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  1. Dagon - new animation

    From script to final version it was about 300 hours of work. I started it in September. There was a break waiting for the narration to be recorded, then a short break for me to finish my 2 "Dramatic Readings" shorts. Then it was work every day until it was done. RodeoFX does have an office here, haven't found anything I can get my foot in the door with there. I worked on the 2 seasons of a show for a studio called Apartment 11 that does children's shows that went really well and we got nominated for an international Emmy... but not more work after that! It's a lot of getting your foot in the door and I have small feet apparently.
  2. Dagon - new animation

    Thank you! I get good feedback from this gothic horror shorts. Now this one is done I want to step back a little (It's the 6th in the series so far!) Ans reevaluate what i want from doing them. I DO want to keep doing them though!
  3. Dagon - new animation

    I would love to have a budget and at least one other person working with me on something someday! LOL I have had zero contracts for a while now, it's really slow here so Have plenty of time to work on stuff at least. Have 4 more animations planned for this year, but not gothic horror. Looking forward to doing more cartoon and funny stuff.
  4. So I finished another Lovecraft animation for my series. I tried some new tings in this ones, like more effects wrk and using the autorités for the main character. It also takes place mostly outside which is new for me with these projects. I tried to push the soundscape a lite further as well.
  5. Evolution of my renders

    render look amazing! I would change the animation from easing in and out to linear and you'll get a better look to the ship moving in y opinion of course!
  6. Swim Eddie! Swim!

    Manually, I can't imagine a real person moving like that! LOL I do use video reference for some things, notably there is a part I used the Greased Lightning dance number from Grease and even some ballet stuff.
  7. Can displacement flicker be fixed?

    New version and that flipping is gone! Thanks for everyones feedback, is used the solution suggested by Cerbera to make it work but all the other suggestions were also possible solutions.
  8. Can displacement flicker be fixed?

    I guess I'll have to take another look at bodypaint! I have been using 3D coat.
  9. Can displacement flicker be fixed?

    I haven't even heard of that feature! I just tried the tube in sections using the array object, did a quick test and no flipping of the textures! maybe it couldn't handle that whole curve at once. I'll post a new version, if it works out. I render the station operate from the earth and the stars and moon are both operate images composited in AE. It's 20 seconds a frame so it will take a while to see if it works from start to finish. Plus I couldn't help but change a few details and add a slight reflection so it's rendering slower than before.
  10. Can displacement flicker be fixed?

    I made just one ring section and tried several things. The displacement is not the problem as I tried it with just the bump, and just the texture and it still flipped in the same place. The topology could not be simpler unless it was a cube. it does re-enforce my experience that the smallest things are the hardest to do in the end with no problems. I might try and remake the texture itself on a different scale so I'm not tiling it 4 times and see if that helps. UV mapping is drag for me, i never get it to work right but it seems a very viable solution. I should try the breaking it into sections as you suggest as well.
  11. Can displacement flicker be fixed?

    At the start it was exactly like you have CBR, then I kept playing with it. Making that indent as you show cebera)stopped the texture flipping there, but seemed to push it somewhere else. That was also just a clean geometry until I played with the stick texture tag which even turning it on and off started to affect the geometry which was something I didn't think was possible. It didn't look good with anything other than the cubic . Maybe I will make the station over and see if I can avoid some of the later problems created by fooling with it so much!
  12. Controlled cube rolling

    I was happy to discover that plugin was updated1 And the egg object as well!
  13. Every couple years I rework a couple older projects to see improvements. This time it's my space station test. Originally the 23 seconds took over 20 hours to render, 2016 it was about 12, this time 1 ½ hours. So huge improvement not just with my computer but how I did the rendering. The big time savers were no AO n this one... it's too big an object to really need it at this distance and I used displacement gruelling over modelling which looks a lot better ti me and gives it more sense of size. Now the problem. There are some polygons that suddenly change from one image to another , flickering back and forth even tough it's one textures, but tiled. In the video, the most noticeable flicker starts at 9 seconds in the place indicated in the still image. I have tried adding more polygons, checking to see if they are all aligned, adding the texture to polygon selections, changing the mapping (cubic works the best), I've forgotten how many things I've tried but it persists. I am thinking its unavoidable maybe. Just for fun I include an image of the old one with the new one. station2018.c4d.zip
  14. what a great project! I loved the tie fighter's design, it was really different from other spaceship designs over the years.
  15. Swim Eddie! Swim!

    Merci! I am glad some one thought it was funny! I love Derek Jacobi but never saw the Fraser episode with him. I decided to see if the first one I did with him "To be or not to be" could get into a festival or two. I have three more in planning stages but I really need to get to work on my next Lovecraft film first.