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  1. I also use fur instead of hair on characters for the reason the mentioned but I have never had this problem. I realized I never use clump but always used frizz and kink without problems. Could you maybe use those in a way that Approximates clump? or maybe use hair but turn the dynamics for it off? Nice character BTW!
  2. These new rigs look amazing. I was wondering if they are available somehow for those of us on earlier versions , like V19 for example. I can't upgrade to 22 but I might be able to spring for the new templates.
  3. I have to say this has features I have been waiting tears for, especially as a character animator. Body paint isn't where they said it would be years ago but it did get some needed updates it seems. I am not keen on nodes still, it's not as wonderfully intuitive to me as it seems to be for most people but I see it as a step forward to a more modern program. The pose features are very close to nitro pose but more integrated and powerful. Sadly, I just don't have to money to go from V19 to this and won't in the foreseeable future and I am not going on a subscription model. So bravo to MAXON for
  4. https://www.ahith.com/events/the-cask-of-amontillado Ticket information is now available!
  5. Thanks Igor I put a lot into it and my other project "25 years later" and honestly... it drained me. I normally have several things in the works and I'm a little worried that I don'y have anything right now! I am hoping to get back to my reading of gothic tales and get inspired again!
  6. My last Gothic horror animation, Cask of Amontillado was chosen for the "Another Hole in the head" film festival in San Francisco. This year it is online like many other festivals and I might be asked to do a Q&A as well. online means anyone anywhere can see it now so I hope I reach a lot of people and they like the film! https://www.ahith.com/mrholeheadswarpeddimension
  7. I haven't used it for anything specific, but i have been playing with it. Sadly I am sort of out of ideas for things at the moment to work on, Normally I have 1-3 things in a pot boiling in the back of me head. Not lately.
  8. Won't argue the text could be better, maybe even smaller. Most people see to be watching these on their phone and really small so I opted for a less elegant choice to be sure! I do like the idea of super short, just a few interesting facts science videos. You could do an hour or more on each but I think these have more impact. If I do another I might rethink the text on the earlier ones and keep them consistent. thanks Igor! ,
  9. Another space project under my belt. This time I was more free with some of the visuals in terms of accuracy but I don't think I crossed any serious lines. I got to use X Particles as well.
  10. You might be able to cheat and hide some cloth geometry between the two cells that can tear apart by animating the tear at the same time they break apart. If you have X-particles I think this effect would be easier to accomplish. Not a cloth expert so it's just a hunch it might work.
  11. Music is one of my many weak points, that will help a lot!
  12. I often just do a search for his res images and see what come up where, but I have these in my books because I was going to them a-lot. https://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/models http://planetpixelemporium.com/earth8081.html
  13. Thanks guys... I am encouraged to do more. I worked on models of Saturn and Io yesterday as a possible new short in this vein.
  14. I don't do anything super special, I think some of it is just the rendering has improved over the years as you said. When preparing a pre-made star field, I do up the black values in Affinity Photo which takes away some of the one pixel only stars and some of the smaller ones so there is less chance of the problem with the software not knowing whether to show the white pixel of the black one next to it while anti-aliasing is going on. Adding the stars in post can help a lot as well. I have more problems with bricks shimmering and having to up the AA setting than I do with stars! It might just
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