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    I'm mainly interested in hard surface and subdivision surface modeling. Playing with MoGraph a little bit from time to time, but use it for modeling mostly. I also like to share knowledge with others. When I find the time, I record free video tutorials on modeling in Cinema 4D.

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  1. contrafibbularities

    330 Free Chinese Patterns for Cinema 4D

    Thank you very much, guys! :-)
  2. Hi everyone, I've just finished an object library filled with 330 Chinese patterns I modelled on the basis of photo references and 2D graphics images, and I'd like to share this library with you. Each of the 330 patterns comes both as a polygon object and a spline object, so you'll have 660 objects to play around with. You can download the free library here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xeddl0y42j2knb/chinese patterns UD01.lib4d?dl=0 All objects as well as the library were done with Cinema 4D R18 and will work at least in R14 or better. I hope you'll enjoy the library! Cheers, contrafibbularities
  3. contrafibbularities

    SDS Excercise 07 (Full Tutorial)

    You won't regret it if you do. I agree with Dan. I'm only using a handful of the scripts from the bundle, but it's still worth it. Even Distribution is the one I use most, I think. It kind of changed the way I model because, especially with curved shapes and SDS, I can improvise much more. I can add some edges where I need them, or remove them, then even out the spacing between them with that script and still maintain a smooth curve. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  4. contrafibbularities

    SDS Excercise 07 (Full Tutorial)

    Thanks, guys, I'm happy to hear you liked the video. @DanSlK Thanks for catching that! Yes, I used the Even Distribution Script from the HB Modeling Bundle there, and I should have mentioned it in the video. Using that script has become second nature for me, I sometimes seem to forget it is not part of the C4D tool set and there's people out there who don't now these scripts yet. Feel free to kick my butt about it again if I forget to mention it in the next video. :-)
  5. contrafibbularities

    SDS Excercise 07 (Full Tutorial)

    SDS Excercise 07 (Full Tutorial) In SDS excercise number 7 we continue practicing modelling with subdivision surfaces. Once again I am using an object from a free kitbash library as a reference. If you want to give it a shot, you can download the project file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dc8s66og7z2v9po/SDS Excercise 007 start file.7z?dl=0 I hope you like the video. As usual, thank you very much for watching!
  6. contrafibbularities

    HSE 03: Detailed SciFi Floor Panel

    HS Excercise 03: Detailed SciFi Floor Panel: In this 3.5 hour tutorial we will be modeling a highly detailed scifi floor panel. The object is based on a model from a kitbash set by Vitaly Bulgarov: https://vitalybulgarov.com/3d-kitbash/sci-fi-floor-panels We will be building a clean mesh from scratch, starting from a simple plane. I will show you my approach to modeling hard surface details, and how I integrate areas with lots of details into areas with little or no details. You can download a project with three Cinema 4D files we will be using: start_file.c4d, detail_01.c4d, and detail_02.c4d: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fvv48a5n0whsgq/Project files.7z?dl=0 I hopy you will enjoy the tutorial. Thank you for watching! Cheers, Contrafibbularities
  7. contrafibbularities

    Dials - Wheel of Tools

    Nice idea! Thanks for making this available!
  8. contrafibbularities


    This is really handy for modeling. Thank you!
  9. contrafibbularities


    This is really useful. Thanks a lot!
  10. contrafibbularities

    Changes to blog entries

    Thanks for letting me know, Igor! I'll not make any changes to my older entries then. Glad I noticed after the first change yesterday. I almost spammed the blog section with my old stuff... Hope you can get this fixed eventually. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  11. contrafibbularities

    Changes to blog entries

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to post this. When you make changes to older blog entries (correct typos, add a feature image, for example), your blog entry gets moved back to the top of the "latest" blog entry list. In my opinion, it shouldn't do that. It will appear to many as if it's a new entry when it really isn't. Do you think it might be a good idea to change that in a future forum software update? Cheers, contrafibbularities
  12. contrafibbularities

    Arched Window Question

    Well, that was quick... :-) Nice job! If you're happy, I'm happy too. Recording the tutorial wasn't that much work, and I enjoy making them when I have time. Glad I could help! Cheers, contrafibbularities
  13. contrafibbularities

    Arched Window Question

    Quote "well thank you so much! take your time, no rush! i downloaded the HB bundle and am loving it!" My pleaseure. :-) If you do lot of modeling, the HB Bundle is well worth the money, you won't regret getting it. Quite a few of those scripts should be modeling features in C4D itself, if you ask me. I'm not surprised you like it. Most of the time it's useful little helpers that make your modeling life a lot easier, and not the fancy stuff that is advertised. The Even Distribution Script allows you to change the geometry and then quickly and easily even out the result without screwing up the shape. Extremely useful on curved surfaces when you do SDS modeling. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  14. contrafibbularities

    Arched Window Question

    I've uploaded the video to Vimeo. It's about 20 minutes and probably not totally beginner-friendly, but at least you can see my approach to modeling this arched window. If you have any questions, we can discuss them here. To be honest, without the Even Distribution script from the HB Modeling Bundle, I would not go to all the trouble trying to even out the geometry and create quads everywhere. I forgot to get rid of one N-gon, but I hope you'll forgive me. :-) By the way, I checked out bezo's file and really liked the solution he came up with in order to create a clean transition between those arched sections. Pretty clever, and it goes to show that there are many ways to do certain things and get almost exactly the same result. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  15. contrafibbularities

    Arched Window Question

    You're welcome. :-) Re the even geometry: I just spent a little more time making the geometry look more pretty. :-) To make that a little bit easier, I'm using my favourite script from the HB Modeling Bundle, "Even Distribution". Unlike bezo, who made a nice step-by-step file, mine is a bit messy because the backup Null originally wasn't intended for you. I've recorded a 20 minute tutorial tonight on doing your arched window (just the frame). I'll have to edit and render it yet. I'll do that some time tomorrow or on Friday. The video will also show how I use the Even Distribution script. It's well worth getting if you do a lot of modeling. Otherwise distributing geometry more evenly is a real pain. Does anyone know if I can upload a video tutorial here at the Cafe? If not, I'll put it in my dropbox. Cheers, contrafibbularities