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    I'm mainly interested in hard surface and subdivision surface modeling. Playing with MoGraph a little bit from time to time, but use it for modeling mostly. I also like to share knowledge with others. When I find the time, I record free video tutorials on modeling in Cinema 4D.

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  1. SDS Excercise 05: Holes in Sphere

    You're too kind, as usual. :-) Thank you very much! It's a pity that I can't talk you into doing video tutorials. You seem to enjoy (and spend a lot of time) patiently helping others out here at the Cafe, you know tons about C4D, and your modelling work looks outstanding to me. And, of course, your English is much better than mine, too. :-) Now that sounds like the perfect Cinema 4D tutor to me. There's way too few of those, at least in the modelling department... Alright, alright, I'll stop asking. Thanks again!! Your enthusiasm really is encouraging. :-) Cheers, contrafibbularities
  2. SDS Excercise 05: Holes in Sphere

    In subdivision surface excercise No. 05 we will take a look at one way of putting some holes into a sphere. In this video I am using a plugin by C4DZone called "Quadcaps". You can buy it for app. 5 Euros here: http://www.c4dzone.com/en/shop/plug-ins-17/quadcaps-1-0-255.htm For those of you who don't have the plugin I have uploaded a project file with the finished object: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ltd8tu8stu1pbk2/SDS excercise 05 project file.c4d?dl=0 You will only need this project file for the second object I'm showing almost at the end of the tutorial. A time lapse version of the tutorial is available on as well. Enjoy! Thanks for watching!
  3. SDS Excercise 04: Shader Ball (Full)

    Following the time lapse version I posted in my blog a short while ago, I have now finished a full 70-minute tutorial with narration on SDS modeling that shader ball. My version of this model was inspired by a similar shader ball made by Grant Warwick: https://masteringcgi.com.au/mastering-cgi-shader-ball/ http://c4dvraysource.blogspot.de/2016/02/free-grant-warwick-vray-material-test.html You can download a project file (WinZiP) to follow along: https://www.dropbox.com/s/940sztqpqk8o5d5/Project Files.zip?dl=0 This project file contains two C4D project folders. The folder "Start File" is the one we'll be using first. I've set up a refernce image in the front view for you. The folder "Even Geometry" contains a C4D file with the top part of the half finished shader ball. This file is for those of you who don't have the HB Modeling Bundle (a set of scripts by Holger Bierbach). If you follow the tutorial you'll know when to use this second project file. As mentioned above, there also is a time lapse version of this tutorial (without narration/sound), see my other blog entries. I hope you'll enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!
  4. SDS Excercise 04: Shader Ball (TL)

    Thank you very much, Cerbera! :-) Of course I don't mind questions. You guessed right, that's the even distribution script mapped to a custom hotkey. Of the dozens of plugins I bought over the years, the HB Modeling Bundle is one of the few that turned out to be worth its money because I really use it all the time. If you do a lot of modeling, that's a must have plugin, in my opinion. Guess I don't have to tell you that... :-) Cheers, contrafibbularities
  5. SDS Excercise 04: Shader Ball (TL)

    SDS Excercise 04: Shader Ball (Time Lapse Version) SDS excercise 04 currently only is available as a time lapse video without sound. I'll do a full tutorial with narration when I find the time. In this subdivision surface excercise I am modeling a shader ball that is based on a similar shader ball created by Grant Warwick. Enjoy!
  6. SDS Modeling Excercises 01 to 03

    Thank you very much!! Honestly, I wish you would do tutorials ... They would certainly warm the cockles of my heart, too, and I would definitely watch them because I know I could learn a lot from them. :-) I do know what you mean, but it doesn't sound awful to me. It's really nice to hear from someone whose skills are way above my own that my videos actually do seem to be useful. Your comment made my day. Thanks again for your kind words!! Contrafibbularities
  7. SDS Modeling Excercises 01 to 03

    These are three tutorials on practicing SDS modeling. I hope you'll enjoy them. I'll start with the links to the latest one: SDS Excericse 03: Time lapse version Full tutorial, app. 35-minutes, with voice-over): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SDS Excercise 02: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SDS Excercise 01:
  8. Circular Jigsaw Puzzle

    Thank you very much!!! :-)
  9. Käfigturm (Cage Tower)

    Thanks, Cerbera! :-) The walls and the bricks are two separate objects. I tried to stay close to the original and added the bricks by manual cuts rather than using a cloner, for example. The arches/passages each are a single piece of geometry. I pretty much did those the way that is shown in this video: Fast forward the video and start watching at about 6:40. You might want to watch part of the next video, too: Hope that answers your question. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  10. Palladian Bridge

