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  1. As far as I know, you can't do that with the "controller" you tried. You need to break the tangents, which is what you did in your first image, and that can only be done manually as far as I know. Maybe you can use PoseMorph to morph between the two states? I don't have that in Broadcast, so I couldn't try that. Does it have to be a closed spline? If not, the simplest solution might be to create to semi-circles and animate the rotation of one of them. However, if you use a Sweep Object (i.e. if you want to create actual geometry), it will not look like a single object. It works f
  2. Try the Nikomedia Scene Rig, it is only 15 Euros and has pretty much all of the functionality of the overpriced GSG products: https://nikomedia.at/nikomedias-scene-rig-ultimate/ Corona Renderer also is easy to use and deeply integrated with C4D. It is very affordably (25 Euros per month). I like it because it is really fast, too: https://corona-renderer.com/ Cheers, contrafibbularities
  3. I'm confused because it doesn't look like the cube casts any light at all. Your light source seems to be to the right of your cube, and that light source seems to be responsible for a) the light and b) the shadows. It would really be helpful if you could upload your scene file.
  4. It would probably be helpful if you would upload your scene file. Does the Boole work when you change the radius to something other than -1000?
  5. Well, take a look at the obj Misun uploaded. I don't have Pose Morph in Broadcast, but I'm assuming that, like with SDS and deformers, this mesh doesn't meet the "decent" standards by a long shot...
  6. Ah, it's a single mesh. That is one of the problems. I would separate the part you need to deform from the rest of the geometry, i.e. create a separate object for that part. Then the "limited" option should work. With the geometry as it is, however, you probably won't get a very nice-looking result...
  7. It looks like the only part that needs to deform is the one I highlighted in the attached image, right? Have you tried scaling the bend deformer to that area?
  8. What Deck said... I am attaching a c4d scene file with an example that may be helpful. Cheers contrafibbularities clone sphere along spline.c4d
  9. In this workflow tutorial we will have a look at how we can place objects on, and align them to, surfaces of other objects. We need to add details like screws and bolts to models all the time, so let's see what options we have to do that in Cinema 4D. First, we will take a closer look at the options available in Cinema 4D, like snapping, Axis Extension, Workplanes, and MoGraph. Then I will show you a couple of plugins I have been using for a long time that will make the job of placing objects and aligning them to surfaces of other objects much easier and faster.
  10. Just as an additional tip, if you want something that is comfortable and easy to use and doesn't require any xpresso knowledge or manipulation of the settings bezo described, you could invest 15 Euros in a paid plugin called "Floor Generator" by C4DZone: https://www.c4dzone.com/en/shop/plug-ins-17/floor-generator-294.htm The plugin is quite reasonably priced for what it has to offer. There's a video by C4DZone showing the use of the plugin on YouTube: Cheers contrafibbularities
  11. Did bezo's and my suggestions re the triangles help? Not sure if I understand what you mean in your latest post. See the attached image and c4d file. If that is what you want to do, you don't need a ton of cloners, but only the first one. See the c4d file for the setup. Hope this helps. Cheers, contrafibbularities tunnel2.c4d
  12. Start with a disc and give it six rotation segments. Make editable and delete 5 of the six triangles. Optimize the object. Put the triangle in a cloner, set the cloner to radial, no radius, 6 clones. Put this Cloner in a second Cloner to create the pattern using the Honeycomb Array. I'm attaching a screenshot and a C4D file. Cheers, contrafibbularities seemless triangles.c4d
  13. The only "word wheel" I could find was this. Doesn't seem to fit the rest of your description though...
  14. At first sight, everything seems to be normal, but if you drag the polygon object out of the symmetry you can see that the object axis of both objects is 45 degrees, see screenshot. Use enable axis to reset the object axis for both objects to zero degrees and put the plane back into the symmetry. The reason this happened is because you forgot to reset the axis to zero after you rotated the plane 45 degrees at the very beginning. Then you added the symmetry object holding down CTRL. That makes the symmetry automatically the parent of the other object, but it also means that the symmetry object
  15. The quickest way to find out what went wrong would be to take a look at your file. Can you upload it? Cheers, contrafibbularities
  16. Hi Igor, that might be useful, especially for short videos like this one. Explaining something using a short movie often is more helpful than screenshots and written explanations. If you can assign more upload space, that would be great! Cheers, contrafibbularities
  17. I've uploaded a short video (no narration) to mediafire. Can't upload here as the file size is too big. The video covers both a polygon version and a spline verion of the shape. You should really watch videos on basic modelling or some beginner course for C4D. Your approach really doesn't make a lot of sense. Here's the link to the video: http://www.mediafire.com/file/si7zdsgo8qqeb64/2-1.mp4/file Cheers, contrafibbularities EDIT: For quick reference I added a low-res version of the video (800x450), 4x speed that I could upload here.
  18. Here's the basic idea I had using particles and trails. Like I said before, I haven't been able to create a usable mesh like bezo did with the Loft example, or the version I showed in my previous post. I had the particles emit from a cirular array and have them collide with a wall made from your curved spline. Using an XP trail and Sweep you can create (quad) geometry. Not sure if you can do something similar without XP. No manual scaling necessary, the particles just stop when they collide with the wall. Cheers, contrafibbularities XP idea.mp4
  19. Here's another idea. Not sure though if it helps. A lot depends on what your endgame is... Use Loft to create an N-Gon. Turn geometry into quads (I didn't do it for the center in the attached screenshots). This is something you could subdivide and animate. I also had an idea using particles. I tried something with XParticles, it's just a roug idea though. I had the particles emit from a cirular array and have them collide with a wall made from your curved spline. Using an XP trail and Sweep you can create (quad) geometry. Not sure if you can do something similar witho
  20. Part 01 In part one of this 7-hour hard surface modelling tutorial, which has a running time of just over four hours, we will model the center part of a detailed Roman Arch structure. In the first modelling stage we will break the model apart and create a block-out of the main components of the center part of the Roman arch, adding only some basic detail. Then we will spend some time on spline modelling and create the profiles for the details to be added to the block-out pieces later. In the third and final stage we will use the profiles to add more
  21. This video is in response to a subscriber's request asking me whether I could do a summary of the Cinema 4D plugins, free or commercial, that I think am worth taking a look at. So I've put together a list of ones I like using, and I will briefly describe each of them in this video. In the following you will find the links to the plugins I mention in the video: A) Polygon Modelling 1) HB Modelling Bundle - commercial http://www.c4dstuff.com/products/hbmo... 2) NitroCap - commercial https://nitro4d.com/product/nitrocap/ 3) NitroCycle - commercia
  22. In this subdivision surface modelling excercise we will create a taboret wooden stool based on a real-world plan. You can download the plan and/or high-res reference images for free from craftsmanship.com: https://www.craftsmanspace.com/free-p... You can download a zip file containing three project files here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9i0in5ykis... I am using the following plugins in this video: HB Modelling Bundle: http://www.c4dstuff.com/products/hbmo... Points to Circle: R20 and newer: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cinema4D/com.
  23. In this tutorial we will use the XParticles 4 Circle Packer, which is specialized in creating discs or spheres that are not touching, and see if we can get it to pack squares that aren't touching... I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. Thanks for watching! Cheers contrafibbularities
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