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  1. I should mention I did need to animate the strength of the jiggle to avoid his head going through the hat, but that did not take long. I really want to finish this project, just waiting on the doctor's dialogue to get recorded!
  2. thanks! It was a simple way to get what I wanted. I just have to remember to turn the jiggle on for the final render! (It slows down the viewport) there is, the hat might have been more real looking if I used dynamic joints but I wanted a simpler solution
  3. I little software render test clip. You can easily see the jiggle effect on the night cap I used instead of cloth simulation.
  4. First thanks for sharing this rig and making those tutorials on Vimeo! I learned a lot since I have been avoiding the preset rigs for years and I feel like I might finally just bite the bullet and use them on my next project. (I have been using Cactus Dan's tools but as we all sadly know, that solution will not work if I upgrade to another version of c4d now). I tend to use all FK but I'd really like to do something really cartoony and bendy!
  5. I want to buy this some day. Unfortunately I bought 3D coat first and while I am happy enough with it, this was EXACTLY what I was looking for and a lot less money in addition to be in C4D itself. I try to write reviews for any independent software/plugin I use. I would encourage everyone else to do the same as it really helps the developers and face it- its nice to know at the very lest your efforts were appreciated!
  6. I started animation with stop motion and yes.. I seem stuck in that sort of movement because I love that looks so much. Each project I learn what i need to, after so many years you'd think I'd be a total expert but I'm not sure that is possible with so many functions in 3D now. I am thinking of putting a short dialogue on the café soon since I am still waiting to get the doctor's dialogue recorded. In the meantime I am working on a Poe film next and have been making the sets for that one and talking to the actor who will narrate it.
  7. I didn't do that for this project, but it's a good idea. Most of the animation takes place in a room with light coming mostly from a fireplace. My biggest issues are coverage, I keep forgetting where the clone function, that used to fill hairs is and getting a natural hairline. I only know the basics, maybe less since I rarely used it before. I have an idea for a cartoon dog though and I'd really like to use hair to it's fullest for that.
  8. I am, but i have problems with it lately. Luckily I wanted him to have thinning hair! I also used Nitro4D's magic book plugin to control the page flipping. It's not good for all circumstances but It was a time saver for me this time out.
  9. it's something I almost always tear my hair put over then remember what the problem is!
  10. is there a phong tag? I find that I have to add one to imported models to smooth them out usually.
  11. A quick update. Still working hard on this (and an Edgar Allen Poe animation) but it's stalled a bit while I wait for the second voice part to be recorded. In this shot the doctor is reading downstairs and hears his patient ringing the servant's bell to indicate he has awakened again with another hallucination. I have not put anything of this online yet so you'll have to download the file, sorry. reading.m4v
  12. I like them both but the second one is amazing. Looks very silent era Fritz Lang!
  13. You may and I am going simple with this one. I tried to use cloth to animate a lab coat on my last project and it s was a disaster. I have added a jiggle deformer to the sleeping cap so the will move around little and I might do the same to the lower part of the dressing gown. Just to give it a little secondary movement. I might put a sheet over him one clip using cloth and see how that goes since it's a simpler simulation to run.
  14. Moving along, The hell hound is done -I am working out a Ghostly effect" for it and this is the remaining character. Almost there then he needs to be rigged and I can start animating. Still waiting to get some dialog recorded though!
  15. Duh. I thought I had hit unhide all after each perfect split, apparently I just hid the geometry and thought I would NEVER be so dumb as to forget to unhide it. Well, I AM that stupid. Thanks Sigor as usual you are a huge help!