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  1. That is a really interesting way to do hair, something I always struggle with.
  2. I am partial to square format, years of using it with medium format cameras back in the day, i think.
  3. So here is an early test using the butterfly. I have done a couple tests with flocks of them but they haven't worked out yet. I think with x particles I should make maybe 4 butterflies with wings flapping at different rates so they aren't all flapping in unison. I have to design the characters for this project, something I am not great at and constanty struggle with.
  4. Using the parallax bump feature you can get fairly close and it will still look good I have found.
  5. I have a message to them now, they will send me an email with the answer sooner than later I hope. Plus I have the client on the case to make one in a format I can deal with. FBX, obj and even lightwave files I have had good luck with in the past. This is coming from auto cad, I can't imagine it can't export to obj at least!
  6. Does that plugin work on Mac? I t didn't say so on the webpage and the examples to be on Windows. The gigs file I got took about 5 minutes to open so not too bad, but what a mess it was!
  7. That's the plugin I was looking at, this is a new and not well financed project so I will have to see what they are willing to pay for. They also sent me a .igs file which c4d opens but in a manner that is quite abstract looking! LOL
  8. Is there a quick and free way to get .max files into c4d? I have a client who is sending files I can not read despite giving them the list of those I can. Of course there is a tight deadline as well!
  9. Quick feedback.... it works wonderfully! Nest step is the work out the swarming part. I am going to do several versions with an alpha channel so I can add them in post of have them as a texture on a plane for more distant groups of butterflies to cut down on render time and avoid use x particles caches.
  10. Nice work! I have done a few with hand animating the wings but this time I need 100s, maybe 1000s of butterflies!
  11. That is exactly the solution I needed! I can't thank you enough. The symmetry object will do the trick. I think if I use x particles and avoid collisions and maybe the flocking function I can get what I need. This project is going to be very different for me, its very personal and I want to get ahead of any problems before I start animation.
  12. I need to make a flock of butterflies for a future project. I made a close up version which has wings I manually flap but for the flocks I will need a simple model and thought I would use the vibration tag on each wing. This works well for one wing but when I use the same page with the same settings, they flap out of sync..... what am I missing? My plan is to use particles or even the c4d particles to do the flocks. I swear I solved this years ago.....
  13. This looks great! I made one a few years ago that isn't nearly as fun. I hope you rig and animate it!



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