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  1. Weasel (belette)

    Cannot say I found it any simpler but I was inspired (shamed - LOL) into trying a little bodypaint to soften the texture transitions. I used 3D coat to unwrap and did get pretty far with learning some new stuff. SO thanks Everfresh for pushing me1
  2. CMotion centipede-WIP

    really well done, I like the environment as well!
  3. ST III Spacedock

    this is really getting a sense of scale to it! Good work!
  4. Weasel (belette)

    On more update as it's working and ready for... I have no idea. Something. Now to put some time aside to try bodypaint again and see if I'm less dumb about it this time out!
  5. Weasel (belette)

    That example is my dream of being able to model well, I really am an animator trying to do it all and just advancing very very slowly. I have always thought if I could just get myself to understand bodypaint I could advance to a new level with my stuff.
  6. Weasel (belette)

    I tried using bodypaint again and after a couple hours just gave up. I can't even get the basics... this after buying Kiwi's course and tons of videos... I am missing some thing basic on my understanding of it. I have used it to do really minor stuff on the past, terrible done stuff I should add! I am actually pretty happy with this. meaning it came out better than I hoped considering my modelling limitations. What I should do is make a small project JUST to learn bodypaint over again from scratch. I even spend a small fortune on 3D Coat awhile back to help with the unwrapping and that wasn't enough to get me to the next step!
  7. Weasel (belette)

    I didn't think to use the fed to play with the modelling, might try that out. The white colouring is not wrong, weasels have all sorts of patterns and configurations I discovered while researching them. Am I being lazy but not unwrapping him? Yes, that and my total incompetence with Bodypaint but you might have pushed me into giving it another shot! The arms were made separately and aded on, which is why the wire frame is the real poly count as they needed to match for me to attach them. That and the higher poly count seems to help the fur look better to me.
  8. Weasel (belette)

    Some updates: fur improvement and added some black hair to the tail smaller with larger pupils working on his expressions now before doing the joints and weighing.
  9. So I started another character that I have no idea what to do with. It was n my head a couple months and I finally got it into C4D. Tweaking and rigging will be next. I have a good idea how he can move around. not sure if he should have cloths or accessories, I'll have to work that out before I started rigging.
  10. how can Blender be free?

    I find nodes difficult to get my head around, I can get very basic things done in c4d expresso nodes but i see how nodes could be made to improve and customize so many things. I hope blender has a "simpleton" mode for dense people like me to be able to use it better! LOL I am learning it slowly but right now it's still confusing coming from c4d.
  11. Tell Tale Heart

    To be honest, animation was something I have always been into, since I worked with actual film but I was finding it impossible to tell stories by gathering actors and other people to get that done so... one want studio it is! For me it's about telling stories and it's AMAZING to me I get to do it like this. Keeps me off the streets! (Mostly).
  12. Tell Tale Heart

    You are too kind as always!
  13. Tell Tale Heart

    Done I guess! I didn't rush through this by any means and it pointed out some things I improving with but still need to work on. Like walking characters... I think I tend to exaggerate walks because of my Dramatic reading series where everything is exaggerated! I have a couple Poe's tales on the back burner, they will stay there for now I want to work on a couple new characters and hoping a new series plus a new Dramatic reading short. I HATE my voice but it's all I had for this one, sorry!
  14. Tell Tale Heart

    Still moving along on this thing. I am a little over 2/3rds done with the animation. The police officer is pretty poorly done in terms of his geometry and I thought I could just fake it... and i can but it's more problem than it's worth in the long run. This image is slightly gruesome, but blame Poe not me, didn't write it! :)
  15. Making Toast

    I had to to do this for TV project and just made toast, scanned it and use the image as texture with some bump. It worked out fine for what i needed it for.