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  1. Push

    MAX import

    Can you convert this for me? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qMytQHSCDN00TFL9s2AqyoFiU_bwT16G Thanks Ash
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    Priory Blue Smoke A4 v4.jpg

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    Jazi Pale Powder v2.jpg

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  9. Push

    MAX import

    Thanks, when I get them I'll send them your way :) Cheers Ash
  10. Push

    MAX import

    Once in a blue moon I have to import a non C4D file, this time is 3DS MAX, I don't want to buy expensive conversion software or 3DS MAX. I'm happy to pay you to convert a few files for me, can you help? Thanks Ash
  11. Push

    Am I being a dope?

    My timeline looks like this And Object manager like this
  12. Push

    Am I being a dope?

    I can't send the whole file, I've signed an NDA on this one, but here's the offending items. There are several others like it too, that's why I think it's some view setting somewhere that I can't find Dope.c4d.
  13. I've got a question about the Dope Sheet. In this animation the cone is not linked in any way to the camera, so why is it shown as a child of the camera in the dope sheet?
  14. I don't think you need to see what'son the list, just that's it a big list. Pixel Plow wasn't on there surprisingly, that's the one I use most often. I'm willing to try any really but tend to go for the cheap ones because of my clients ;)