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  1. Thanks for the replies, the image has changed a little since last I showed it:
  2. I've just started this for a client, any comments will be gratefully received.
  3. Thanks danijelk, I,ve already removed the glass and am using Iradiance Cache as Primary but changing secondery to Photon and making buckets bigger has reduced render time to nearly 6 minutes. Thanks
  4. Thanks, the client seems happy too. I'll take a look at ebay today :) I decided not to put glass in the windows, there seemed little point as you'd not notice, and I thought it would speed things up. Cheers Ash
  5. Thanks Igor MikeA, I just ran the benchmark, 29 minutes, pretty slow but probably as expected. I adjusted Max Subsample Intensity, and yes, that fixed it, big thanks there. I tweaked the sampling one light at a time and changed the GI from Brute Force to Irradiance and now the render takes 7 minutes . Thanks Ash
  6. This is my first interior using Redshift, it took an age to render on my ageing GTX970, 17 minutes. I'm pretty sure I've tweaked it enough to render as fast as possible. I'm still get aliasing on the bright shutters, not sure why.
  7. Thanks, I tried all the Redshift ideas but no luck, so I'm going down the PS route :)
  8. I'm getting these jaggy highlights in Redshift, like it needs anti-aliasing, I can't find a way to reduce it at all, any ideas?
  9. Can you convert this for me? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qMytQHSCDN00TFL9s2AqyoFiU_bwT16G Thanks Ash
  10. Thanks, when I get them I'll send them your way :) Cheers Ash
  11. Once in a blue moon I have to import a non C4D file, this time is 3DS MAX, I don't want to buy expensive conversion software or 3DS MAX. I'm happy to pay you to convert a few files for me, can you help? Thanks Ash
  12. My timeline looks like this And Object manager like this
  13. I can't send the whole file, I've signed an NDA on this one, but here's the offending items. There are several others like it too, that's why I think it's some view setting somewhere that I can't find Dope.c4d.
  14. I've got a question about the Dope Sheet. In this animation the cone is not linked in any way to the camera, so why is it shown as a child of the camera in the dope sheet?
  15. I don't think you need to see what'son the list, just that's it a big list. Pixel Plow wasn't on there surprisingly, that's the one I use most often. I'm willing to try any really but tend to go for the cheap ones because of my clients ;)



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