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  1. Thanks! I thought it should be as cute as possible to counter the content.
  2. My voice guy refused to 'say those words" even though they would bleeped! I thought I held back - I must have a better vocabulary than I thought.
  3. CApruzzese

    Adding shoes to character

    Could you try the surface deformer? I use it for adding accessories to characters but I haven't tried it with shoes.
  4. I finished 2 of them already! They are sort of adult oriented in that there is bleeped out bad language. Not sure where that falls on the "mature content" scale. The second one is shorter and less funny since you know what to expect, think. But overall i like the world o built and the look and colour palette.
  5. CApruzzese

    Fat Chance - short film

    So different from Two Worlds! I love the atmosphere and the liquid environment you created for this! Great work, again!
  6. CApruzzese


    Another amazing project! Your texturing is so incurable and I have not seen anything like it anywhere else. The drool was so simple - and worked so well!
  7. On to the next short in this series. likely the last. The farmer I had made before, I have a small supply of generic characters to draw on now for projects to make things go faster. I did discover he had a strange "crotch issue" entered in the pelvis joint that I can compensate for by rotating the pelvis when it crops up but I'll have to rework his rigging and weighting after this is done to avoid that in the future.
  8. Good god! I need glasses now! It's a hair simulation, with kink and frizz, thicker roots and no specular. I added a colours light from the side to give it some detail but reduced that becuase I thought a cleaner white was better.
  9. The wood was too easy. I kist took a square format image of a texture, grouped all the fence elements and applied it to all of them. Its actually a rack but stretched out across all those objects, it looked like the wood I wanted. I also used the point set, set to crumple on the wood so nothing would be exactly straight and even. I am really liking the look as well and now I would like to more stuff like this. (visually).
  10. I am getting close to the animation part. My normal voice guy doesn't want to work on this so it will be all me this time and I'll have to use some audio tricks to make the voices work. The dynamic joints in the ears have been trouble to work with for some reason but I think I have that solved. Working on depth of field stuff and camera set-ups until I can record the dialog.
  11. So I started another little project based on something a friend said when he discovered a friend's farm I visit had sheep. Apparently he thinks they are gross and it gave me an idea and an excuse to do something in a new style that's much lighter and cartoon looking. I am thinking there might be 2 or 3 of them each under a minute since it's a simple one joke concept.
  12. CApruzzese

    Weasel (belette)

    Cannot say I found it any simpler but I was inspired (shamed - LOL) into trying a little bodypaint to soften the texture transitions. I used 3D coat to unwrap and did get pretty far with learning some new stuff. SO thanks Everfresh for pushing me1
  13. CApruzzese

    CMotion centipede-WIP

    really well done, I like the environment as well!
  14. CApruzzese

    ST III Spacedock

    this is really getting a sense of scale to it! Good work!