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  1. House renders

    I may have a few house renders to do, assuming I can quote my client a reasonable price. If you're interested in creating some architectural renders for me then please message me with your cost per average house and your payments terms. Some examples would be good too. I have been given a variety of about 20 houses to quote for, I can, of course, show you some examples of the plans. I look forward to your replies. Cheers Ash
  2. Save .STL with textures?

    Ok thanks for your help, turns out they can use .3DS after all. But they are now asking if they can view in eDrawings too, any ideas about that? Cheers Ash
  3. Is it possible to export to an .STL file and somehow keep the textures, or at least just the colours?
  4. I'm on PC, I have it docked in my interface, it doesn't always go wrong.
  5. "scroll to first active object" appears to have stopped working, I use this all the time, is it just me or are others having the problem?
  6. I've done this kind of thing a few times using booleans, takes some experimenting as you often get glitches.
  7. Timer – productivity quicktip

    I use Toggl for recording my time but have never thought of using a timer, I'm going to give it a go, thanks.
  8. FiNAL room render

    I hadn't considered the baubles being "CG" but you're absolutely right, they were supposed to be hollow glass balls but I couldn't get that working in time, the job had already taken far longer than I'd quoted for ;) I might just try a dusk version just to see what the client says. Thanks.
  9. I just wanted to get your opinion on this room render for a new client of mine. This is the final image so I can't change anything now but it's still good to get a second opinion.
  10. Foxy animation wanted.

    A friend of a client of mine has been asked to create a 360 degree animation of foxes. That is pretty much the info I've got, probably the most vague of briefs ever received. It's not something I can do, or want to do, so if you give me your info I'll get you in touch. Anyone interested?
  11. Do you know of any way of converting a VRML 1.0 file?
  12. Seamless animation

    That is a good question I'd like to know the answer to also. I know that in Octane it's just a matter of clicking a tick box, but in Advanced Render I'm not so sure.
  13. (Plugin) NAB HALF PRICE SALE

    I've pretty much stopped using Octane because I only have one GPU and I can't get Octane projects sent to a render farm, if Cycles is different then I'll definitely but it.
  14. Boole not working at all

    Sometimes it's just more convenient to use a boole. As cerbera says try disabling 'high quality', that usually works for me.