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  1. If you have the NitroCycle plugin by Nitro4D, you can even do a parametric setup like shown in the attached video. You can have a closer look at the plugin here: https://nitro4d.com/product/nitrocycle/ Cheers, contrafibbularities NitroCycle.mp4
  2. Another way requires a plugin (SuperVoxels). You could do something like in the attached image/c4d file. Cheers, contrafibbularities voxels.c4d
  3. It is, in my opnion, a bit unclear what your goal is. Do you want to fill that volume with enough planes to give the impression of the shape of the human character? If the character itself is not rendered, then what does it matter if the planes are visible outside that figure as long as the general human shape is recognizable? There's probably many ways to fill that character with planes. You could use one or more emitters and dynamics to emit planes inside the volume of the human figure to fill it up. For many of the body parts the planes in your example image are too big so the v
  4. Yes, it's probably best to do this with a plugin, otherwise you'd have to manually animate the tris. According to the comments under the video on Vimeo, this was done without any plugins in Maya. Must have been quite a bit of work... Kuroyume's Unfurl plugin used to be able do something like that. It is no longer available, but there is the Dépliage (Unfolder) plugin by CodeVonc: https://code.vonc.fr/?a=59 Cheers, Contrafibbularities 1-1.mp4
  5. @IgorI am assuming that the plugin works with Boolean operations, so the resulting topology will likely be similar to what you get with C4D's boole tools or plugins like MeshBoolean and the NitroBox Tool. You can download a demo for C4D and give it a try yourself. As soon as you indicate your e-mail address you can download the trial version. The demo only seems to work in R20/21. http://www.lwcad.com/html/main/new.php Cheers, contrafibbularities
  6. Whenever I need to do something like that I use a plugin called "Dépliage" (Unfolder) by CodeVonc: https://code.vonc.fr/?a=59 Things like folding boxing are really easy to set up with that plugin. I am attaching two basic examples I did with Unfolder. Cheers, contrafibbularities folding cube.mp4 folding cubes.mp4
  7. As far as I know, you can't do that with the "controller" you tried. You need to break the tangents, which is what you did in your first image, and that can only be done manually as far as I know. Maybe you can use PoseMorph to morph between the two states? I don't have that in Broadcast, so I couldn't try that. Does it have to be a closed spline? If not, the simplest solution might be to create two semi-circles and animate the rotation of one of them. However, if you use a Sweep Object (i.e. if you want to create actual geometry), it will not look like a single object. It works
  8. Try the Nikomedia Scene Rig, it is only 15 Euros and has pretty much all of the functionality of the overpriced GSG products: https://nikomedia.at/nikomedias-scene-rig-ultimate/ Corona Renderer also is easy to use and deeply integrated with C4D. It is very affordably (25 Euros per month). I like it because it is really fast, too: https://corona-renderer.com/ Cheers, contrafibbularities
  9. I'm confused because it doesn't look like the cube casts any light at all. Your light source seems to be to the right of your cube, and that light source seems to be responsible for a) the light and b) the shadows. It would really be helpful if you could upload your scene file.
  10. It would probably be helpful if you would upload your scene file. Does the Boole work when you change the radius to something other than -1000?
  11. Well, take a look at the obj Misun uploaded. I don't have Pose Morph in Broadcast, but I'm assuming that, like with SDS and deformers, this mesh doesn't meet the "decent" standards by a long shot...
  12. Ah, it's a single mesh. That is one of the problems. I would separate the part you need to deform from the rest of the geometry, i.e. create a separate object for that part. Then the "limited" option should work. With the geometry as it is, however, you probably won't get a very nice-looking result...
  13. It looks like the only part that needs to deform is the one I highlighted in the attached image, right? Have you tried scaling the bend deformer to that area?
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