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  1. Getting stuff done. I sort of cheated and did some of the saucer animation over the holidays while I was waiting on some voice stuf for my Poe animatin to get done so I'm further ahead than I would be. Not that there is a big hurry. I am about a minute in in what might be 3 minutes maximum. Ihave some complicated stuff coming up I also did tests on, like the robot's deadly laser ray gun, so I hope I'm prepared!
  2. Not a bad workflow. I think about getting a new render engine, but then my wallet tells me no! Someday. I use my laptop and team render which does help. I just keep making things more and more complicated which is part of the process I'm afraid!
  3. If he was, and in real life he certianly would be, I don't think he would read as the dog's owner as much. In my mind he is the "human" in this story. Plus he had to pilot a spaceship later on. :) The dog is giving me other problems than that though! I used the character object for the rigging and I cna't say I'm liking it at all. it's really hard to move him around without his paws twisting etc. I might re-rig him using cactus dan's tools since we can use them again now. Also Anthony, thanks for the feedback ! I like the look of the scenery, but it's a longer render than I thought to get that soft texture!
  4. Got a little farther along. I had a day of voice recording with my voice actor, Mike Luce this week. We did 2 scripts so I'll have stuff to work with for a while now. One thing I can't seem to remember is that when you scale the characters, the hair and fur don't scale with them! It took some time to get them looking right again!
  5. That's the one I was thinking of too!
  6. not exactly what I think you are looking for but maybe ti will work for you I have seen another that makes just the leaves move but I cna't remember where
  7. Great job! This show has amazing affects. My spouse is not a sci-fi fan at all but saw teh start of one episode and just said... "this is TV show? How can it look so good?" Gettign all the detail in your model can not have been easy.
  8. C4D does have Pyrocluster, which works off of thinking particles. So you can do something of what you want with it. I remmeber when it came out it seemed pretty amazing but it's prtty awful expecially compared to the plugins we have now.
  9. good job! You really had to plan to keep the eyes from passin in front of background objects I bet!
  10. Thanks! I did alot aof playig around to get the soft, almost illustrated look I wanted.
  11. I am going to look inot that. As I get more stuff done render times are becoming a problem even though I use team redner with my imac and laptop to cut them down a little,
  12. before The Raven I was slowly workign out some things for another cartoon project and decided on "Dog & Weasel" . I even did a few full renders out from the first script that were dialog free. I am about to set a recording session for 2 short films so it might keep me busy for awhile!. In the first short the dog (Watson - named after my dog) and Weasel (Jon Bellette - bellette is weasel in french) are play fetch when a space lands and a space robot comes out and attacks them. The second is them fishing to relax on scenic Lake Mess where they meet Messie, the monster of Lake Mess. I am going for a totally different look fro my other projects. Messie took me only a day to put together instead of the nomral month so maybe I amgettig better at modelling what I need. Maybe.
  13. A lot of this poem is more stylized speech or usng symbolic or somewhat obscure words for effect. I dont think many people used quaf instead of the word drink and nepenthe was just as obsure i think. It is a poem and not a story so he has more leeway with language i think. I read a lot of stuff from the early 1700s on so its more familiar sounding to me i bet. Thanks again for the kind words. I was pretty aprehensive about doing such a well known and well loved piece. Keeping it intestesting in such a limited setting was a big challenge.



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