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  1. CApruzzese

    The raven

    More and more I think the blue light on the raven was good idea.
  2. CApruzzese

    The raven

    A little more progress. Keeping the raven itself in shadows mostly. Partly becuase it's a good way to hide minorprblems with the fethers when the wings are folded, most more becuase I think it's more mysterious that way.
  3. CApruzzese

    The raven

    Moving ahead despite the holidays. "Perched above my chamber door." A little over 3 minutes into my 9 minute animation. The raven has finally showed up and next shot it is on the bust over the doorway where it says for the next 6 minutes. I lit in in a blue light, like comics do when they want to show black but not make everything too dark to see.
  4. CApruzzese

    The raven

    Many adaptions have it raining, but since it "was the bleak December" snow was more likely I thought. The snow is a bit of an issue with the shadows it casts from the hard shadow light source outside. Unless you see the snow in the window I turn it off so avoid it looking like there are bugs are something running over everything. I am at the point where he will open the window and let the raven in and I think a blast of snow will look more dramatic. I also forgot to turn off volumetric lighting my last render when it wasn't needed and it rushed the render time to 17 hours for a 16 second clip! I started it before bed and it was still going at lunch the next day!
  5. CApruzzese

    The raven

    The whispered name "Lenore" I decided early on that Lenore would appear as a ghost/memory and I had sone ideas on how to do that, which I think worked out well.
  6. CApruzzese

    How Do You Align Live Action Video & 3D?

    Hopefully this will help. Just import the video as a texture on a background object and use the animation texture settings to make it playback in the viewport. (There are tutorials for this but I can't look for them at the moment). Also... why would you green screen animations when you can export them with a transparent background? (Alpha channel). Each process is little involved for a forum post response right now, but I would suggest doing a quick tutorial search for compositing with C4D. There are a few techniques and you'll want to pick the way that's easiest for you.
  7. wow, I just tried it! It amazingly simple!
  8. CApruzzese

    The raven

    Up to clip # 10. I have snow falling outside the window which works in this scene but in at least one other where the window isn't in shot, the shadows for the snowflakes looked like flies are something buzzing about so I nixed the snow in those shots. I have just finished 5 shorts with an over the top platypus character, so it's little hard to be so restrained in this one!
  9. CApruzzese

    C4D - Maya (Video)

    I started with an Amiga 500 but ended with an Amiga 3000. I think I started 3d with Turbo Silver pro - or it was called something like that. I remember driving all over creation to find software and hardware as it was pre internet days. I had I think 8 megs of ram and an 100 meg hard drive and people asking what I would EVER do with all that storage and memory!
  10. CApruzzese

    C4D - Maya (Video)

    That was pretty Interesting. I started 3d with amiga as well, but in the 80s.
  11. CApruzzese

    Good guy Insydium - CactusDan Plugins

    I have already rigged my current two projects, but i am anxious to start another and use these plugins again! I love the character object Everfresh made avialable, but it isnt ideal for all characters i make.
  12. CApruzzese

    The raven

    That's all true! I am going for a different look, I did a more realistic fireplace in this film: https://youtu.be/xg3T2Bfamm4 If you advance to about 1 minute 20 seconds you can see what I did. For this one I wanted less frenetic lighting effects but I might change my mind as I advance. There is a very strong spotlight in the fireplace but it's not casting shadows for some reason. My goal was to reduce the importance of the fireplace visually but you have me thinking that might not be the best idea! I tried something else and you changed my mind. I can keep it less real but still have some dramatic effect. Merci!
  13. CApruzzese

    The raven

    Still moving on this. Last week I recorded the narration with my voice actor and this week I've spent about 10 hours editing that and adding sound effects and music. At 9 minutes this will be my longest project. I noticed in the poem the chair is violet, not green so I changed that. Still working out how literal to take some things.
  14. have you tried this with cloth? Seems like it might get you where you want. It's harder to control though.
  15. CApruzzese

    The raven

    Another small detail to the set. It was fun to design the label so I hope it's somewhat visible in the final cut.