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  1. Done... this was hard one to get through, mostly because of the sad memories but also 15 locations and more real looking human characters. I don't know any musicians anymore so I had to resort to old clips from my collection when I used Soundtrack Pro. I went for a more cinematic look especially with all the cycling shots.
  2. I really like it! Will Iftars work on older versions of C4D or just new ones? (I use V19).
  3. Another quick update. The cyclist is in his hotel room after a long day's ride. I wanted it to be dark, sort of lonely and the TV and what is on it will show up in the next scene which takes place in the past. I didn't want the light for the TV to be too harsh and since there is a cinematic element to the res tooth film I thought some extra grain for the ow light situation would look appropriate.
  4. I didn't think about it, but this is my second poem in a row! The Raven, now this. Michael Keamy, the narrator has wanted to do this for a long time and I think the animation worked out. Maybe I should try more? Might be interesting!
  5. That is good to know, I don't have nudity often... this might be the first time but it does come up time to time. I use the standard render engine with C4D, I actually like it. I have used physical redness in the pass, especially before I started doing motion blur and depth of field in post. As for getting Redshift or Octane, I simply don't have the money for anything like that. While I get into festivals, I don't get much paid work for 3D since the last few years and when I do, it's been poorly paid stuff I take to stay afloat. I have thought of getting Cycles, but it seems weird to pay for that when I also am starting to use Blender which has Cycles include for free!
  6. I took a break from my 25 year later project to do this for someone else. I won't post the finished video here because there is some nudity in it and I am pretty sure that is against the rules here! For those who are still curious you can see the animation and my post about it on my blog: http://behemothmedia.blogspot.com/2020/01/28-young-men-animation.html It's pretty different from my gothic horror and cartoon stuff and I used some techniques I had not tried before, the ocean water for example. Michael Keamy, who this project was for also had a specific place in mind as it was going to be shot live action at first so I went to that place and had video and photo references to work from which I think added to the overall finished look. The Poem is from famous writer Walt Whitman about lonely woman imagining she is among the young bathers she watches them cavorting on the beach near her house. It's deeper than that but that's the basic idea.
  7. I recently used object buffers to make a transparent ghost effect in an animation. I animated the scene with the buffer and then re-rendered it without the ghost character and used the buffer to add her back in in After effects with the option to make it as solid or transparent as I wanted. So yes it should work and yes you will need to made a render without the buffered object as well.
  8. you might try making a boole object with a box and a sphere and play with the fog shader on the boole object. I did a really quickie look at that and the interior was fairly clear while the outside was foggy. not sure that is wha toy want and I don't have time to run more tests, but maybe it will help.
  9. Thanks! I sent it in by the post but stye haven't signed for it yet. Makes me nervous!
  10. Very true, Wacom is reliable hardware, not o reliable drivers. I had a super cheap tablet for 10 years... until the driver stopped working. Getting a less known brand can be a crapshoot.
  11. Wacom is the highest end tablet out there and I don't think the iPad is great for controlling the computer. great, fantastic even for drawing on it. I recently bought a huron tablet for my iMac and I think it's great after using a Wacom for decades. So maybe look into some other companies, might be a goof match and be a lot less money.
  12. I bought it! It's pretty good and it fills a hole in my C4D workflow that I was looking fill for years. It is not perfect in every circumstance, of course, but it's really useful.
  13. Thanks Bob, it was little depressing this summer, got a lot of rejections and this was the last place on the list I sent it to so I was really happy they chose it!
  14. Thank you, i did preproduction for a while and then about 9 months to get it animated. I spent a few days going over the text with the voice actor, usually its just a couple gours but he was really into this project.
  15. My film the Raven was selected for the Sunrise film festival in Nova Scotia! I have no illusions that it will win anything but being shown is a big deal for me.
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