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  1. Happy Birthday Everfresh

    Happy birthday!
  2. spaceship window

    I f you have After effects or Apple's motion or another compositing software, i would suggest using it instead of doing it all in cinema. A plane would work but i find there is always tweaking to do outside cinema to make footage match well to the 3D render.
  3. my own first biped rig from scratch

    I will look into that!
  4. my own first biped rig from scratch

    I think you might be right! I think it might be a good way to start a walk cycle and then tweak it later. I tried it on another model with the standard rig with no modifications and it worked. Maybe I'll discover something that can be helpful as I figure it out.
  5. my own first biped rig from scratch

    I have a question about the rig.. can you use the "make walk" button with it? I tried with my character rigged with it and it didn't work and I am not sure if that because the rig doesn't work with that feature or if it doesn't work because I added things to to rig (Like different tail and tongue joint chains). thanks!
  6. Kiwi bird

    Thanks Igor! This is sort of in preparation for the animation with the platypus guy I made - hoe will be my biggest challenge I think if it is to come out the way I imagine it will.
  7. Kiwi bird

    Thanks for that tip, I am going to try that next time out! I used the object buffer pass for isolating the character but also for isolating the character with the pro vectors motion blur plugin which keeps the blur from getting weird which is can do if applied globally to a shot. Yes the floor is a little slippery, sound effects like claws on the floor often sell an effect and cover even visual problems at times.
  8. Kiwi bird

    Ok, I think enough messing around with this guy for now. I learned a few things and mostly learned there are few more things I need to learn. Walk cycles are hard I know but I sometimes get it exactly right and others - not so much. This one is a not so much but still fun I think. I forget the object buffer excludes the hair for some reason and had to mess around with a few After Effects solutions. Hair is one thing the object buffer should be best at in my opinion!
  9. Kiwi bird

    I condition his hair twice a day! LOL
  10. Kiwi bird

    Not in my kitchen yet but I did try a little experimental animation. Still some sliding on the floor to work out but I think it's pretty cute.
  11. Kiwi bird

    I finished the platypus and animated the opening shot but can't go further until I have the voice recorded which will take a few weeks and I wanted to keep in the mood of him before moving onto my next Lovecraft animation so I made this... no real reason but practice and I think they are odd. Dead easy to rig with the character tool as they have no wings or hands and are just a basic shape. The hair really takes it to another place. I think I'll do something with it running around my kitchen or something.
  12. Mountains at Dawn

    You are going to have hard time making this any better. I am sure there are minor things topics apart, there always is, but looking at it is reads completely as real. I don't think anyone who didn't know this was 3D would think so.
  13. Platypus character

    Decided with the help of my cousin, that lighter fur was needed.
  14. Platypus character

    Added some textures after some tweaking of his geometry and head shape. Right now he is coloured more like the real animal, and idea I like but might be a little dull. Playing with the idea of giving him a t-shirt or a crown... or both. (Crown because he will be reciting Hamlet.)
  15. My 2 latest film in a festival

    thanks outman! I am working on Dagon next from lovecraft. I've never done anything on the ocean or with such big landscape pieces so it will be a challenge!