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  1. If I take the asphalt ground away (a big flat cube) and a model nearby, it's much better. It looks like the AO is being sampled from the whole of the scene rather than just locally.
  2. Yep, I've watched the Chad video, I think it must be something else I'm doing wrong. I've isolated the models and copied them to a new file, this is what I eventually got: So I copied the texture back to the original and this happened:
  3. Well I'm struggling to make a real difference with AO, I cant get it to"hug" closely to the objects, it appears too spread out or not at all, I've added it to the asphalt, the bricks and also the metal front of the building. The asphalt has a bit of noise added too. On the bricks, it almost fills the wall whereas I'd like it just to skirt the bottom. I'm obviously missing something, any ideas?
  4. Yeah, the bathroom design is awful, besides, there's a massive hole in the wall ;) Thanks for the replies, I'm working on the AO & noise now
  5. This is my first attempt at Redshift, really speedy. Not sure this image really does Redshift justice, it doesn't look quite right, probably needs some dirt/ambient occlusion. What do you think?
  6. Pixelplow and Garagefarm are my favourites, Pixelplow because it's cheap, Garagfarm because of great 24/7 support. I've just started using Zync, it certainly has enough PCs, It's free to start with, so that's a bonus. I'm not sure about cost or support though. We could do with a constant permanent recourse for farm comparisons. Thank you ninjad!!!
  7. These are great textures, I'd definitely consider purchasing.
  8. Hilarious PC reviews :)

    I think I'm off now to read some more! :)
  9. I suppose you are right there, only I don't have Redshift yet, or 4 video cars :(
  10. Hilarious PC reviews :)

    My business has been going for 10 years, I have only 8TB stored away in backup drives.
  11. Hilarious PC reviews :)

    I was just browsing for a new PC and came across this one at nearly £27,000, you just have to read the reviews, hilarious!!! https://www.overclockers.co.uk/8pack-orionx-dual-system-extreme-overclocked-pc-intel-core-i9-7980xe-and-intel-core-i7-7700k-fs-006-8p.html#comments Enjoy, I did. Ash
  12. Hi I've used GarageFarm for quite a while, great 24 hour support, quick and cheap. Then I used Pixel Plow, which can be cheaper, it's also easy to use but support is only US business hours. Then I only just discovered Zync, I'm still using my free allocation, I'm finding this quick and easy, once I got past the setup and around the mass of information it gives you. What are your experiences or favourites? Cheers Ash
  13. Interactive Rotating Image

    This is something I'm interested in too, I considered learning Unity and the options for VR, but I'm not sure I want to invest the time.
  14. All looking great, I think I need to invest!
  15. House renders

    I may have a few house renders to do, assuming I can quote my client a reasonable price. If you're interested in creating some architectural renders for me then please message me with your cost per average house and your payments terms. Some examples would be good too. I have been given a variety of about 20 houses to quote for, I can, of course, show you some examples of the plans. I look forward to your replies. Cheers Ash