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  1. Getting towards the end of the story. So far I have to redo very few sequences so taking more time for each is paying off.
  2. Me too, see of the features and interface choices were things I thought C4D would have come up with in some form years go. I really love the C4D interface and way of doing things over anyone else, but Blender is now a thing for me to learn and maybe not miss much in the end.
  3. The final product. I did do a little more detailing.
  4. OK I cheated big time. This went from fun to frustrating so decided to just cut the upper octagon section from a lightwave version of the ship, delete polys and move around points and boole in my windows on top. This will work for what I need it for right now which a series of 2001 posters I am doing highlighting one ship in each (And HAL, of course). I think at later date when I'm not so stressed out, I'll redo the landing gear completely so they can retract and do more work on the details. Now I have to work on the textures, the reflectivity and the lighting and find a really striking shot to put in my poster series. Thanks you guys for your input and help!
  5. I have used bones in the past, I should have maybe tried that this time but didn't. Simulating cloth is frustrating!
  6. Please turn i toff soon, I need the rest! I was just looking at using the projection feature to project my octagon on the surface of the sphere then extrude it slightly to get the effect I want. It could work I think.
  7. I am going to try some of that out Cairyn! I have been using the bevel tool with selections to make the rounded edges where I am want them. I added a generic grebe bump I made for some other 2001 models and i'f I wasn't sold on the octagon thing as it is in the film version, it would be good enough to use. I am not trying to 100% precise copy of the model, but I want to push it towards something I will really like. Cerbera... is that HAL as our avatar? It seems appropriate for this discussion!
  8. I am making a model of the Aries Shuttle from 2001: A space Odyssey and the top of the sphere has and octagon extrusion but I'm not sure how to do that. I think a hexagon spline and her projected onto the sphere somehow then I could me my selections and extrude. I operated the top of the supers so I could make a bump map and do it that way if I have to. But I would rather it be real geometry. I have wanted to model this for years and this little problem has always been the thing that stopped me! Thanks for any help anyone has to give!
  9. Fully renders scene showing off the lower catacombs.
  10. Character rigging is a bit of mess I've found. They are moving fast with its of changes so I think even in another 6 months it might be very different. As behind as C4D is with some rigging and character stuff, it's fairly easy to set up and with plugins even easier.
  11. Software render of Fortunato. I think I made the right call using animal and not human characters this time around.
  12. I am sure you are right. I don't have the cash to invest in these things anymore so I just try to get the most out of what I have and I honestly like the results in the standard renderer. Physical render has some nice features but it was slower. I think... not sure, that many of the third party renderers are faster and more accurate. I do motion blur and depth of field in post to save time. I think if my work was more photo real I would make the render engine a high priority.
  13. The standard C4D render... I know it's not popular but I like it and have learned to maximize well enough to save a lot of time tendering. I find playing with the lights can get me along way to a nice image in the standard render.
  14. I am really excited by these sneak peaks. I was afraid when i renewed My agreement with xparticles In December i wouldn’t see much of an upgrade, but they never disappoint. The new emitters features look cool as well!
  15. That would be an interesting feature! Many time I use object buffers to fake DOF as it saves time in rendering. I mostly render animations so I have become super keen on using Z maps, buffers etc in post.
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