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  1. Thanks! I sent it in by the post but stye haven't signed for it yet. Makes me nervous!
  2. Very true, Wacom is reliable hardware, not o reliable drivers. I had a super cheap tablet for 10 years... until the driver stopped working. Getting a less known brand can be a crapshoot.
  3. Wacom is the highest end tablet out there and I don't think the iPad is great for controlling the computer. great, fantastic even for drawing on it. I recently bought a huron tablet for my iMac and I think it's great after using a Wacom for decades. So maybe look into some other companies, might be a goof match and be a lot less money.
  4. I bought it! It's pretty good and it fills a hole in my C4D workflow that I was looking fill for years. It is not perfect in every circumstance, of course, but it's really useful.
  5. Thanks Bob, it was little depressing this summer, got a lot of rejections and this was the last place on the list I sent it to so I was really happy they chose it!
  6. Thank you, i did preproduction for a while and then about 9 months to get it animated. I spent a few days going over the text with the voice actor, usually its just a couple gours but he was really into this project.
  7. My film the Raven was selected for the Sunrise film festival in Nova Scotia! I have no illusions that it will win anything but being shown is a big deal for me.
  8. Almost 2 ½ minuted done so far and this is the final; render of test I showed here earlier. I have some re-rigging to do and re-weighting for the more involved scenes with the character, but nothing too serious.
  9. Thanks for telling us about your experience.I am planning to start learning Blender again after the new year. I have three C4D projects going now but I need to think of a simple Blender project to get me motivated. The C4D viewport slowdown while animating characters has been a big limitation for me and a source of frustration.
  10. I plan to put a big effort into learning Blender this winter. I am on V19 and will stay here until C4D becomes a better product for me again or until I switch to Blender completely. I was very excited about the ability to turn tri's to quads in this new version. Evee is really something, one big problem C4D has in my workflow is that I have to turn off so many things to animate more than 2 characters in the viewport efficiently and Blender might not have that problem. I'll find out this winter.
  11. First character's base model and rig is ready. He will have several changes of clothes and age a little, mostly he will be in cycling gear that I will have to make next. Using the surface deformer to add clothes to the base, rigged model and to seems to be working out. I am sure once I start animation I'll find a million more faults, but that's how it goes! I
  12. Working on the two characters now. The long haired guy works more for me the goatee guy but he os not the worst I have ever done. I haven't started rigging yet but I should soon to keep this thing moving along. Using exiting generic models and modifying them as always but going for a less cartoon look than usual but not too real. The got guy needs to go through a coupe changes but the long haired guy goes through a dramatic one as the film progresses and that and how to change the clothing will have to be worked out. I went over the script yet another time and cut a scene out that seemed superfluous for a film that should be more simple.
  13. Nicely done. The movement seems perfect.
  14. Another test animation in a new set. Again. almost but not quite a real place. The real place is on West Newton Street in Boston where I saw the butterfly swarm with my friend. A little more info at my blog.

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