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  1. Tell Tale Heart

    just as well... I don't know where that link came from! LOL It looks like a science podcast i listen too so maybe that link was somehow stuck in my clipboard. I find I get lots of weird things going on when I'm rendering in c4d and doing something else at the same time!
  2. Tell Tale Heart

    That cartoon you linked to below is most definitely a reference to this story! I
  3. Tell Tale Heart

    Cask of Amontillado is on my short list for Poe stories to adapt. It seems do-able for me as one person, which is the first consideration! really need to prepare the characters to get this on it's way, which is hardest and most intimidating part for me making these things. TRC #278_ This Will Make You Smarter + Predictions + Female Falsetto.mp3
  4. Tell Tale Heart

    Small update as I am working on a new Dramatic Reading animation at the same time. I made the floors with individual boards with no thickness except where they will be taken up to reveal what has happened to the old man. I have an entryway set to make and the three characters still to go. this will take awhile to complete.
  5. I have started another Poe short animation, The Tell Tale Heart. I am working out the main set now and then I'll start the characters, which might just be modifications of ones I have already made. The main set needed a bedroom door that when opened will allow a sliver of light to pose the open eye of the old man on the bed, so placement and lighting were tricky but I think it's been worked out. I Have to be able to take up floor boards so the main guy can hide the body parts of the old man there after he kills him. The blinds open and closer day and night shots. As always the hardest part for me is the characters, the main guy, old man and a policeman in this one!
  6. The Keys trailer

    Amazing and beautiful looking!
  7. In the future with Nostro-dumbass

    Thanks! I did a version of this 10 years ago when I was trying to do humans better and wasn't happy with it, even though it won a small prize in a festival. Originally there was too much set... a fake community TV station logo and a title card explains that this was supposed to be a show from the 50s staring a failed psychic ... WAY too much explaining for funny short animation. Your comment makes me think I made the right choice to speed it up in this version!
  8. Motion blus is in every shot, I use the reel smart motion blur plugin in AE to do it (and cut down on render times). Maybe I should have punched that up some more, especially when he is turning around... I guess I didn't think of it at the time. I should go over the AE files and see where it could be made more extreme. I kind of went about these last 3 shorts in a more and more seat of my pants way. In To Be or not to Be I studied some dramatic actors and silent films to get ideas for poses. I also stole from the film Grease and a couple super hero poses. This one I had a very strong idea where I wanted him to be. I imagined him more as teen on a bed surrounded by posters and went from there. I have filmed live shows before so I relied on those experiences for the camera set ups and started each new shot by posing the character In more or less the same position as he was in the last frame of the shot before. That way it flows like a multi camera theatre shoot. I do act it out first, but don't film it (I should, but it's embarrassing!) and spend a lot of time acting out the dialog myself hoping I remembered to close the blinds. I do think out the high and low energy points and mark them on my script so I have an idea what the timing should be. My take on the character is he is totally convinced he is a GREAT actor and people are there to see him ACT, so his motivation is the get more attention than the material and still convince himself he is one of the theatre greats. The voice acting itself is a source for how things are set up. Some things jump out as needing singling out in a close up... in this one when he says - a cheater!- for example. I go over it with the actor for a few hours before he records it on his own and then ask for changes and alternatives, edit the sound into Final Cut X and then export each segment I want as a clip as a separate file into C4D. I always want to edit the sound completely before animating so I don't waste time animating something that won't work. I also work out a plan for the shot progression but keep that loose as I find I get better ideas as I go along. Other projects I do more complex scripts and some storyboarding and pre-viz for complicated shots. For my short Dagon, I edits the entire thing as radio play first as it was all narration and then stripped out any narration that was just repeating what you were seeing on screen. Charles Webster Billingsworth the 3rd is pretty stream of consciousness at times! Sorry for the long winded response... I don't usually get ask about process and I think it's more interesting than talking technical stuff!
  9. Thanks Bob, I was afraid no one would remember the source material. I have to say, animating this character makes me feel like a crazy person, trying to get into his headspace and figure out what he'll do next!
  10. A compliment indeed! Merci! I am changing it slightly, adding some movement to the sheets and pillows at the end but it took about 13 days to animate. That being said, it's the third in the series so the character is made and stable and the set decorations are very simple. I have no paid work coming in so I was able to put a good 6-8 hours a day into it. The next one may or may not be the last, at least for awhile but it's based on MUCH more obscure material and will involve singing frogs coming out of toxic waste barrels during the performance. I need to set up a Skype call with the guy doing the voice to get that started!
  11. The third in this oddly continuing series of shorts I am doing. I have an even weirder choice of readings coming up! This time he was much more frenetic, as the subject matter seemed to want and I have him moving about more than in the previous two.
  12. Cactus Dan Hand tag replacement?

    If I could make it work adding it to a character template would be a great idea! I recently have been using R10 through a client and can't rely on CD tools like I do in my r16. I'd LOVE to see some one do something with his tools at some point . If anything happen it might be after r20 when a lot of plugins will need to be rewritten anyway to work in the new core.
  13. Cactus Dan Hand tag replacement?

    I LOVE convenient things! LOL I am sure if i put the time in I could, but would it be a tag I could just add to each new project? I really think MAXON should buy Dan's tools and integrate them into the current tools. I loved the audio leg, arm, fingers etc since the character object doesn't always fit the projects I'm working on.
  14. Cactus Dan Hand tag replacement?

    The beauty of the CD hand tags for me at least, was that it was independent of themorpvh tag and played well with it. You could have one for each hand and it could be keyed on and off if you wanted to do something extra.
  15. Cactus Dan Hand tag replacement?

    Very kind of you! I have a very strong feeling, given my terrible skills with expresso I would never get anywhere with them. MAXON should really offer Dan's family some cash and integrate some of his features. The character object doesn't work for everything!