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  1. Yes, the big problem here is the topology. SDS won't work with your mesh. I am assuming that the windows should be squarish, like Cerbera showed. In that case you will need all that geometry to get a pinch-free mesh under subdivision. Just for the sake of completion, I am adding an example with round windows. The same rules as mentioned by Cerbera apply. You will want evenly spread out geometry to make this work. If the windows should be round, never use only four sides. The minimum to create a circular shape should usually be eight (as a rule, even numbers, and preferably numbers
  2. There is a cheap plugin for C4D by C4DZone that might be just what you need for that job: https://www.c4dzone.com/en/shop/plug-ins-17/frame-generator-303.htm Cheers, contrafibbularities
  3. I don't have Arnold. In Corona, which is my preferred render engine, you can use Corona Multipass and add masks to render alphas of individual objects, so I did a quick Google search for something like that in Arnold. Seems like this tutorial shows what you're looking for:
  4. I don't know what the technical explanation for this issue might be, but I could solve the problem by reducing the Trigger Velocity Threshold in the Dynamics Tag of the Voronoi Fracture Object to -10. Then all of the pieces start falling to the ground after the sphere collides with the cylinder. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  5. You could try this series on Cineversity for starters: https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/getting_started_with_cinema_4d_r20/getting_started_with_cinema_4d_part_01_series_objectives_and_overview It seems you don't need to subscribe to Cineversity to be able to view those videos. The tutor is EJ from eyedesign, who does a great job with tutorials. Just scanned the introduction video, looks like a lot of fun and the projects look nice and interesting, too. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  6. I am assuming the texture pack you bought came as a .lib4d file. Just put in "MAXON - Cinema 4D Rxxx - Library - Browser". Once you've done that and open C4D, you can access the texture pack via the Content Browser. There's no reason why a texture pack shouldn't work with a demo version of the Corona Renderer. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  7. It's more like I see this general decline in interest in C4D modelling, not just with respect to my own videos. Sites like Vimeo have pretty much died down re C4D tutorials in general. Two years ago, that was completely different. And I actually preferred Vimeo because my channel there seemed to have an appeal mostly for a more professional clientele like motion graphics firms and movie people. I even got a few job offers there. YouTube is very different. All of what you said is true though, and the massive amount of content available today certainly makes being seen more difficult
  8. Thanks, Dave, I really appreciate it! And I'm glad to hear that there still are a few people like you out there who enjoy watching C4D modelling tutorials. With all the changes that have taken place in the past 10 years in the 3D and C4D world, and with so many people switching to Blender, Modo, Fusion etc. for modelling, I am sometimes surprised that my videos are being watcht at least by a small audience. True. But then again, at least for me, tutorials are a lot about getting inspiration from others. And it's always interesting to see how someone else's mind works and how
  9. Thanks for mentioning my YouTube channel in this thread - twice. Sorry for the confusion. I had to create a new e-mail account because for the past six months or so my contrafibbularities e-mail was spammed so much I had to close it down. YouTube ties your e-mail address to your e-mail account and they changed my user name to Wolf3D. I updated my e-mail address at the Cafe, too, but didn't want to bother anyone to change my pseudonym, too. That would be awesome, and I agree, we would all learn a lot. However, my guess is no. Cerbera is very active here at the Cafe
  10. In this subdivision surface modeling excercise we will create a scifi lid, creating clean quad topology. You can download a project file to follow along: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2aq0xswa5f5xevi/lid start file.7z?dl=0 I am using Holger Bierbach's "HB Modeling Bundle" in the video: http://www.c4dstuff.com/products/hbmodellingbundle I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. Thank you very much for watching! Cheers, Wolf3D
  11. In this tutorial we will SDS model a connection between cylinders using an angle other than 90 degrees that we can use to create objects like trusses, for example. The video is in response to a request I received for another tutorial I did a while ago ("Modeling pipe connections - Connecting pipes that have different diameters") I will add this new tutorial to a playlist that includes all the videos I did on connecting pipes. I hope you'll enjoy this video. Thanks for watching! Cheers Wolf3D
  12. What Cerbera said... The geometry is kind of acceptable, but not ideal for the reasons he mentioned. Here's two suggestions how you could improve the object: If you want to keep the polygon count low you could start with just a little more geometry than you used (image 1). The result will be more evenly spread polygons. In my opinion, the edges should go as indicated in image 2. That means (again, what Cerbera said) that you would need more geometry for that cylindrical extrusion. Image 3: You could start with the first object from image 1 and
  13. I remember that was on my wish list of tools to buy a long time ago. I don't have the plugin though, which is why it's not mentioned or demonstrated in my video. Had forgotten all about it...
