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  1. Please be aware that if you updated any older license to a newer version the old license became invalid.
  2. Why did you choose the i9-10940x over the Ryzen 9-9350x? The Ryzen is cheaper, faster and uses less energy. Also why don't go for a realy fast nvme SSD instead of the SATA one? If you use a Ryzen as base you can even get a SSD that is nearly 10x faster due to PCIe 4.
  3. Regarding the updating part, after doing a new installation without initial content these are not really updates, but the initial installation of content. Later updates to the content fix problems that were found with the assets.
  4. You realy have to understand how this works in reality. The weight of the object is one factor, others are the length of each rope and it's tension. In reality not all ropes will have the same tension so some will be taught and straight while others will show slack. Your image on the left shows what it would look like to hang a heavy object from rubber bands, the right one shows a light object on steel cables, except for the lower left rope which defies gravity.
  5. Giving more detailed information on planned and ongoing development has its pitfalls. I don't have any idea about the state of development for Redshift, but from several decades of experience with software development i can tell you that well layed plans are more often then not overturned on short notice, especially if you work with brand new technology and tools and are dependent on other vendors. What help would it be to give a glimps on something working with the implication that it might be ready in a month, only to retract that a week later to tell people it will be at least two, maybe four. That does not help the customer with any kind of short to mid term planning and it does not help more with long term planning than the simple information that it is in the works. I imagine you would be pretty unhappy with RS if they would say its ready in a month, you invest several 10K in MacPro hardware, only to be told that this investment might start making money in 1/4 of a year earliest.
  6. I found this to be effectively unsolvable for me. Determining the point, or better line, of contact between cogwheel teeth is amazingly complex. It was fun to read up on this, but utterly out of scope of my math skills to make use of. For round cogwheels i simply use the number of teeth to get the ratio, for any other kind of gear i would go with Dynamics as well
  7. Love it the pyramidal setup makes me think that it might be possible to control the oscillation of the top cogwheel by combining specific control cogwheels to achieve a specific curve, maybe even a sound curve
  8. If you live in europe the indie version is not available, even in the US the limitations are rather strict so it is much more of a marketing gimmik than an actual product. Given the frequency with wich the offer is quoted unquestioned on Cinema 4D forums Autodesk marketing has done a superb job at very little cost.
  9. "Aquire" since MAXON is the larger entity and effectively gains Red Giant. And again, it is not MAXON handing over any money, it is an investment by Nemetschek. For Nemetschek 70 Millions aren't peanuts, but also not something to worry about if they see a sound investment opportunity. Just because a number looks enormous to you, and me, it does not mean that it is within the context.
  10. Red Giant is a lot larger than Redshift was and they are very profitable.The value of a company is determined by the value of its assets and the money they make. In both Red Giant is a lot larger than Redshift but not as large as MAXON. This is not a buyout by MAXON like with Redshift but a merger. That means the deal is between the owners of the two companies, not the two companies themself. For that reason neither does MAXON pay for Red Giant, nor does Red Giant get any money. The ownership is changing and the transfer of value is in relation to the value of the new merged company and the way the ownership is split between the parties. Since the Red Giant owners will only own 15% of the combined company in the future, instead of 100% of Red Giant, they are receiving money to compensate. So no, MAXON is not cash strapped at all, on the contrary, we just merged with a company that is not only very good at making software, but also very good at making profits. Please don't spread unfounded rumors.
  11. What Cebera said. The problem is that the position is numericaly identical, the renderengine can not know which surface should be on top, so it is effectively decided by artifacts from the rendering that determine wich comes first nearly randomly for each pixel. You havt to define this yourself by placing one of the surfaces ever so slightly ahead of the other.
  12. If a crash report is generated please send it to MAXON. If not chances are high the cause for the crash is outside of Cinema 4D.
  13. If the whole machine crashes it is usually a problem with the OS, the drivers or even hardware (Overheating). Do you even get a crash report pop up on next start of Cinema 4D?
  14. Quite a few operations like Bool or simulations do not support multiple cores.
  15. Cache layers can help and of course you should only use a voxels size that is not smaller than you actually need.
  16. I would attach the head as a seperate object with an align to spline tag.
  17. That looks more like a job for the spline wrap deformer than bones.
  18. I could not disagree more. For hard surface modelling n-gons are a huge help and time saver. Different methods are good for different goals. If you use n-gons for animated charachters you are doing it wrong. If you use tris to model machine parts and houses you are doing it wrong.
  19. N-Gons are nothing wrong, why should Meshchecker warn about them? You can remove them at any time.
  20. The folder in the installation directory should only ever be modified by certified installers. Only the folder in the prefs is allowed to be modified by the user. Windows rules for this are getting ever tighter and it can happen that write operations into the program branch will be redirected and lead to inconsistencies. In the end the two exist because Microsoft demands it.
  21. Having a web server behind the help gives us a lot more options in the way the help content is provided and what we can offer. As such it is the base for furthe rimprovements on the help. The Online only situation is just a temporary thing. I honestly did not expect it to be such a big issue.
  22. The thing is, the old system was a pretty simple display of HTML pages/files. To go forward with this we needed a webserver behind the help, something that is best done online, like with 21. To make this functionality available offline you need a local webserver, something that comes with an own set of baggage. All in all not a simple thing to resolve to everyones agreement, but as Rick said, we are working on it
  23. This changed in 21, just copy the whole CInema 4D and you can start this second instance at the same time. Architectural changes made this neccesary.
  24. The logic was not the same, you switched the layers. Also you need the surface to be subdivided, the more even and denser the more precise the result. The effector was set to modify the translation in your example, not the scale as in mine. fitting 2.c4d

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