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  1. Finished, I like thisnone better the first animation-wise. I figured out what I didn't like about the fur in the first one and made the motion somewhat smoother.
  2. Wow, that was incredible! I have no idea how you did those textures, they look so natural!
  3. I find setting it to linear so convenient! it's a small thing that save me a lot of aggravation! I also make sure project settings are at 24 frames per second which is standdard here in Canada over 30 FPS.
  4. I made a small change to the lake monster. The voice artist suggested she wear pearls after seeing an earlier animation test and I agree, it breaks up the mass between her head and body and since she is a "laaaaaady" ( that only makes sense if you read the script - lol) it suited her character.
  5. this might help https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-puzzle/
  6. Can't disagree with those observations. getting music and sound isn't that easy with zero budget unless you know people who do that sort of thing. I am happy you got the influences from Warner Brothers cartoons, that means I succeeded in the look I was going for. The music is from an older project a friend's son did for me years ago, sound effects are just canned ones mostly from the Final Cut library. Sometimes I can create sounds on my own, but it's not my thing as I do animation professionally but know very little about professional sound wok. Just getting the dialog clean enough has taken me a few years to figure out! The weasel has the most flexiblility on some aspects for movement but also the most problems when doing the actual animation. My platypus character from my last series was very similar, rigging wise, but had more "gravitas" for some reason.
  7. Mor progress. I like how the dog is working out. Soon I'll have the appearance of the "lake mess monster" and I want some splashing as she moves about. I'll use Xparticles for that, but haven't worked out the details on that yet.
  8. Done! On to the next one soon! Not sure it's 100% what I wanted but i am trying to branch out in ways i didn't before and that's always good.
  9. Coming into the final stretch. I had already animated many of the spaceship centric stuff a long while back so it's just a coulple of dialogues with the dog and weasel in the ship left. As I went along a found myself moving some of the diaogue around and cutting a few shots a swell as adding a coupel of reaction shots to smooth things out.
  10. Somehow I managed to write this story and NOT realize how many explosions there are in it.
  11. Moving along, slowly. I am at the point in the project where I HATE the entire thing from from frame one to the frames I haven't made yet. This is the second laser blast scene. I used the explode deformer to disintegrate the tree, Xparticles for the laser effect and Trurbulence FD for the explosion itself - controlled by an Xparticles emitter.



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