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  1. wow, I love everything about this. From the b7w to the warner brothers looking titles.
  2. I have Turbulence FD and Particles and you can use them both together, but if the Explosia FX gets integrated as well as I imagine it will be, Turbulence FD might not be needed in my workflow so much. Right now I do love working with it.
  3. Very kind of you to say that. I have just this week learned a few more technical things that have eluded my for years that I hope in incorporate into the next project. So my goal is to keep that feeling and keep advancing in my skills.
  4. The world was much more isolated back then, and quiet and wild. I grew up reading Poe,etc (and Verne) so i hope I am plugging into that vibe without overdoing it.
  5. merci! I have got some good feedback from this one! People seem to be getting what I was hoping they would get out of it. I am still not great at making the characters but I am getting better at that and doing more complex rigging.
  6. I have started things and almost finished them only to decide it was terrible or not working and then started all over again. I once worked on a TV show and they changed the main character I had been animating ½ way through the episodes! All 200 clips I had done already had to be redone! (after that I started seriously using reference objects just in case!
  7. Well it's done! Nothing is ever perfect... but I'm glad to have advanced little further each project. The spectral hound was challenging and the fire place was a nice additional effect I learned (turbulence FD). I should mention the end might be little gruesome for some, it passes quickly and isn't worse than the melting corpse from my last lovecraft animation - I think.
  8. you might be able to do this with Nitroblast's cut feature... but I think it would still take a lot of work. I am only on V16 so I haven't been able to check out the voronoi factor features.
  9. I should mention I did need to animate the strength of the jiggle to avoid his head going through the hat, but that did not take long. I really want to finish this project, just waiting on the doctor's dialogue to get recorded!
  10. thanks! It was a simple way to get what I wanted. I just have to remember to turn the jiggle on for the final render! (It slows down the viewport) there is, the hat might have been more real looking if I used dynamic joints but I wanted a simpler solution
  11. I little software render test clip. You can easily see the jiggle effect on the night cap I used instead of cloth simulation.
  12. First thanks for sharing this rig and making those tutorials on Vimeo! I learned a lot since I have been avoiding the preset rigs for years and I feel like I might finally just bite the bullet and use them on my next project. (I have been using Cactus Dan's tools but as we all sadly know, that solution will not work if I upgrade to another version of c4d now). I tend to use all FK but I'd really like to do something really cartoony and bendy!
  13. I want to buy this some day. Unfortunately I bought 3D coat first and while I am happy enough with it, this was EXACTLY what I was looking for and a lot less money in addition to be in C4D itself. I try to write reviews for any independent software/plugin I use. I would encourage everyone else to do the same as it really helps the developers and face it- its nice to know at the very lest your efforts were appreciated!
  14. I started animation with stop motion and yes.. I seem stuck in that sort of movement because I love that looks so much. Each project I learn what i need to, after so many years you'd think I'd be a total expert but I'm not sure that is possible with so many functions in 3D now. I am thinking of putting a short dialogue on the café soon since I am still waiting to get the doctor's dialogue recorded. In the meantime I am working on a Poe film next and have been making the sets for that one and talking to the actor who will narrate it.