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  1. have you tried this with cloth? Seems like it might get you where you want. It's harder to control though.
  2. CApruzzese

    The raven

    Another small detail to the set. It was fun to design the label so I hope it's somewhat visible in the final cut.
  3. CApruzzese

    Lip Sync

    I would say it depends on your project. if you are using cartoon or less realistic 3d characters, you have more leeway. I have found that just making several morphs like open closed, "O" smile, frown, show teeth etc can be mixed into very serviceable lip sync. I find the important thing is to hit the most obvious sound with the most obvious looking shape for that sound. It all depends on what you are doing and how precise your end result really needs to be.
  4. CApruzzese

    The raven

    Rendered in C4d then worked on in Affinity photo to give it more painterly look. There will be close ups on it so I thought it merited extra attention.
  5. CApruzzese

    The raven

    portrait of Lenore in scene
  6. CApruzzese

    The raven

    Lenore, the living version. She will need some minimal rigging so I can pose her for the portrait over the fireplace. I will need a ghostly version and then have her dress wrapped on the bed. She isn't in the poem physically but her presence has to be strong visually I think to make the animation more interesting and work.
  7. CApruzzese

    The raven

    I am not sure exactly, it has been in my collection of misc items for a long time and i have seen it used in several toutorials on using materials like sub surface scattering and on several free model sites over the years. I thought it might work as something interesting on the mantel.... i guess it got your attention!
  8. CApruzzese

    The raven

    A small step forward. Narrator is rigged. Having a bizarre issue with the texture on the shoes, some grey is showing through the black but it's not geometry. I'll work it out. I am probably going to do more post tone mapping than I usually do but that is along ways off to think too much about now.
  9. CApruzzese

    The raven

    Merci! I do sort of go for that creepy puppet look... I can't help it, I am just drawn to that I guess. of course adapting Poe in this case And Lovecraft in a few others lends itself to that sort of look. I have to make a "nice" lenore for use in the final painting over the fireplace and another version. A dead, ghostly one.
  10. CApruzzese

    The raven

    Slowly working on this, I have to admit I have obsessed with another project called "Dog and Weasel" which is a lot of fun. I am working on the narrator now and have some ideas for the lost Lenore. Also the raven is pretty much ready except I am deciding on the colour of it's feathers. Pure black in tis dark room makes it invisible so I'll make it a dark grey and maybe add a red light to set it apart from the background.
  11. CApruzzese

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB graphics You might be right! The card might be the problem! I usually use the updated graphic card software from Nividia but they have not updated it for Mojave yet so I am using the Mac version and so far I don't see a difference.
  12. CApruzzese

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    2013 iMac, not problems at all with C4D or Xparticles etc. I don't have Cycles. The transition to manage was super smooth for me.
  13. CApruzzese

    Cactus Dan tools available again soon!

    People like me! I find the character objects are not as good for some things as I would like or overly complicated. I also miss a couple of features exclusive to Dan's plugins. They won't provide plugin support BTW just make then available.
  14. https://insydium.ltd/news/latest-news/cactus-dan/ Insydium has made my love them even more with some new project called bridge that will let us use older plugins on newer versions of C4D is a read it right, but clearly states they are bringing back Cactus' Dan's tools! So excited!
  15. CApruzzese

    The raven

    A couple updates. I have to start on the main characters soon.