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  1. First character's base model and rig is ready. He will have several changes of clothes and age a little, mostly he will be in cycling gear that I will have to make next. Using the surface deformer to add clothes to the base, rigged model and to seems to be working out. I am sure once I start animation I'll find a million more faults, but that's how it goes! I
  2. Working on the two characters now. The long haired guy works more for me the goatee guy but he os not the worst I have ever done. I haven't started rigging yet but I should soon to keep this thing moving along. Using exiting generic models and modifying them as always but going for a less cartoon look than usual but not too real. The got guy needs to go through a coupe changes but the long haired guy goes through a dramatic one as the film progresses and that and how to change the clothing will have to be worked out. I went over the script yet another time and cut a scene out that seemed superfluous for a film that should be more simple.
  3. Nicely done. The movement seems perfect.
  4. Another test animation in a new set. Again. almost but not quite a real place. The real place is on West Newton Street in Boston where I saw the butterfly swarm with my friend. A little more info at my blog.
  5. Update the Montreal street. Made some needed changes visually but also for the render time from 3 minuted 11 seconds to 4 seconds a frame, a HUGE improvement. The tricks Used for this won't work for many of the other shots but I have to save on render time where I can! more info at my blog
  6. Sure, if they are still in business or have the time. Some of the plugins I have are older ones or free.
  7. I am on V19 of C4d and while update ing to Catalina went pretty smoothly I did have an issue with some of my 80 plugins. About 30 plugins with a .dylib extension got a message asking to dump them in the trash because Apple could not verify the vender. Because this was similar to when you buy an app outside the app store or from a vendor who hasn't gone though being certified officially through Apple, I thought the trick to open the files for them might work with the plugins and it did. Go to the login in question and find the .dylib file Do not double click it but right click and use the open option in the menu This will open the terminal window and let you open the file and also let the system know it's ok to do so When you restart c4d the plugin should work as usual
  8. Very good advice. taking the time to set things up really does pay off in the end!
  9. Another set, pretty much the interior of my home studio... more or less. I have a larger desk with two monitors. Two more exteriors to go, maybe three. Well, probably three.
  10. I had not thought of that route. If I add them later it make rendering the shot go much faster which is where I am leaning towards now. I have a feeling much of this will change when I get to the actual animating it part!
  11. It took me longer than it should have to figure this out. Lots of work lately getting in the way of getting my own projects done! I will need 100s of butterflies in two shots so my plan is to mix and max 5 versions of the flocking with various numbers of butterflies and various patterns on plane since most of them will be in the middle to background.
  12. Something I separate my scene into sections I can turn on and off. I might have the characters and the floor in one, the backdrop in another etc. This way I can work with more detail on the part I am animating at the moment. You have to remember to make those elements visible angle again for the render I forget sometimes and it's super annoying!
  13. Another scene almost done. This one is taking a little longer to render than I would like so I'll have to work on that. It need a few more details as well.
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