    Thank you very much for taking the time and answering my questions in such detail. I really appreciate it! The information you shared is very helpful for me. Much more than you might think. What you said gives me quite a few things to think about... I did change that arched window and turned everything into quads as I only had to add a few more polygons to do so. :-) Re "sculpting" the stones: If you mean "real" sculpting, I don't have that in Broadcast. By the way The vimeo link you posted is not working for me, unfortunately. Pity... Thank you! That's good to know. No more questions today, but there will be more for sure. :-) Again, thank you so much for your two cents on topology, quads, polygon count etc. That was REALLY interesting and helpful!! Cheers, contrafibbularities
  11. Hard surface practice - Tie Interceptor

    Ah, he's one of those who are not just ripping off the designs but also trying to sell them. That's just great. Yeah, I imagine it's difficult to do something about it. I probably shouldn't say that because I don't really want to encourage you, but I wouldn't blame you if you decided not to share your work (and wireframes) anymore. It would be a pity though. Like all modelers I really enjoy looking at meshes as clean superbly done as yours. Thanks for your kind words on my architectural models! :-) I'm sure yours will have me drooling all over the place. With your skills you can do a lot more regarding details than I am capable of right now. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some architecture from you!! :-) Cheers, contrafibbularities
  12. Käfigturm (Cage Tower)

    This is one of my recent models. It was inspired by a medieval building called "Käfigturm" (cage tower) in Bern, Switzerland: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%A4figturm
  13. Hard surface practice - Tie Interceptor

    @Vector Yes, definitely an object to put in one's portfolio! All I can say is I wish it would boil down to being "tedious". :-) Long way to go before I can pull off something that beautiful. I understand it is annoying to find people stealing from you. Don't let it keep you from creating more great art work. It's not worth it wasting any time on being annoyed. I'm sure you'll be adding more and more amazing models to your portfolio while guys like that will probably be stuck forever trying to find someone they can rip off. It's a small world, the frauds will be discovered eventually. While you are builidng a reputation, he will ruin his. Keep up the great work! Cheers, contrafibbularities
  14. Palladian Bridge

    Thank you, Cerbera! One thing I want to do is replace is the stones at the bottom of the bridge with polygonal objects and clean geometry. I used Akima splines for those so the geometry is pretty messy. Since the arched parts are hidden by the stones, I could make those lower poly. You would do those arched parts without tris as well? With hardsurface models I'm always unsure. I prefer quad topology myself as well, but am wondering: as long as I only need the front surface, the polygon count wouldn't really change if I turned the tris into quads. However, if need a top surface as well, I'd have to continue all those edges. Wouldn't that create too many polygons that are not really necessary? See the attached image as an example. The version in the middle is what I would go for to keep it all quads. In case of a three-dimensional object, the edges would have to be continued around the top and bottom though. Would it still make sense to do it like that? The version on the right prevents the edges from propagating into other parts of the geometry, but doesn't seem to make much sense on a hardsurface object like this, does it? Of course I try and improve on my models. :-) Whenever I revisit objects I did a while ago, I always find things that I would do differently topology-wise. What I would like to find out some day is if there are rules I can stick to. If you ask ten different people, you get ten different answers on what clean topology is. Taking the attached image of one of the arch sections of the bridge as an example, what would be your "rule" on how to do it? I am also attaching images of a window I did this weekend. For example, rather than keeping quads everywhere, I chose to remove some edge loops on the arched part and create one triangle at the bottom (see the parts highlighted in blue). While I wanted to keep the arched section detailed for close-up shots and therefore used quite a few segments to keep everything smooth, I didn't see the point in keeping those extra edge loops just to have quads everywhere. What do you think? Thanks for pointing to those floral stonework objects. They're beautiful! For years, I had a tutorial by Viscorbel on my wish list that shows similar ornaments. Viscorbel uses 3ds Max and he did some great architectural training but this one is gone now and I've missed it. Apart from the odd YouTube tutorial (Arrimus has a couple of good ones) I don't know any good training for doing stuff like that. Sorry for the lengthy text. Topology questions is what keeps me up at night as I'm constantly trying to figure out how things should really be done. If I get an opportunity to pick someone's brain about, I try and take it. You don't get answers if you don't ask... Cheers, contrafibbularities
  15. Hard surface practice - Tie Interceptor

    This is inspring work. I'm not really surprised that this is received well. Great details, great topology, great result! Cheers, contrafibbularities