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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 


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  1. Am I being a dope?

    My timeline looks like this And Object manager like this
  2. Am I being a dope?

    I can't send the whole file, I've signed an NDA on this one, but here's the offending items. There are several others like it too, that's why I think it's some view setting somewhere that I can't find Dope.c4d.
  3. I've got a question about the Dope Sheet. In this animation the cone is not linked in any way to the camera, so why is it shown as a child of the camera in the dope sheet?
  4. I don't think you need to see what'son the list, just that's it a big list. Pixel Plow wasn't on there surprisingly, that's the one I use most often. I'm willing to try any really but tend to go for the cheap ones because of my clients ;)
  5. I filled out a survey today and was surprised at the number of render farms there were, would be nice to get a comparison of them all. Have you heard of all of these?
  6. Redshift Boole Glitch

    It's animated too so the effect of the glitch is awful I got rid of the boole altogether and used a posemorph to move the points of the wall, but that had a similar effect. So now I'm doing a test render by sliding the wall. A similar thing is happening with the asphalt, grrr!
  7. Redshift Boole Glitch

    It does the same with cubic mapping, which doesn't make any sense to me. It only happens with final render, in the renderview it's ok.
  8. I got this weird texture glitch whilst render using Redshift, it only occurs where I'm animating a boole. I can get around it but thought it was interesting.
  9. Realistic looking soil

    What do you think so far?
  10. Realistic looking soil

    The studio I am working with has shown this animation to the client, before asking if I can do something as good, so I am desperate to make something near as good. The plants are OK, I've got that sorted, and they don't want the hairy man ;)
  11. Realistic looking soil

    Thanks for replies. Cerbera, yep it is a good looking texture, I'm trying to replicate the above and below texture. Isleofgough, I've not got Substance Designer, I use the much simpler PixPlant, but maybe it's worth investing. Everfresh, that cake looks delicious. With the animation I'm doing I need to start pretty close to the soil before I zoom out, so it's going to have to be quite high res. I'll do some experiments today and let you see the results.
  12. I want to replicate this soil in Redshift, it looks perfect. Looks like I could maybe use x-paricles, although I have no idea where to start. It could be a displacement map but I'm not so sure? Any ideas?
  13. Animated growing plant

    I've purchased a plant for Xfrog but of course, it's in Xfrog 3.5 format, so doesn't import properly. Very bad product in that respect.
  14. Database of Freelancers

    Thanks for the replies, I'll get around to contacting you some time this week. Cheers Ash
  15. Database of Freelancers

    I am attempting to make a small database of freelance C4D experts. Currently, I can do most things in C4D, but am an expert in none of them ;) My idea is that I can then best service my clients with a larger range of 3D abilities. Either I ask you to do a section of the 3D or do it all, most likely the latter. What I would like to know is what aspects of C4D do you consider you are better at. Modelling, texturing, characters. Also what areas do you work in, engineering, medicine, architecture etc etc If you are happy for me to have you on a database please contact me at ashley@pushcreativity.co.uk Thanks :)