema 4D, 3D printing is pretty much ideal for creating complex molds. I am waiting for my new large format SLA printer currently (Elegoo Saturn) and i expect it to be very good for molds.
  22. I use Cinema 4D for technical modelling for 3D printing for 10 years now. Currently i use mostly volumes but Poly by Poly is a close second. I have created complete 3D printer designs that are printable (RepRap) and implemented them, as well as many smaller projects. For me Cinema is pretty much perfect for 3D printing.
  23. Yes, different to ICE, Scene Nodes are not an immediate solution, they are a glimps into the future. Don't be fooled by the small number of assets though, the nodes you see are just the tip of the iceberg. On coding level there is another layer of nodes available to programmers and many of the non asset nodes in 23 are actually still assets, but build one level lower. Of course these will not appeal to non developers, but it should make thinks more interesting and easier for plugin developers in the future.
  24. You can have what has been developed and that is what has been included in 23. Tech Demo means that we give it to customers before it is in a complete state. We do not expect it to be of commercial value to you. It is a glimps into what is coming, not the final product. As such it is simply to early to talk about the availability of this or that feature. It was made absolutely clear that scene nodes are the base for the future, not the present.
  25. I am not in a position to post roadmaps and i doubt that Dave will go into any real details here, but it is safe to say that future Cinema 4D will have a foundation in what currently is the scene nodes. If you think "What will be supported by nodes?" you are looking at it the wrong way, Scene nodes are the base, not an add on.
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