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  1. A friend of a client of mine has been asked to create a 360 degree animation of foxes. That is pretty much the info I've got, probably the most vague of briefs ever received. It's not something I can do, or want to do, so if you give me your info I'll get you in touch. Anyone interested?
  2. Do you know of any way of converting a VRML 1.0 file?
  3. That is a good question I'd like to know the answer to also. I know that in Octane it's just a matter of clicking a tick box, but in Advanced Render I'm not so sure.
  4. I've pretty much stopped using Octane because I only have one GPU and I can't get Octane projects sent to a render farm, if Cycles is different then I'll definitely but it.
  5. Sometimes it's just more convenient to use a boole. As cerbera says try disabling 'high quality', that usually works for me.
  6. It could be created by modeling the shape of the warp effect and applying a glass texture.
  7. I'm downloading the Redshift demo now. I use Octane which is great, but it tends to crash on long animations, could just be my 1 GPU setup. It took a while to understand the node based texturing but that way is more powerful. I just wish MAXON would integrate a GPU renderer where we don't have to re-learn everything again :)
  8. Ha, no, not inside the house, that would be devilishly expensive ;) I would like the money but I don't think I'd feel very valued doing at that price, I have work to do so I'm not going to be poor. They said they would show me the final animation, when it's finished I'll let you see it too if I can.
  9. I usually use the Physical renderer with Adaptive Automatic settings, and set the Error Threshold to 100% for low quality previews, and then set to around 10% for the final render. I see the Error Threshold setting as meaning the amount of noise.
  10. Sorry, I should have made myself clear, site plan/flythrough :) You're right, the job's not me.
  11. No, not 2D, what's required is detailed buildings for a flythrough.
  12. It would take me just too long to justify working for that amount, if anyone on here wants to do the work, how much would you charge? Cerbera, yep something like that, but highly detailed. There's 25 separate buildings, some being similar so lets say 18 completely individual buildings. Still seems like a lot of work.
  13. I have been beaten on price by a big big margin. I was quoting for a site plan of around 100 plots, about 25 separate buildings, 2 much bigger buildings, gardens, hedges, trees, roads etc They were quoted near £5000 ( $6300) Am I going mad, in the wrong job, or is that massively underpriced?
  14. Also putting vibrate on the camera messes it up too.