  14. In the front view, open the "View" dropdown and select "Use as render view", after that you can render the front view to the Picture Viewr. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  15. Yes, it is pain to do something like that in Cinema. You can use a free plugin called "Magic Wedge Tool" by Nitro4D to do extrusions like the one you showed. It's one of my favourite modelling tools, and I use it all the time. https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-wedge-tool/ Cheers, contrafibbularities
  16. It would be helpful if you could upload the scene file so we can have a look at it and find out what's going wrong with your bevel deformer. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  17. You could probably set this up with joints and an IK rig. Personally, I'm a complete idiot when it comes to doing something like this, so for folding polygons the way you need to do it, I take the easy route, which is called "FoldIt" by C4DZone: https://www.c4dzone.com/en/shop/plug-ins-17/fold-it-1-0-257.htm I am attaching a short video (4x speed) that demonstrates how to fold geometry using that plugin. Basically, how it works is, - you select an edge, - then a polygon, - then create a "Fold", rotate it if necessary, and - when you've got all "Fold
  18. It would be helpful if you could provide more specific information, starting with which render engine you are using. "Unified sampling" seems to be a Redshift thing. I'm afraid I don't have Redshift, so I can't really help. Maybe a video tutorial on unified sampling might be helpful to improve your render. https://lesterbanks.com/2017/02/understanding-redshifts-unified-sampler/ This is one of them. If you google you will find more videos on unified sampling with Redshift. Cheers, contrafibbularities
  19. If you have the NitroCycle plugin by Nitro4D, you can even do a parametric setup like shown in the attached video. You can have a closer look at the plugin here: https://nitro4d.com/product/nitrocycle/ Cheers, contrafibbularities NitroCycle.mp4
  20. Another way requires a plugin (SuperVoxels). You could do something like in the attached image/c4d file. Cheers, contrafibbularities voxels.c4d
  21. It is, in my opnion, a bit unclear what your goal is. Do you want to fill that volume with enough planes to give the impression of the shape of the human character? If the character itself is not rendered, then what does it matter if the planes are visible outside that figure as long as the general human shape is recognizable? There's probably many ways to fill that character with planes. You could use one or more emitters and dynamics to emit planes inside the volume of the human figure to fill it up. For many of the body parts the planes in your example image are too big so the v
  22. Yes, it's probably best to do this with a plugin, otherwise you'd have to manually animate the tris. According to the comments under the video on Vimeo, this was done without any plugins in Maya. Must have been quite a bit of work... Kuroyume's Unfurl plugin used to be able do something like that. It is no longer available, but there is the Dépliage (Unfolder) plugin by CodeVonc: https://code.vonc.fr/?a=59 Cheers, Contrafibbularities 1-1.mp4
  23. @IgorI am assuming that the plugin works with Boolean operations, so the resulting topology will likely be similar to what you get with C4D's boole tools or plugins like MeshBoolean and the NitroBox Tool. You can download a demo for C4D and give it a try yourself. As soon as you indicate your e-mail address you can download the trial version. The demo only seems to work in R20/21. http://www.lwcad.com/html/main/new.php Cheers, contrafibbularities
  24. Whenever I need to do something like that I use a plugin called "Dépliage" (Unfolder) by CodeVonc: https://code.vonc.fr/?a=59 Things like folding boxing are really easy to set up with that plugin. I am attaching two basic examples I did with Unfolder. Cheers, contrafibbularities folding cube.mp4 folding cubes.mp4
  25. As far as I know, you can't do that with the "controller" you tried. You need to break the tangents, which is what you did in your first image, and that can only be done manually as far as I know. Maybe you can use PoseMorph to morph between the two states? I don't have that in Broadcast, so I couldn't try that. Does it have to be a closed spline? If not, the simplest solution might be to create two semi-circles and animate the rotation of one of them. However, if you use a Sweep Object (i.e. if you want to create actual geometry), it will not look like a single object. It works


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